Taxation Brought to you by ObamaCare. Capitalism or Socialism?


Taxation brought to you by ObamaCare. Capitalism or Socialism? 

It has been a while since we devoted a full page to ObamaCare. I do love the fact that it is called ObamaCare. Some would call it a legacy for the communist, but it feels more like an albatross. Obama said he would lower your premiums, you can keep your doctor and you will have better health care. 

Now the Washington Post would give it a one Pinocchio. I would think they earned several Pinocchio’s. Now Slimy Roberts our Chief Justice called it a Tax. And a tax is what it turned out to be. 

Let’s revisit the term insurance. Think of life insurance. Everyone pays in, and as people die, they derive some kind of a benefit. Well actually their estate gains some benefit. 

Now medical or dental insurance is not really insurance. The idea behind insurance is that when a calamity befalls you or someone in your family, the insurance will cover you. So the more the insurance company can cover, the more money they can make. There is no reason to have routine procedures covered by insurance. But the insurance company plays a numbers game and they guess that a certain number of people will not have the routine work done, and the insurance company pressures doctors to take a lesser fee and the patients pay a deductible and co-pay and viola, the insurance companies make a ton of money. And the insurance companies make humongous contributions to the crooked politicians in return. 

In a nutshell, you pay about 3-4 times for that routine procedure that you should have paid for out of your own pocket from the beginning. 

So now our government gets involved more than before and they create ObamaCare. The eighth wonder of the communist world! 

The goals were simple. Make insurance companies richer so they will contribute more to the political parties. Put 30 – 50 million more people on Medicaid. Subsidize about 90 % of the subscribers or should we say taxpayers. And raise the co-pays and deductibles so you don’t use the insurance you paid for! 

The goal is to get everyone to sign up. Well that is easy punish those who don’t sign up. A great example of this is the Medicare Rx plan. I don’t need it. Haven’t taken a prescription drug for years. and if I don’t start paying $15 dollars a month today, I will be punished severely for every year I don’t sign up if I ever do sign up. That is not capitalism, that is socialism. I have no choice but to pay for something I don’t need or want. And if I don’t sign up I will be punished for a long time. 

And in all fairness this makes insurance sense. If this was a free market or capitalism, the more people that sign up the cheaper the premiums will become. The problem with Medicare, is that we have been paying for it for almost 50 years: It should be totally free. What did the crooks do with your money? 

So back to commie ObamaCare. Whenever the crooks (only Democrats in this case) pass a law, their main goal is to fool the taxpayer to pay for it without them knowing it. Usually they give with the right hand and taketh away with the left hand. And smoke and mirrors usually convince the clueless. And most people have no clue they have been bamboozled. If they knew do you really think they would have voted for these losers a second time! 

So it appears that 30 to 50 million people have been signed up for Medicaid. That is additional to the people who are already on Medicaid. Medicaid per se is the best healthcare “insurance” in the world. You get the best healthcare and you don’t pay a dime. So it is really not an insurance, but a socialistic handout. Problem is do we have enough doctors to work for less pay and more paperwork to handle the increased load. 

Good news is that most of these folks did not have insurance before, They survived without healthcare before, why would they use it now? So it looks good when a commie rag comes out and says this guy never had health insurance in his life, but now he has free healthcare. Doesn’t mean he is going to use it. 

No matter how much these micromanagers try to micro manage healthcare, people are going to do what they want to do when they want to do it. The idiots have quotas for physicians to fill out patient questionnaires and to meet quotas for lab slips for mammograms and prescription quotas. Now these socialists are idiots. The same idiots that believe in global warming. If they make enough rules and punish enough people there will be more healthier people in the United States. As President Bush would say: “It ain’t going to happen. But if the quotas are not met, the doctors and patients will be punished! 

Twinkle toes Obama is so happy that so many people signed up for ObamaCare. Is he an idiot! If they didn’t sign up they were going to be punished. Their better insurance plans which were cheaper, were canceled by the insurance company. The folks have no choice but to sign up for ObamaCare. Betcha if you gave them a capitalistic plan to choose from no one would sign up for ObamaCare except those who are going to get Free Medicaid. 

This crap for the most part only hits the individual subscribers. Wait until the big corps and the small businesses get hit with this wonderful case of poorly designed socialism.

Poorly is a funny word here. It was designed well enough to make you poor! 

If you have a half a brain or more, the first question you should ask is why is the ObamaCare “insurance” so expensive and has such a high deductible and co-pay. 

And that is a fair question. If this was insurance (capitalism) and not a tax (socialism) it would be dirt cheap. For starters it should be catastrophic insurance with no deductible. So instead of paying about $ 700 a month per person for so called insurance with bells and whistles with high deductibles, you would pay about $100 a month to be covered by this catastrophic insurance. This means that if you had a pimple on your butt, you would have to pay to have it checked. It ends up after paying $700 a month you need to pay for it any way until you reach your more than $5,000 annual deductible plus co-pay. So why pay for it three times. Because you are an idiot as well! 

So the reason the catastrophic insurance would be so low, would be because everyone would pay into it. The unions would pay into it, the government would pay into it for its workers and those on Medicaid. So it would be dirt cheap. So if you had a serious illness like cancer, heart problem, stroke, or some exotic disease you would be covered for the complete treatment. Just like when you win a lawsuit. 

So why didn’t the communists go for something like this, rather than an albatross like ObamaCare. Because they wanted to tax all the people who had to pay a premium. This money would be used for all kinds of things not just to fill the insurance pools! 

So in a nutshell, when you pay the premium, you are not only paying for your useless healthcare “insurance”, but you are paying for some one else’s subsidy for healthcare, you are paying for another person’s Medicaid. Which is a hell of a lot better than your coverage. And you are paying the salaries of all the bureaucrats that can’t wait to get their greedy hands on your money. 

So it is not an insurance. If it was insurance most people would be giving equally into the same pool, like home owners insurance. Instead it is not an equal deposition of tax money and it is not an equal redistribution of the revenues collected under the guise of healthcare which is really only a taxation for a socialistic system. Which for the most part does not benefit the average subscriber in capitalistic values.   In other words in a socialistic system, you have no choice as you would have in a capitalistic system. You can only buy one plan and pay through the nose. 

And remember most of the documented/undocumented workers that Obama knows and loves will also share in this big bonanza.. And more likely than not will not be paying and it will be offset by the generous tax credits they receive from your socialistic government. 

Also what will be fun to watch will be the government trying to collect the subsidies that were overpaid. Assuming they can collect the premiums! 

But one thing that is always a problem with all of this is why do we still need insurance companies. In the old days about 40 years ago, an insurance salesman who brought in a health care plan was awarded with a paid vacation to the Bahamas. So why are the politicians still making the insurance companies so rich. Didn’t Obama say they were the enemy.

I wonder how much his campaign and other Democrats received as campaign kick-backs from insurance companies? Where is Brian Williams when we really need him! 

The first paragraph of the ObamaCare law should have stated in bold letters that insurance companies and their lobbyists would be forbidden to pay any money to politicians, their families, etc. for thirty years after they leave office. (Also while they are in office)

Without a clause like that, how can insurance companies and politicians ever play fair.

At the end of the day, all they want is your money! Wouldn’t it be great if You get to pick the politicians, rather than the rich insurance companies that are made rich with your money! 

The best thing the Republicans can preach is to offer the taxpayers an alternative. And simply put, make a catastrophic insurance that everyone needs to pay into. All Medicaid and such should come from the general fund and not from the proceeds from ripping off the taxpayers in a form of insurance premiums. 

So keep voting in the commie socialists. You   have to wonder when a liberal Mecca like NYC gets a way-out liberal mayor: Does it begin to turn the liberals into fiscal conservatives. They can only tax so much and charge so much on the bridges. Isn’t there a limit! Not in the weak minds of a liberal progressive! 

There used to be a time where you could move to less expensive areas of the country and prosper. But with the octopus like reach of the federal government, it may be time to look for a fairer and safer country to live in. One based on capitalistic principles and not on socialistic principles that seem to be far reaching and no limitations. The national debt is reaching $20 Trillion dollars and Obama doesn’t seem to notice or care. After all he doesn’t have to pay for it. You get to pay for it. So tell me again why Obama and Hillary and the other communists are good for the country? 


 For the global warming alarmists: In Pennsylvania it was -8 degrees yesterday. Qaanaaq, Greenland was -30 degrees. And our idiot president told us all we had to do was keep our tires inflated and we would not be oil dependent. Where’s algore when we really need him. The record for yesterday was 4 degrees in 1948. CO2 is going up. The temperature is going down. Can we get all the money wasted on global warming and climate change returned to the taxpayer by the crooks! Don’t hold your breath!


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