The Anti-Americans

I’m trying to figure out why Leftist Democrats are so desperate to return to the days of no economic growth, police being assassinated in their patrol cars by Black Lives Matter, and a President who bows to foreign leaders and abandons our embassies to terrorist attacks? Why they want to again demand banks loan mortgages to people who can’t pay them back and then bail out those banks for causing the housing market to crash? Why they want to force out of the country American companies and jobs with crushing regulations and costs, and then flood our nation with illegal aliens, gang members and Muslim extremist terrorists? Why do they long for the corruption of Hillary Clinton, who lies as easily as breathing, and who sold out our country by giving 20% of our uranium reserves to the very Russians she accuses of causing her not to win the election? And to get back to this horrible, pre-Trump state, the Leftist media and the Democrats in office are willing to put a stranglehold on this nation, bringing judicial, executive, and legislative initiates to a halt, all with endless false accusations, no criminal charges, no evidence, and no substance to their accusations. They are, the Anti-Americans. They call it “resisting.” We need to resist, their resisting.

Trump was a multi-billionaire businessman before the election, and now is a multi-billionaire President, the most powerful man in the world. What could the Russians possibly have that he could want? What could the Russians possibly offer to make it worth colluding before, during, and according to the Leftist, fake news media, after the election? If the Trump campaign had a back channel to the Russians way before the election, why would they need one after the election? It’s all made up. We know this. Yet it continues every day.

The reason we know the entire “Russia” narrative is fake, is because it is designed not to be resolved, ever, but instead to run the entire course of the Trump Administration — and never being resolved.
If it were true, there would be real evidence.
If there were real evidence, there would be charges.
If there were charges, there would be trials.
If there were trials, there might be convictions and acquittals.
But most important, after all this, it would be over!
Now, with false accusations the Democrats can carry this on forever, safe in the knowledge that you can never prove what doesn’t exist, and therefore can demand endless investigations, knowing they will never find anything, and the Left will get what they want, a ruination of the Trump Administration, so they can get back in power and continue the willful and complete destruction of this country so accelerated by Ex-President Obama, the ultimate Anti-American.

There are times I wish that Republicans acted like Democrats. Not to do what they do, but the way they fight for their causes and people. If the Democrats were accused of complicity with the Russians, which of course they are from payoffs to the Clinton Foundation for uranium, but if the Democrats were accused in the same way, they would…
Accuse the Republicans of doing it too, and use a 20 year old, stupid and irrelevant example.
Accuse the Republicans of all being racists, and motivated by hate.
Then they would say the GOP is the party of “the rich,” even though Goldman Sachs is the Democrat ATM.
They would make up charges against the Republicans, and demand a special prosecutor and endless investigations “to get to the bottom of this.”
They would turn this on the Republicans and turn public opinion away from them, using talking points from whoever it is in a backroom somewhere that comes up with such brilliant terms and phrases like: gun control, a clean budget, you said that against Obama because he is black, how are you going to pay for that tax cut, we have to raise the debt ceiling to honor our commitments, climate denier, birther, assault weapon, they just want a better life, Trump issued a Muslim ban, we can’t break up families, we need illegal aliens to stay here so they will cooperate with the police to keep our neighborhoods safe, you are just filled with hate, white privilege, white nationalist, and in the case of George Zimmerman — white hispanic. Every one of these are oxymorons, irrational, nonsensical, illogical, disconnected, and irrelevant. But they all work, which is why they are used.
Lastly the Democrats would ask for more money for their favorite slush funds in the federal budget because money is compassion, and public opinion, however distorted and manipulated, is with them.
We can learn from them, without becoming — them.

If the Republicans were more like Democrats, they would, as soon as the leftist courts illegally struck down Trump’s first travel restriction order, have immediately passed it as legislation, which the President would immediately have signed, making these Leftist court abrogations of the Constitution a lot harder to employ against a duly passed and signed law.
If the Republicans were more like Democrats there would be a Republican on every news show, every editorial page, every social media site, and every day in a press conference, with pre-tested talking points guaranteed to completely convince the public they were right to have the travel restrictions all along, and that the Democrats want to create a terrorist based foreign welfare class.
If the Republicans were more like Democrats they would have put out a national commercial which starts off, “Do you want your daughter raped or murdered by an illegal alien?” It then shows Obama’s illegal alien MS-13 distribution centers at the border. Then it shows the bus caravans to small town America. Next is the story of the poor girl who was raped in Rockville, MD by an adult illegal alien. The last story is of Kate Steinle, murdered by a multi-deported, illegal alien, who was given fugitive harboring sanctuary by San Francisco. Then it closes with the question, “Is your daughter next?”

Which brings us to the best evidence that the Leftist extremists, Democrat judges, legislators, executives, bureaucrats, and rioters, are truly the Anti-Americans. They actually want the downfall of Trump, the destruction of the economy, the enslavement of everyone through government dependence, the freedom ending environmental and climate change agenda, the dumbing down to serf level of those forced into public education, and the far greater reward reversal of sanctifying the illegal alien criminal, while sacrificing the American citizen, and the lawful immigrant. They continue to move on our whole system, culture, identity, way of life, and the erasure of our history for example through the removal of all Confederate symbols. And soon will come the book burnings, the total elimination of free speech, disappearances, re-education camps, endless wars, life dominating government health insurance, and all the other elements of fascism, totalitarianism, and dictatorship, that are just the next items on the agenda.

Nowhere is the Anti-American more revealed than in the sanctuary city conspiracy. What kind of warped and twisted mind does it take for officials to brag about harboring illegal alien fugitives, openly, and give a proverbial middle finger to all our laws, and the taxpaying citizens who put them all in office? Yet there they are, almost every night, proclaiming their reversed righteousness that they are going to continue to harbor illegal aliens no matter what the Trump Administration or the federal government does, like somehow this is virtuous. How can they be so proud of their defiance in service to people who have no right to be here, and against the people they are sworn to defend? They are the Anti-Americans, so everything in their minds is backwards.

The Anti-American is the reverse of everything this nation stands for, every moral code, every belief in freedom and liberty, every concept of God, every constitutional principle and right, and everything this nation and its people, both immigrant and natural born, hold sacred.
That is why they can broadcast fake news and believe it.
That is why they can completely buy the false narrative of who Trump is from the media and Clinton campaign.
That is why they can call themselves anti-fascists while being the epitome of fascism.
That is why they can demand endless meaningless investigations knowing there is nothing to find, whose sole purpose is to destroy through distraction, the Trump Administration.
That is why illegal aliens are citizens, and citizens are illegal aliens.

That is why they can demand the debt ceiling be raised and argue it has to be done to pay previous obligations, where they made those obligations in advance, knowing they’d have to raise the debt ceiling to pay for them. That is how they create HOV lanes to make the commute so miserable you will stop using your car, which cost millions of wasted gallons, countless hours of lost time, much more pollution, and all the time arguing it improves the flow of traffic and reduces greenhouse gasses. That is how they can claim it is necessary to keep illegal aliens here so as not to break up families. Except that they destroy families all the time, with abortions, destroying fathers with feminist unequal welfare and divorce laws, and keeping African Americans on the Democrat, single mother plantation. Breaking up families happens all the time, what with jail for one or both parents, and military families split up constantly with deployments. They say we are a nation of immigrants, when only 14% of this country is immigrants. They say illegal aliens just want a better life. Doesn’t everyone? The difference is that the honest American, both natural born and naturalized, plays by the rules to make a better life. The illegal alien and the Anti-American want to steal their better life from the rest of us.

Beware the Anti-American. Everything in their mind and their world is reversed. Once you understand that, you understand them.

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