Syringes, Drones, and “Clean” Energy: Weapons in the Democrat War on Children

The Democrat Party’s loudest voices have clearly abandoned every trace of moral principle.  Nothing could make this more evident than their unconcern for defenseless children.

We have entered a temporal phase—specifically, the post-mortem phase of coherent American nationality and culture—where it has become vitally important to call a spade a spade.  Though I have remained in a numbed state since the early November verdict on our common future, I probed yet deeper reaches of astonishment this past week.  To hear the Republican establishment’s indignation at Harry Reid’s attempted rewriting of basic Senate rules is to watch old men express shock that fire burns.  These are the same people, these Republican leaders, who advised us to “get over it” after the re-election debacle.  When, may I ask, do they intend to “face up to it”?  When will they realize, in other words, that any person of average honesty and normal decency cannot (and should not) just “get over” being ruled by dead souls with no moral principles whatever?  Harry Reid represents the Democrat ruling elite, and represents it well.  Its members are liars, bullies, slanderers, hypocrites, cowards, traitors, megalomaniacs, demagogues, nihilists, obscenity-peddlers, influence-pimps, forked-tongued chameleons, and every other variety of slithy tove.  Why would you be outraged that a fox appointed to guard the henhouse emerges with feathers all over his face?  Why would you expect a psychopathic mass-murderer like Che Guevara to abide by the Geneva Convention?

Che, of course, is one of the Left’s guiding lights—and in ways more pertinent than simply sporting the tonsorial style that young Democrats like to affect during their college days.  For they, too, are mass-murderers, if only by complicity.  It is high time that those words be said.  The days of reaching across the aisle and working together are over.  On the other side of the aisle sit scores of adult professionals, all fully responsible for their acts, who have willfully and repeatedly aided and abetted the slaughter of children.  The Democrat leadership consists of those who promote child-murder.

I will not recycle for the umpteenth time the brief against abortion.  Let us stipulate that abortion may be the lesser of evils in certain circumstances, whether or not we believe it so individually: let us grant the point for the sake of argument.  Over and beyond that list of special circumstances sits the case of the fully viable fetus, well into its third trimester, whose actual birth is induced in the procedure known as Partial-Birth Abortion.  As the child exits the birth canal—but before it exits completely, which would qualify it for protection under the law—the doctor inserts a syringe into its head and sucks its brains out.  This is a fact.  This is what happens in the procedure.  I discovered last week that an entire class of two dozen college freshmen entrusted to me was wholly unaware of the stark, nauseating truth about PBA… but there it is.  It’s what we allow in the Unknitted Stats of Amerika, thanks to Democrat congressmen like Senator Barack Obama (whose endorsement became a matter of public record on one of the few occasions when he voted other than “present”).  The faithful Democrat approves the slaughter of little babies as they struggle from their mother’s uterus.  Democrats approve the “suck their little brains out” technique.  That’s who Democrats are.

The Amerikan Czar also endorses and actively practices the vaporizing of children who happen to be in the company of “bad guy” parents when one of his drones has a clear shot at the target.  The Czar has his “kill” list, he is informed when one of its unfortunate members strays into the cross-hairs, and he illegally (by every principle known to international law) gives the thumbs-up to execute or not as the whim takes him.  His lackeys allow toddlers who vanish in the same cloud of smoke to be classed as combatants through a clever tweaking of how “combatant” is officially defined.  Fairly recent estimates are that the Czar’s orders have sent 176 children to early graves in Pakistan alone. (1)  Democrats enjoy this kind of war: no more horses and bayonets.  The children… well, the children are perhaps regretted by a few Democrats, though I know of none in Congress who has gone on record with that sentiment.  Yet to make an omelet (as another visionary beloved of the Left once put it), you have to break some eggs.  Anyone who thinks that sucking a half-born baby’s brains out with a syringe adequately answers the “problem” of pregnancy cannot be expected to feel great distress that an Al Qaeda lieutenant’s six-year-old was decapitated in the same blast that got daddy.  The kid probably wouldn’t have turned out very well, anyway—which is more or less the favorite ostensible reason for abortion-on-demand.

I should like to see those who style themselves conservative voice more vigorous objection to the drone’s sloppy assassination style (as well as to the flagrant illegality of global war by whimsy).  I would strenuously suggest to them that they begin doing so.  The few matters in which they find themselves agreeing with Democrats are the very matters that will rot their souls and spoil their credentials before voters who care about fundamental decency.

Likewise, a few marquee “talking heads” inscrutably denominated “conservatives” in our popular culture have a poor track record of condemning ruthless industrial exploitation that jeopardizes human life.  They most certainly do not have a monopoly on this claim to infamy, however.  Consider the “green” industry that is supposed to be producing such antiseptic energy sources as solar panels.  The cadmium alloy used in coating these panels comes from fiercely toxic minerals mined in Third World nations. (2)  Cadmium invariably finds its way into local populations through such means as contaminated drinking water… and more children wither away painfully before they can reproduce.  (Perhaps a syringe through the skull really isn’t so inhumane, after all.)  National governments like China’s that view their mass-population as a burden due to its sheer enormity are happy enough to reap the dual benefit of valuable cadmium and fewer peasant children.  China’s many admirers in the Democrat Party understand: children really can be a nuisance, can’t they?  The Czar certainly sees no problem.  “Clean energy” is no less clean just because it poisons babies.  Indeed, the phrase “efficient energy” acquires a whole new meaning in this context for those who voted for brain-sucker abortion.

For the less creative, shooting remains a reliable way to thin out the child population.  Democrats like to pose as protecting little tikes from firearms.  Having beefed up the figures for “number of children killed by guns” with gang shootings, they urge the confiscation of all firearms—this even as they promote, with equal passion, the opening wide of our Southern border to homicidal Mexican gangs.  In fact, just to make their point, the Czar’s minions supplied some of the deadliest Mexican cartels with state-of-the-art assault weapons in Operation Fast and Furious, a brilliant plan directly connected with the murder of fourteen teenagers at a birthday party in one instance. (3)  Again, we may suppose that a few Democrat legislators regret the collateral damage… but the resulting omelet will be well worth the egg shells.  As long as children of the future never touch or even see a gun, the slaughter of today’s children is all in a good cause.  The more who die now, the greater will be the impetus for “change”.

Of course, statistics do not exist for the number of children saved from break-in abductions, midnight rapes, or birthday-party massacres that might have happened if not deterred by private ownership of guns.  We cannot know how many of society’s lowest scum daily abstain from kicking in suburban windows because they fear drawing instant fire from within.  The Mexican government is altogether too stupid, collectively, to imagine that lives may be thus saved, and continues to push paternalistically for universal confiscation of firearms everywhere.  As for Amerikan Democrats, they really don’t give a damn, one way or the other.  The important thing is that people brighter than we should control our future.  That control may include moments when a future Czar may actually arm our children against us, as well as other moments when He may think it wise to gun down every other child for population control.  It isn’t really the shooting that should disturb us: it’s the unauthorized shooting by people who do not understand the broader plan.  Just like a syringe, a gun can be an instrument of social progress in the proper hands.

Democrats tell us that those of our persuasion might as well be killing children when we seek to cut them off from the funds necessary to educate them.  Same old palaver.  In fact, the Democrat Party is always aggressively opposed to home-school and school-voucher initiatives that demonstrably improve learning, occur in more secure environments, and cost far less in comparison to public education.  The Democrat objective here is no more to equip young minds for living than it is to make children safe through a gun-confiscation crusade.  Quality of education is secondary, or tertiary… or centenary.  The important thing is to empower teachers’ unions, which advance in numerous ways (including by their mere existence) the strangulation of the private sector.  The same mentality that sees the free market’s disappearance as the fulfillment of a utopian dream—the Democrat mentality, that is—must also see, and for the same reason, the vanishing of parental rights as progress.  Children will eventually not only be programmed as best benefits the state’s purposes, but also created in whatever volume and to whatever specifications (X males, X females, X dumb workers, X rocket scientists) best support those purposes.  Children are tiny cogs in the great Machine.  They are not ends in themselves—only the State is that—but rather even more disposably instrumental than grown-ups, since they can be so easily re-programmed in the early stages, and even terminated in the very early stages.

A pattern emerges.  Democrats profess concern over children only to beguile the gullible, for the interests of the child must always be subordinated to the fantasies of the Democrat ideological base: sexual adventurism without cost, assassination of inconvenient elements, promotion of inhumanly “green” initiatives, confiscation of all means of self-defense, subjugation of intelligence to the Czar’s will… the child only comes first in Democrat rhetoric.  The very habits of the Democrat elite in their private lives evince their true unconcern for children.  Homosexual arrangements are extolled, and heterosexual ones elaborately engineered to avoid pregnancy.  The very notion that such people care about children is an indigestibly insipid lie.  The Democrat Party, in this as in so much else, is a party of frauds, charlatans, cheats, sophistical manipulators, and self-obsessed egotists.

Republicans claim that they must work with this human detritus in order to garner some of the Hispanic vote.  My advice: call the Democrat Party by its proper name—a party of child-murderers—and you will draw more Hispanic votes than you know how to count.  Even illegal border-jumpers from Mexico usually have strong family ties.  Mexicans tend to love their mothers, admire their fathers, and respect the rights of the unborn (those of them, that is, who haven’t had the humanity drilled out of them by gang activity).  They are very unlikely to become the perennial constituency of the Child Murder Party.

Use that name on every occasion, like Cato’s Karthago delenda est.  Make it stick.  Keep reminding.  The syringe through the skull is real, and Barack Obama voted for it.  The dead bodies of children around terrorist targets are real, and Barack Obama ordered their slaughter.  The Czar’s energy initiatives are built upon small bodies behind the scenes.  Obama and Holder thought nothing of jeopardizing children’s lives in Mexico when they cynically pumped thousands of deadly weapons into that nation.  Democrat legislators from the top down want children condemned without reprieve to the incompetent instruction of “teachers” immune to demotion or dismissal.  This is what the Democrat Party thinks of your children, my children, Mexican children, Chinese children… all children.  They have more love, frankly, for their pet dogs and cats.

We should know by now that they’re liars.  It is time now to name them complicit in child-murder.  And Republicans who take their side must wear the same label.



(1)  See, for example, CNN Wire Staff , “Drone strikes kill, maim and traumatize too many civilians, U.S. study says,”, 25 Sept. 2012,

(2)  Cf. Jonathan Watts “China’s ‘cancer villages’ reveal dark side of economic boom,” The Guardian, 6 June 2010,

(3)  Associated Press and Daily Mail Reporter, “Operation Fast and Furious guns used in 2010 massacre of 16 people—including 14 teens,” Mail Online, 1 Oct. 2012,

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