The American Patriot Part 1

Our Founding fathers based the republic that we live in on precepts that would stand the test of time.Our founding documents are based on an informed citizenry, with guarantees that are the responsibility of the people to maintain. It has come to the survival of our way of life, our culture, our beliefs, and the common man rising above the greed and despotism of the ruling elites. We can no longer cower in the fear, or turn away from the charlatans who take every opportunity to demand we adhere to the laws that they send down like Moses on the mountain. We can no longer be ignored by those who feel they know what is best for us. Of those who feel they must protect us from ourselves because, after all, they know better. The elites who feel they must rule this world with the laws of man and ignore the god-given rights that have been passed to us from the founding of this country.

The tipping point of losing the sovereignty we posses as the people of this republic is soon coming. With illegal immigration and the shower of benefits that they are given is based on the reliance that they will always vote Democrat because that is what will keep the benefits coming. And in many states these same illegals now have the right to vote, something that many have fought and died for in this country is being given away in order to allow the elites to live the comfortable life they feel entitled to. The right to vote is being pushed by both Democrats and Republicans, members of the same elitist groups and movements that will continue to advance the socialist agenda that this administration has been advancing since the first day.
The progressive elitists continue to assume that we must not be able to have a choice of what we believe, or the direction of where we wish to go in our lives. The elites of both paeties feel that the citizenry can’t be allowed to have the responsibility of our own decisions and has worked feverishly to force dependency upon the government to further erode the responsibility of our own lives that true freedom loving patriots want. The politicians and corporatists in charge can never allow the common man to be informed enough to make up our own minds. They spoon feed us on what we should think, who we should like, the division that we must grow into, and the anti American patriotism that can never be taught to our children for fear of a feeling of exceptionalism that a true patriot must feel. We have many in public service that look to divide us, to create hatred for those who are not like you, fear for those who try to intimidate those who are deep seated in the religious beliefs that have been a foundation of this country. That fear, that division has been taught to our children, is prevalent on the mass media and news reports that attempt to turn people against one another causing a deep rift in the fabric of a country that has always worked together to make things better for all. Petty differences, such politically correct ideas as “micro-aggressions”, “multiculturalism” and “diversity” have been used by this administration and most administrations of the past 50 years to keep the American people divided.
Blaming all our misfortune on the progressives is easy and clearly the progressive/socialists have been a major part in the failure of the American exceptionalism of the past. But it is the establishment of both parties along with corporate policies that have destroyed the way of life that should be available to all our people.
Neither party, Republican or Democrat have any identity or vision of what the future should be. The Democrats have a vision of a socialist utopia. Our children in schools now are being indoctrinated in the progressive/socialist way of life now. What is depressing is that our so sensitive college students who need “safe spaces” and psychiatric therapy because someone said something they didn’t like is now being called the new normal.
Our students, through the indoctrination of socialist policies, have led to a culture of protests, of blaming others, with a small minority being vocal enough to call for civil war. That civil war may someday soon be upon us through no fault of our own, but it will be blood on the hands of those who look to undermine our way of life.
Contrary to the belief that the common man in this country is some sort of country bumpkin that must be told what to do, how to think, and who to hate is the constant fat that has been true from the founding of this country, the American Patriot. Once called the “silent majority”. This large group is finally starting to understand what is being done to our country. But just who is the American Patriot?
The American patriot is the family with a deep abiding love of our country. They understand that our country has made mistakes in the past. But they also know they want a better life for their children, they know that if called upon to defend our country, they will be the first to step forward. They understand the past of our country is steeped in the sacrifices of multitudes of past patriots to being us to where we are. They don’t walk on our flag because they have a deep abiding respect for those who had come before. The American Patriot knows that this country has opportunity for all, and will assist any who use that opportunity but will stand by and have what they work for handed to those both from inside the country and out who feel that anything is owed to them. They love the government but hate the government.
They hate the government because they are tired of being lied to by both sides of the aisle. They are tired of being expected to sit back and be quiet when they see the values of Christian virtue they were brought up on are called old-fashioned, and under attack for being considered homophobic.
The American Patriots have never been politically active, they are more concerned in making a life for the families that they raise. Now, it is different, the American Patriot is coming back to the roots which made this country Reagans “shining city on the hill”. They are voting in large numbers, many for the first time because they know what is at stake, and what can be lost. The American Patriot is always loyal to our country, and willing to fight for our country when the storms surround us, the American patriot will always be the first one there.
The establishment of both parties, of corporations, of billionaires who wish for a new world order do not know what to make of the American Patriot. Even though they know they must try toile to the American Patriot like that have in the past two elections, they still hold them in contempt. They still put out conservative pabulum to try and convince the rank and file conservatives to believe their lies once again. The goal of the elites is money, power, and positions where they can be above the laws of others. They keep filling the airwaves with touchy feely stories about immigration but will never admit they want more immigration which will give them more immigrants to exploit, bring down wages, and destroy the American middle class.
The Republicans have been complicit in the influx of illegal immigrants and support the big government spending required to give benefits to those who have never worked a day for them. If they push enough the culture that we have known will collapse, and the only entity that will be left to hold the country together will be Big Government. That will be the ignition point for the coming battle. The American Patriot will not allow much more.
The election that is coming has opened a lot of eyes of those who will become the new American Patriot. They see that the rank and file is required to listen and follow the elites and talking heads of both parties and not to question what they are told. The good little Democrats are not exactly towing the party line, but with the super-delegates Hillary is all but assured to be the nominee. On the Republican side, we have Trump and Cruz. Kasich is effectively out, but is hanging around to try and become the contested convention candidate.
Neither the Republican or Democratic elites or their corporate cronies know what to make of Trump. He is not a conservative, but conservatives are flocking to him, he isn’t necessarily liberal although he does have some liberal tendencies. And Democrats are actually changing parties to vote for him. So what do they see in Trump.
They see someone who is loud, insulting, non specific about the answers to everything, and with a tendency to be streetwise in handling the media. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a Trump fan. I need to hear a little more about the nominees positions before I make a decision. But I hear what people say, and Trump supporters are tired of the elites, the wealthy, the influential , trying to tell the people what is right for them. It is because of the fact that the people have allowed themselves to be lied to and are now tired of it that swells Trumps popularity. The American Patriot has awakened, and the elite are not sure what is to come.

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