The Birtherism Lie

So now, little more than 50 days from the election, the birtherism conspiracy about Barack Obama has been torn open once again. This may have been done to stop the flow of Black Americans from the Clinton/Democrat camp to the Trump camp. Polling higher than any non Democrat in history, the Democrat/progressives/ socialist had to attempt something to keep the African Americans on the plantation where the Democrats have kept them for the past 70 years.
The question has now become who started all this and who is responsible for the conspiracy going viral? The answer, and something the media will not tell you is that it was 2008, during the Clinton/Obama primary that the story originally started. Media, even Fox came straight out today and stated “Oh no. The statement that the Clinton Campaign started it is a lie.” Perhaps it was not Hillary herself, but does anyone believe that Hillary did not know about her staff pushing this story in the media. And when she did find out, why did she not stop it?
There was a claim in 2004 by a Illinois candidate Andy Martin. The other versions of the story have also included that Obama was educated in a madrassa in Indonesia. It wasn’t until 2007 that the story picked up, claiming he was a non-citizen and therefore not allowed to run for President.
When that was a story made public in 2007, it was the Clinton campaign and supporters who spread the rumor by circulating an anonymous e mail questioning his fitness to run as President because of his lack of citizenship. The Clinton Campaign manager from 2008, Patti Solis Doyle, admits that a volunteer sent out the birther e-mail. Does anyone believe that the campaign knew nothing about it, and the volunteer that supposedly did this on their own was fired, possibly with a non disclosure agreement. It is believed that the campaign did know, and were working to fuel the rumors through anonymous e mails and the media as well.
When Hillary was running her campaign in 2008 for President, it was Sid Blumenthal that pitched the story to a reporter, McClatchy Washington Bureau Reporter James Asher. Asher states that he was told face to face that Obama was born in Kenya. Blumenthal went so far as to push Asher to have the company he was working for to investigate those claims. Once Asher refused to be taken in, the question becomes who else did Blumenthal talk to. Given the corruption and secrecy of the Clinton regime, chances are we will never know.
The PUMA website ran a posting entitled “Obama May Be Illegal to be Elected President”, and that Linda Starr, a Clinton volunteer from Texas helped spread the rumor.

John Heilemen, author of the account of the 2008 Election “Game Change” said it was true the Hillary spread the rumors as affirmed the the Scarborough-Brzezinski assertion which as seen on Television in 2008. This was long before Trump even mentioned his thoughts on Obamas birthright on a political level.
Reggie Love, a close friend of Obama wrote in his 2015 memoir “Power Forward” that then Illinois Senator Barack Obama was incensed with Hillary for starting rumors that he was a Muslim. It resulted in a confrontation
On Fox news this morning, they claimed that the memo sent by Mark Penn to Senator Clinton did not, in fact, exist. It does, I have a copy of it, and it clearly states that the “Lack of American roots” could hold him back. If I. an ordinary citizen can find it by spending five minutes on Google, why can’t the media.

The answer is they want to lie for Hillary, they want her to win. It isn’t that they can’t find it, they don’t want to find it. If they do, then they would have to admit to the people that they lied, and Hillary, along with her supposed pneumonia would be circling the drain.
Low information voters will not attempt to find the truth. Clinton supporters will clap loudly, yell, and pump their chests out that they have finally shown Trump to be a liar. If being proven aliar was all it took to stop a Presidential campaign, then why is Hillary still running. Documented lies haven’t done her in, and a manufactured lie will not take out the only man who can make American great again

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