Syrian Islamists Massacre 120 civilians yet Kerry Open to Islamist State

syrnislmstsDespite rampant violence perpetrated by radical Muslims on innocent Syrian civilians, Secretary of State John Kerry told the Arab news media on Tuesday that he may be prepared to meet with Islamists regarding a future caliphate once President Bashir al-Assad and his government are deposed.

At the same time as the Syrian government complained about mass-killings by their Islamist enemies, Secretary Kerry said Tuesday that “it is possible” the United States would meet with a newly formed Islamist Syrian rebel alliance, according to Arutz Sheva.

Islamist members of the Syrian rebel forces massacred about 120 civilians in a village outside of Damascus, according to a statement from Syria’s Foreign Ministry released on Monday.

In its letter to the United Nations on Monday, the Syrian Foreign Ministry complained about “the terrorists’ crimes in the country.”

The Foreign Ministry stated that the al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front and the equally radical group, the Islam Brigade, perpetrated another bloody massacre on Wednesday in the Adra Umalyeih village near Damascus. Officials added that the terrorists, who are Sunni Muslims, torched and bombed the homes of innocent people in the area and then abducted a number of the civilians to use as human shields while fighting Syrian security forces.

Yet Secretary Kerry is quoted by Israel National Radio News as saying that “the United States has not met yet to date with the Islamic Front. There has not been a discussion. It’s possible that it could take place. There have been reports in the Middle East that U.S. officials are already planning to meet with the Islamist Front this week in Turkey.

“Secretary Kerry has always been comfortable schmoozing [sic] with enemies of the United States going back to his anti-war days when he met with North Vietnamese leaders while they were killing Americans on the battlefield. Kerry hasn’t changed much,” said former police detective Thomas McNamara who served as a Marine in Vietnam.

The Syrian military has slammed Arab-language news organizations whom they claim offer cover for the terrorists. Those news outlets are accused of being financed by radical Muslims in Saudi Arabia and Qatar who are encouraging the rebel forces and the killings of the innocent in Syria.

Both the army and Syrian government officials have claimed that terrorists from more than 80 countries — including the United States and European nations — are entering Syria in order to help establish a caliphate. Syria’s officials are urging the U.N. members, including the Security Council, to condemn the terrorism occurring in Syria.

The Nusra Front terrorists also slaughtered a number people from the Alawite minority and placed their severed heads on display in the town’s marketplace.

Al-Qaeda-linked groups such as Syria’s Nusra Front and al-Qaeda in Iraq, now calling itself the Islamic State of the Iraq and Syria, have taken advantage of the anti- government movement in Syria, emerging as the most powerful force among the rebel groups. 

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