The Absurd Is Proclaimed Real When the Normal Is Not PC


Months ago, your correspondent had a piece for his “absurdities”. In view of the tendency to accuse President Trump for everything, including heat and high tide, the idea was to launch a prescient “good one”. It was to articulate the anticipation that, one day, POTUS shall be accused of anti-Semitism. Back then, the forecast appeared to be too weird to be presented in jest. So, the item got shelved.

That restraint might have been wrong. Recent news –probably overlooked where you live- suggests that for the MSN even Israel –not to mention Trump’s family, might be included in the reserve army of anti-Semitism. Do not shake your head; rather shake your fist, as you proceed.

The tale begins much earlier and at a remote place. It also involves controversial persons, namely Mr. Orbán –Hungary’s Prime Minister, and George Soros, a VIP of finance and himself of Hungarian-Jewish origins. Regardless of that, this is about much more than a beginning in an ignored country “about which we know little”.

The “too insane to be true” story is that Mr. Soros, who advocates that Europe admit yearly a million culturally incompatible migrants, is at “war” with several governments. Among these, Hungary’s has the pole position. Ascribe that to Soros’ origins and to the circumstance that in words and deeds, Orbán heads a spreading movement that resists the left-liberal subversion of Western Civilization by “multi-culti” constructions.

George Soros is more than just a rich global citizen who pursues a once worthy, but incrementally radicalized dream. By injecting huge sums, Soros has founded NGOs whose purpose is to influence public life. Even a university that issues American degrees with only a desk in the US, is among them. Now an admission: due to the sound of these advocacy groups, the writer greeted them as means to further the open society and to correct decades of socialist misrule.

The tentacles of the hydra being multiple, and the space here limited, the report concentrates on the tug of war between Soros and Hungary. The most active front of Soros’ struggle against all is embedded in that precedent-setting confrontation.

Soros planted his global organizations when the Socialists governed Hungary. (Their dream of terrestrial paradise outbid those that were limited by the makeable. Once the illusions dissipated, Orbán inherited stagnation and a tripled debt to West-banks that eagerly finance what fails.) Apparently Soros had been attracted to the pliable, economically failing, but PC left, because it listened to him. In turn, his outfits gave legitimacy to the kleptocrats. Their removal from power after shrinking to about 10% of the vote –topped by the extreme rightist Jobbik Party- must have been a shock. It might have registered as a betrayal by the natives from which he descended.

Not accidentally, in free elections, Orbán received a 2/3 majority. That gives the PM a free hand which is exploited to call the result a “dictatorship” that insinuates North Korean conditions. In fact, Mr. Orbán uses his mandate to pursue non-PC ends.

One of his alleged wrongs had been to proclaim that Hungary is a post-Liberal state and a work-and-identity based democracy. Orbán’s perception is that liberal doctrine, as applied by liberals, hinders the defense of the civilization that produced liberalism. If a proclaimed value is worth anything, then, it is worth defending. By generating excuses to give in to the foes of freedom, liberals have become a threat to liberty as a system which government is mandated to defend.

The open abandonment of liberalism brings excommunication. A charge which, due to repetition, has gained fact-status, is the media’s suppression. When, after many deficits, the leading socialist paper went bankrupt, the Fidesz government was made responsible. Even now, the opposition has its TV station and papers. This writer starts his day by perusing two of them. Furthermore, an internationally accessible pro-government station presents the rightist and leftist opposition’s critique. More: if you enter Hungary, you notice posters. One asks for participation in a referendum so that “not Soros has the last laugh”. The other accuses the government is “stealing”, w “we work”. What a dictatorship!

While due to second-hand information, Western media claims that Orbán is “removed of democratic control”, the bad guy produced a thriving economy, rising wages and GDP, the reduction of debt, simplified bureaucratic procedures, and low taxes. Tellingly, all this came about by ignoring the IMF’s original RX to prevent a collapse. Success due to unapproved methods cannot pass unpunished. The more so since Orbán has added a further major sin. It is “the wall”.

In 2015, invading migrants overwhelmed Hungary. Orbán reestablished control and, cheered by the terrorized locals, he shut the border which is also a Shengen boundary that is to be defended by the EU’s rules. Now Hungary proudly asserts to be a “safe” country having only to deal only with home-grown criminals. Today, the border is air-tight and widely copied –Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, the Visegrád Four and with others secretly in the tow. Oddly, this closing of the “Balkan Route” has saved Merkel from popular resistance, and will get her reelected. It is telling about what ails “liberalism”, that the policy that removed the pressure on the “North”, continues to serve as a target of its “principled” critique.

Concurrently, Budapest is reacting to the civic groups that provide the backbone of the vote-starved opposition that spreads fancy tales about local conditions. These folks are also known to provide illegals with maps and with instructions about how to claim refugee status. The best of the tales is the one about “concentration camps”. Illegal migrants –not refugees- that pass the “wall”, are led into a holding area. Yes, its Hungarian, and therefore EU side, is fortified. However, the “prison” is open along the border: anyone who wishes may leave.

Hungary has reacted to Soros’ challenge. A new law requires that NGO’s reveal the source of their funding from abroad. (Interestingly, Israel has comparable intentions.) Such support remains legal as does the activity of these groups. The status of Soros’ “American” university, which has only a desk in the US, is also being examined –while one genuine overseas campus of a US institution is in operation.

Concurrently, a complicating factor emerged. In some instances the placard with Soros’ picture has been defaced by some low-life spraying “stinking Jew” on it. (Most countries have a robust supply of anti-Semites.) Interestingly, Orbán’s party has leading Jewish members, and the charges against Soros ignore his –irrelevant- ethnicity. Regardless of that, the West’s left bemoans institutionalized anti-Semitism. One Jewish organization and Israel’s ambassador joined the cause. That gets us to the amazing part of this report.

Before Netanyahu’s unusually long three day visit of Hungary on July 18th, Jerusalem disavowed the ambassador. Rightly so: the limping charge –as the one about “Nazi” border camps- trivializes the holocaust and anti-Semitism. Israel is an entity whose existence is endangered and so is, as perceived by Orbán, Hungary, too. Both are accused in the EU with about the same crimes. Add to that, that the chemistry between Netanyahu and Orbán is god.

However, the case goes further. The censure was only a first step. Israel blames Soros for financing outfits that attack her. Furthermore, in Israel they know that, to feed the flames anti-Semitism, one need to declare that, if a person is Jewish, he cannot be wrong. And if not wrong, he is right by being a Jew. Not liking that is anti-Semitic. Nevertheless, a professionally Jewish group is “disappointed” by Israel’s action.

Obviously, that disappointment did not silence the complainers. In their circle, the absurd must be proclaimed real once reality fails to be politically correct. Typically, a report also carried by Fox, alleges that their shared appreciation brings together “two right-wingers enamored of Trump” who “share a disdain for the left-leaning liberal global order bankrolled by the likes of the Hungarian-born philanthropist Soros”.

Unimpressed, Soros is denounced by Netanyahu for subsidizing radical Palestinians. Meanwhile Orbán defends blocking the entry of radicals into Europe and his country. If given a choice, being rather right than PC, the Premiers stick to their positions. That earns disapproval for refusing the kowtow dictated by the reverse racism of de facto anti-Semitic retrogrades. Well, some prefer to be labeled wrong by the naïve to being proven by later events that they were fools.

Their similarities, defending outposts of freedom’s order and the identity of their besieged peoples, went beyond making the meeting of the “anti-Semite” and the “racist Zionist” a friendly affair. And, albeit underreported, into a significant one. Netanyahu thanked Hungary for standing up in international forums against those who –as often enough the EU- attempt to de-legitimize the Jewish state. At the same time, “Bibi” met the rest of the Visegrád community’s Premiers that joined the meeting in Budapest to sign an agreement about cooperation. He used the opportunity to ask these representatives of common sense, to convince the rest of the European Union not to pressure Israel, to moderate prejudices, and to improve relations, because Israel is the only country in its region that defends values which are in Europe’s interest.

This will be a difficult sell to a reluctant customer. Central and East Europe knows something the West prefers to forget. From recent experience with Nazis and Communists, these peoples are cognizant of how quickly a nation’s existence and independence can be destroyed. The West’s governors do not share this realistic perception.



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