The Art of Immigration Obama Style: It Shouldn’t be a Smiling Affair!

My question today is how come the bill in not just one page long.  The reason is simple. It is not just an immigration bill. There is loads of pork and little or no substance.

President Reagan in 1986 gave amnesty to 3 million illegal immigrants. From 1992 to 2012 19 million more legal immigrants have been given permanent residency. This is at a time when Clinton was sending millions of American jobs to other countries.


The Schumer Immigration Bill is already 1200 pages long. My question today is how come the bill in not just one page long.  The reason is simple. It is not just an immigration bill. There is loads of pork and little or no substance. If you get a chance look at the folks on the front page of the newspaper. It shows Schumer and a few other senators smiling because the Senate passed this bill. The look is similar to the cat that just swallowed the canary. Well it is time to send these noblemen a packing.


The immigration bill needs only three provisions. The first one is to limit “amnesty” to only the first 11 or 12 million that sign up. The rest need to vacate the premises and go back home and then and only then can they get to the back of the line.


The number is more like 30 or 40 million. Can we afford to add that many citizens to this country when Obama’s economy can only add less than  200,000 jobs in a good month. And that doesn’t include the natural growth of population that occurs each and every month.


Putting a cap on the amnesty would make more people comfortable with amnesty. ObamaCare was supposed to lower the premiums and cover more people. So far the premiums have almost doubled and those without insurance have more than doubled.  No one trusts Obama and no one trusts ObamaAmnesty. No citizens benefited from ObamaCare. Most Americans want reform but they don’t want liberal amnesty!


The 2nd  immigration provision would limit the anchor baby rule to only  babies born in this country with at least one parent as a citizen. You know if an illegal spits out a kid on American soil, would you really send the parents of an American citizen back home. It is not very likely. So let’s quit giving citizenship to children of illegal immigrants born in this country. Nothing supports that privilege in the U.S. Constitution!


And the third provision is that the 12 million who are given Obama amnesty must become citizens in 5 years, If not out they go. Let’s make room for folks who want to be part of America. Instead of trying to take America apart piece by piece.


There could be some provisions for folks who have some assets but working at Wal-Mart would clearly not be an exception. Working for $9 dollars an hour picking crops may not be an exception and  working as a school teacher or an engineer at lower wages than unemployed Americans would not be an exception, no matter how much the school district receives from Obama to hire foreigners. Doesn’t make sense when we have so many unemployed teachers and engineers  in the United States!


And that’s all folks you would need. There would not be any provisions to give McCain or any other Republicans including Rubio pork to bring back to their states. Let’s stay focused on the issues and not waste American money on Political propaganda. Latinos are not stupid. They are not going to vote for you if they can’t get a job and instead are gifted unlimited food stamps so get over it.


This country and Obama screwed up by allowing these illegals to enter this country and stay here. So lets put a line in the sand and kick those out that do not qualify.


The question is do we owe a job and the opportunity to achieve the American dream to illegal immigrants before we offer the same to the present American citizens?


It is more important to achieve equality for all citizens before we worry about burdening the financial system with illegals who did not respect our laws and our borders in the first place.


Some folks are trying to use social morality as an issue. Some folks believe in open borders. Well we have the best and the most liberal immigration laws in the global world. Most countries will shoot you if you try to sneak into their country.


All people are invited to enter our country and become a part of the American Dream. This has been going on for years. Actually more so for centuries. All we ask is that you fill out an application and follow the rules. Is that too much to ask!


Until our spineless politicians understand that our freedoms have been protected from the beginning of time: It is not logical and it lacks morality to give false hope to all these illegal immigrants. They knew they were illegal and let’s establish a number in stone and stick with that number. That will achieve a lot more respect than this spineless attempt at trying to appease the Latino vote!


The biggest problem with the Senate monstrosity is that no one trusts Obama and the government. It makes no sense to arrest someone and then release them in America. Release them outside of the American borders. And let them use the courts to gain entry.  But Obama is like a fisherman. We pay Billions to catch them and then Obama releases them back on the streets of America!  You may have an army on the border but if they are given the order from Obama to let them pass by executive order the country will be at the mercy of a liberal reckless commander.  Granted Obama would not pass a law as indicated in this writing, but then the failure of immigration would land in the lap of Obama and not the weak and spineless Senators that voted for the Obama Amnesty in the Senate. Remember Obama’s Dad was kicked out of America many years ago. It may have drove him to drink, so Obama may not have our best interests at heart.


What these Senators  fail to see is that the American Citizens that are here and now and are looking for work and full time employment and benefits have interests that come way before those of illegal immigrants that are here now and will come here in the near future.


So the next election is getting close. Gather up all your friends and vote these spineless Senators out of office who voted for this bill. They don’t seem to care as long as their salaries and lifetime  benefits continue … Forever!



If they think passing this useless bill is a smiling event and they are proud of their accomplishments of alleged bipartisanship, then let’s vote them all out in the next election and replace them with folks that understand the American way of life. Then we will see who is left standing with smiles on their faces.

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