The 2020 SOTU Speech: Trump Scored a Home Run

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I was busy wrapping up my series of pieces on Beauty and how conservatives and people of faith can fight for it, coupled with the Super Bowl LIV show and the big Latina statement which made it OK for pushing sexual boundaries…or so they thought.

Still I found time to gather enough thoughts on President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech, just took me a little longer to get it to it. I am only human as a certain mean and fat cartoon cat used to say…maybe still does.

As someone who listened carefully to the SOTU this year, I am agreement with the Republican and Conservatives consensus that the speech was truly a home run for President Trump. I also will go to say and I am sure that among those very same people, that Trump SOTU address was truly a speech not about Trump, but rather about America. Yes, Trump actually made America the center of his speech, not himself. This is why so many conservatives and/or conservative leaning Republicans choose to board the Trump train. They really believed in what he said, and found themselves agreeing with him on so much.

The biggest takeaways in my mind with this years SOTU where;

Highlighting Stephanie and Janiyah Davis. Stephanie is a single working mother with a very smart daughter in Janiyah. Because Pennsylvania is a long standing Democrat stronghold (but a state that went with Trump in 2016) its Governor vetoed a school choice bill. Of course teachers unions are a strong component in not only keeping the Democrat Party alive and well but this whole scam called one size fits all public education. I really believe that that public education is not existing for the children but rather for the adults that work in it. They take the children in, chew them up and spit them out…but the adults still have their long term career and the longer they work in it…the more the adults reap the rewards more/less…even if their skill set sours. While Janiyah will get a scholarship from President Trump their are still too many children that are “Waiting for Superman.” Look that one up in case you forgot.

Highlighting the Williams Family from Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Their patriarch Sergeant Townsend was serving a fourth deployment while his wife Amy was doing all she could at home. Not only taking care of their two young children, but devoting lots of time to help other military families. Trump was able to bring back Townsend home to reunite him with his family in the closing moments of the SOTU speech.

Honoring the memory of Rocky Jones, who was gunned down by an illegal alien in California who was in trouble with the local authorities many times but whose hands were tied. Thanks to that dilemma many innocent people lost their lives to such criminals and Rocky Jones was one of them. His brother Jody was in the gallery that evening. But hey the Democrat Vote Harvest is by far more important and Rocky was just another egg to be broken right. That is by far worse, than raging and power hungry Nancy Pelosi tearing up the paper that had Trump’s speech written on them.

Rounding out the takeaways were the honors given to Charles McGee, the last of the surviving Tuskegee Airmen and his great great grandson Iain Lanphier (who is currently 13 years old); and the Presidential Medal of Freedom going to syndicated radio talker Rush Limbaugh who give a voice to many conservatives before other conservatives were given a voice to carry on the fight, and must be prepared to do so in the years to come.

Side Remark: Get Well Rush, we don’t want to lose you just yet.

The 2020 SOTU speech was a not really about Donald John Trump, but rather about America. He made the focus about America and unlike others, the speech was not a narcissist rant about how some figure being worshiped like Christ (an anti-Christ NOT THE anti-Christ however) can lead us “Forward.”

Still the Democrats in general and certain Never Trumpers on the right were not pleased. The Democrats are still angry he got in the way of giving what Hillary felt she was entitled to. On the right we have the likes of David Leach, Shannon Joy, Mitt Romney and now Joe Walsh and Justin Amash.

So far Amash has a great Liberty score from Conservative Review and Walsh…well…basically just can’t find his niche and apparently has come out and said he would vote for Bernie Sanders just to defeat Trump. Joy and Leach just want to break the binary choice (which I am all for), but Trump got in the way of that too I guess. Romney, always the political opportunist and crony capitalist that he is. If you are “Never Trump” in this very moment, it is only making yourself along with the people I mentioned; look like fools and court jesters.

Sure their are legit issues regarding spending and funding and how that all comes out in the wash, and its issues like those in which we can truly be critical about Trump. But on the other issues in which he is trying to build the wall at the Mexican border, defend ICE, moving Israel embassy to Jerusalem, Trump has advanced a conservative agenda, and because of these things he has won the support of conservatives. Trump has made a great case for making abortion unthinkable and speaking at the March For Life (not even Ronald Reagan did this) but I say he could do more. Still he does the right things in spite of certain mistakes. Its a trade off I can work with for the time being. I don’t sense a tyrannical bone in his body either

I am part of and will remain part of the “Sometimes Trump” camp. They are far few and in-between, but we will praise our President when he does right and be critical when we feel he is wrong. I am planing on hearing him speak when he comes to Colorado next week.

We should continue to fight for a new political party as the old guard continues to falter, decline and on the road to eventually collapse. We should fight against any cult of personality out their regardless if its on the left or our side. We should fight for it is right and what is wrong as determined by God himself and his ever lasting laws. We should not however hate on someone cause he or she does not measure up to our standard. Vote against them yes if you have the write in blank or if its truly binary…you abstain. God’s economy is of a different standard.

Still the Never Trumpism from certain “principled” conservatives and Christians will only make them look childish and “bad eggs and nuts” in the long run, and may not be taken seriously in the 11th Hour.

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