The American Patriot Part 2

The middle class, the true American Patriots that have sustained the values of our country are quickly disappearing. There is no difference in ideology between the Republican and Democrat establishments. The elites continually lie to the citizenry in both parties. The political landscape has become is now the haves, the elites in both parties, the corporate entities and Soros like billionaires shaping our country contrary to the wishes of the electorate. We have one party of socialist/progressives against a nobility who feels that the citizenry should have no influence on how they will be governed.
The imposition of the worldview on a country based on independence and hard work is not a sensible national agenda. Anti-establishment leaders have been pummeled in the media. Many conservatives entities, among them National Review used an entire publication to try and attack Donald Trump. The effort has only made Trump stronger and allowed anti establishment types to align with Trump.
After this character assassination did not work, they decided it would be beneficial to denigrate Trump followers. In an article labeled toxic, they decided that the blue collar workers in this country, those who work hard for the money they make, the Christian fearing majority of the flyover country that have lost so much over the past years from manufacturing and damaging government regulations that have decimated local control are just whiners who need to get over it. They do not understand that the people from areas being damaged by this government are the true American Patriots. The author, one Kevin D. Williamson, a roving editor for National Review has stated that these communities deserve to die. What of the people who call these lost areas home, some who have been there for more than 150 years? They will be relegated to people of no consequence, to belied to, to be made fun of, and to be ignored on the way to the more noble elites causes that the elites know are better than individual decisions the the people of the country can make.
These communities, the backbone of America, these communities that have been essentially destroyed by politicians in both parties for their own benefit, will be rebuilt by those who live there. The rugged individualism that built this country is alive and well in these communities and no amount of “global planning” forced upon them or the American people will change what this country stand for.
But why would a supposed conservative say such a thing as the communities deserve to die. Once again, we can look to the government and the odious regulations, the government policy and the failure of those policies that have stricken the areas of the country all over the country with little opportunity to move forward on better prospects. Today in this country the only area doing well, and the wealthiest area of the country is Washington,D.C. and Virginia where all the federal employees live. Both the elite Republican leadership and the Democrat socialists think they know better and what is best for us because we are to ignorant to make our own decisions. The main purpose is to get as many citizens as possible dependent on government, to turn the American people away from the true patriotism that still instills a confidence in this country rather than the politicians.
It is both parties that are pushing the attacks on the middle class and the blue collar patriots who go to work every day, who work long hard hours and sit at the table every weekend and try to figure out how they can continue to pay their bills. They are the true American Patriots. They haven’t complained, up until now, because of the firm belief they once had that our politicians are looking out for us. The American Patriots across the country are starting to realize that the politicians in this country are out to fill their own pockets, and not the people who work hard are falling farther behind. The politicians on both sides claimed to be the voice of the people, and now that the American people realize that you have damaged the country possibly beyond repair, you treat them with contempt.
Both parties are trying to push on the country establishment candidates even after the realization that the American Patriots will no longer stand by and allow either party to further damage this country. The American Patriot will no longer allow either party to give us a puppet, and the parties will be made to care about the will of the people. Neither party will be able to keep themselves in the trough of money they disperse to one another and the cronies that donate to their elections, the lobbyists who give them money and government agencies that waste the taxpayers’ money without a care.
Republican elites, afraid of either Trump or Cruz are assisting Kasich staying in the race. Kasich can’t win, but is staying the race to attempt to assure neither Cruz or Trump can win the nomination. The American patriot understands this. They are not the ignorant fools that the elites believe they are, and if at the convention someone else is chosen to be the candidate there will be a revolution of unseen proportions, and the Democrats will walk away with the Presidency. The appointments of Supreme Court Justices will be of paramount importance in the next election. And those of the elites in the Republican party who claim they will vote of neither Trump or Cruz, sit out the election or even vote for Hillary will doom this country to another four or eight years of socialistic programs that will devastate this country and a Supreme court that will tilt liberal for a generation.
It is informative that RNC committee leader Hurly Haugland has stated that political parties, not voters, chose the presidential nominee. Haugland is pushing to change the rules so that any candidate that has at least one delegate will be eligible to be the nominee. The above statement about the party choosing the candidate is straight out of a banana republic frame of mind. Would the elites in the Republican party actually try to push this upon those who are American Patriots so that they could nominate Jeb Bush, someone who collected less than one percent of the vote. Once gain, the promise of lies from the elites on both sides will fail to turn the American Patriot from the understanding that the elites feel they are above the laws, and rules don’t apply to them. The anti-establishment candidates of the Republican party have shown a deep respect for the American Patriot working class, and both Cruz and Trump have shown more than a passing interest in the middle class.
Productivity has increased in America, but wages have been held firm. In the world of the white working class, the elites on both sides give tax breaks to the wealthy and call those who question them racists or bigots. Our country rife with division because of this administration must find a scapegoat in the middle class American Patriot.
Every election cycle promises are made, we get the words of wisdom pushed on us as absolutes which we should not question. We are expected to believe the soaring words of faith that the elites deem are necessary for the people to believe. Each side has more programs to interfere in the everyday lives of the American Patriot, most with no evidence that any would work.
Cruz and Trump have moved forward because for all the barbs back and forth, they show an honesty that is refreshing to the American Patriot. Both talk about subjects with content, and the betters are confused and alarmed that the American Patriot is waking up and will not allow the elites to nominate someone who does not mirror the ideals that the American Patriot holds dear. The destruction of this country should make Americans angry and it should make our nominee angry as well. Cruz, a constitutionalist has made angry the elites for not caving like others have, Trump makes them angry because he isn’t one of them, says what he thinks, and fights back. Both I feel would do well, it would take one of them, or possibly both together to give the American Patriot a new sense of optimism. Bluntness in a candidate is not a bad thing. Our nominee should be angry, our country is moving in a direction that most people do not want, do not understand why it is being allowed, or why it can’t be stopped.
Allowing the Republican elites to tell us to tone down the rhetoric, that we must go along to get along and to have a campaign content free and soft has not worked and will never work. Other than Reagan who else was bold enough on the Republican side to stray from the “soft” candidate. Trump is called a fascist, a Nazi, a bigot and a racist because he has a good understanding of what is happening to our country. Cruz is thought to be unacceptable because his colleagues in the Senate do not like him. To me that is a point in his favor. Cruz is not a go along to get along politician. American patriots think that is a good thing.
The American Patriot is not gone, he will not be dismissed, We will no longer allow the elites to nominate someone who will continue the slide into progressive ideologies without a fight. The elites are afraid of the fight to take out country back. Imagine how much fear they will feel if the American Patriot finally stands and says “No More”, and take this opportunity to take our country back. We will no longer be polite, we no longer stand by and allow the elites to destroy our way of life, and allow the challenges we face to fester until revolution is the only acceptable choice. The American Patriot will be steadfast in its advance of freedom, liberty, and justice for all.

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