The Bottom Line on Orlando

Here’s the bottom line on Orlando:


Radical Muslims kill in the name of their religion,
lunatics kill because of their pathology,
criminals kill for monetary gain,
otherwise “normal” people kill out of passion.

Radical Muslims hate everyone except radical muslims and believe they should all be killed. Other radical muslims have convinced their weak minds that if they die killing infidels they will live in everlasting satiation of their prurient interests, so what can stop events like this? Death? They welcome it.

The FBI questioned him 3 times and let him roll. What can they do? He was an American citizen. He was free and had committed no crime.

Take away people’s guns? Don’t think so. I probably wouldn’t have died in that club because I would have been carrying my weapon and I would have killed him first – it’s my right (not my constitutional right – my NATURAL right) to defend myself. If no one in that club wanted to carry a weapon for defense it’s their right too.

All you can do is try to even the odds by carrying a weapon. Even then, if someone is willing to die to hurt people, they will probably be successful to SOME degree.

Because he was an American citizen, there is not ONE THING that could have stopped this guy except a good guy with a gun.

The place was probably packed with good guys.

Too bad in country of 250 million legal guns held by law abiding citizens,



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