Taking on the GOP Establishment

I have written before about what being a conservative means to me. As a retired veteran my country has always been at the center of my life. I am comfortable with a culture of denigrating my country, of ridiculing our way of life and being lied to by those who have been elected to do the peoples work in Congress.
We have been lied to. First by the progressive socialists calling themselves Democrats. That is to be expected. We know that that side of the aisle is hostile to America. But what of the Republicans? We were told that once they took the House of Representatives, that they would curtail the Democrats headlong race to socialism. So we gave then the House, and what did we get? Nothing. Then we were told they need the Senate as well. We gave it to them and once again nothing.
There is virtually nothing for a strong conservative Republican to hang his hat on. The budget just passed is a travesty. Once again, Republicans were lied to. We were told that once we got rid of Boehner, things would get better, the Republicans would grow a backbone. Things didn’t get better, and the Republicans are still spineless.

There are a great many establishment Republicans out there who are no more than Democrats by another name. They have taken the party of small government and used it to benefit themselves and their friends. They always have excuses for giving the farm away. They can claim it would close the government down, not such a tragedy in my opinion. There is no valid reason not to fight for your principles to avoid a government shutdown. The Republicans have caved in the past to avoid a shutdown and look where it has gotten us.
Or they don’t have the votes to override the President. If that is the case, then why did you claim you could once you had the House and the Senate. Were you lying then or are you lying now. The principles of the Republican party believe in limited spending, limited government, and the rights of the individual. None of these are apparent in the Republican party today.
Paul Ryan, the new Speaker of the House has been sold as a bill of goods to the rank and file. We were told that he would fight for the principles of the Republican party, and make inroads in bringing the greatness that was once the United States back. What we have wound up with is another Democrat Lite Republican. He has in essence, surrendered to the President. Claiming a few small hollow victories, he has given the President everything he wants in the new budget. It is informative that Ryan while working on the budget spoke with Nancy Pelosi rather than his own party.
Once again using the excuse of the specter of a government shutdown, Ryan has conceded on many areas of concern to the American people. Our government has effectively been hijacked. Obama, Pelosi and Ryan have opened the doors to the country by funding the money required to bring all the jihadis into our country, assuring the destruction of American culture, beliefs and being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.

Senator Jeff Sessions said on December 1st “not only will the President be allowed to bring in his 85,000 refugees but also at least 10,000 from Syria. It will make all the refuges eligible for lifetime government assistance, Social Security and Medicare at the American taxpayer expense. Speaker Ryan is as traitorous as Obama, by relinquishing the constitutional authority of controlling spending he has put the country of a hazardous course from which we may not be able to turn back. WE now have government-selected and approved jihadis running rampant in our country, as San Bernardino showed. They claim they are carefully vetted and do not even check the social media. The Islamic State is not contained, and all we can get out of Congress in the words of Sen. Mitch McConnell is to listen to the President to see how we can better prepare for a fight. This is the same President that if allowed would take every gun from every citizen to make us safe. What is Congress doing to keep American safe, what are they doing to counter jihad, and keep our communities safe?
Paul Ryan is still following the course of not discussing immigration and actually blocked the House of Representatives November 19 passage of a bill to curb the inflow of Syrian refugees. Mental illness is a large point of the challenge that should be looked at as a part of gun control, but to blame a jihadist attack by radicalized Musilms on mental health is not going to solve the Islamic invasion that this government accepts.
The goal of all this is simple. Those in positions of leadership in this country wish to weaken the country both domestically and on the world stage. The GOP donors and company cronies want to lower wage immigrants to flood the market. That is why most jobs filled since 2008 have gone to immigrants both legal and illegal. It has done nothing but depress wages, boost company profits, and make Wall Street wealthy.
The coming elections are important to the future of our country. Trump, leading in the polls has been excoriated by the Democrats, the media, and fellow Republicans. The grassroots is coming alive to the likes of Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. The people in this country are looking for someone willing to work towards fiscal responsibility, human dignity, the borders being closed and our culture and way of life being pre-eminent in the decisions made for the future of our country.
But what is the Republican party working towards? A group of establishment Republicans and company donors to the party met the the RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell to discuss a brokered convention to keep out the conservatives fighting for the direction of the national party. The main objective of this meeting was to find a way to defeat Trump. Trump, the leader of the primaries by a wide margin could be bypassed for another establishment candidate such as Jeb Bush who languishes at 3%. Trump is loud, brash, insulting and politically incorrect . That and the fact that he doesn’t sugarcoat what he says and is a straight talker who tells people what he thinks is what the American People are looking for. If Trump was to be elected, the GOPe would lose the power they have. That power would include working with the corporations to make money and raise the profit margin.
It comes down to the fact that conservatives are tired of being lied to, tired of being used during the elections to elect those we hope will do the right thing, and otherwise being ignored. They are tired of being told they can get nothing done because the media is against us. Where are the Republicans who are willing to confront the media for the betterment of the people. Where are the Republicans with a backbone. The power hungry Democrats and establishment Republicans have been in power long enough. Karl Rove, the American Crossroads PAC, the Chamber of Commerce and everyone else supporting the GOP Establishment have failed the party and the people.
Trump resonated with the American people because they think like he does. To hear Republicans say they will vote for Hillary before they vote for Trump shows that the money the have flowing into both the governments coffers and their won is more important than the principles of the country or the party. Now is the time. Let them do the best they can. The word is out, you will no longer lie to the American people and face no repercussions.

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