The Brats of the 60’s Have Grown Up

Civil disobedience, a socialist foundation for change was rampant in the 1960’s. There were groups such as the Black Panthers, Students for a Democratic Society, and the Weatherman Underground that tried to force a culture upon America that was fundamentally progressive/socialist in nature. There were many young impressionable people who rejected the moral and values of the Eisenhower era, The young children, the brats of the culture have grown up.
These are the same people who are now in charge. There is now another upheaval in American culture. There is no new song, and the only books giving direction to these brats is the books of Cloward-Piven and Saul Alinsky. The propaganda of the new thinking has been pushed by the media, academia, and those in the progressive parties so that a silent change is taking place. People who once held to the traditions of this country, to the culture and values of this America are faltering in these beliefs because they have been told that this is the “new” normal. The pundits in the chattering class inform us that we are not to judge others, that anything is allowable even to the destruction of traditionally held beliefs.
The media, complicit in the degradation of values, pushes on the American People objects like Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner and inform us that this is the new normal. The progressives have sustained a constant attack of what is normal. People in this country are tolerant of a lot, and many do not pay attention until it affects them. We are constantly bombarded with the need for tolerance, but how far does that tolerance go. If a constantly stoned, out of work figure wants to rent your house, should you be tolerant and let him? Is the act of tolerance really tacit support, and will those who demand tolerance push even further after the initial tolerance is given.

Gays in 2006 were requesting civil unions so that they would have the same rights as married couples. We were told that is all they wanted, and would go no further. Most people agreed, understanding that gay couples should have the same rights as married couples, but drew the line at calling it marriage. This departure from the moral judgment of a majority of people has lead to bakers being force to bake cakes, clerks being put in jail, and an in your face gay minority that demands you agree with the premise that they are normal. If you continue to have a moral judgment that it is wrong, they will attack, you could lose your job, your home, even your life. Such is the tolerance of the progressives. They will be tolerant, and continue to consider you a fellow traveler as long as you agree with them.
The Supreme Court in it quest for relevance has made same sex marriage the law of the land declaring it a right found in the constitution. I find it hard to believe that the Founding Fathers wrote a document based on Christian principles and included anywhere within it a right to gay marriage. There is no legal precedent for gay marriage, and just because five socialists on the Supreme Court say so, it does not make it so. And why were Justice Gisberg and Justice Kagan not recused ? Having already performed same sex marriages was there not a bias towards a ruling on this matter? Were they not advocates and not impartial justices?
The Supreme Court as laid out in the Constitution has no jurisdiction over rights other than for Ambassadors or Public Ministers. Congress retains the right to restrict what cases the Supreme Court can rule on. All it would take is for the Congress to declare that all marriage cases should be handled at the state level in order to void the unconstitutional ruling made .
The tactics of the 1960’s brought forth the progress of socialism that we see today. It brought a legitimacy not seen before to the progressive/socialist banner. Through the infiltration of academia, entertainment and the Democrat Party they have reached appoint where the country in facing a constant bombardment of propaganda and indoctrination. It has lead to a culture of ill educated low information voters, a government dependent class, and an undermining of the societal and moral foundations of our culture.
In the past six years we have seen major changes under Obama, with more to come. The Supreme Court is one Justice away from being a rubber stamp for all the progressives in the administration. Major Corporations will either work with this administration towards the socialist processes that will be part of the international corporate order envisioned by socialists, or will be crushed by regulations until they are no longer a force powerful enough to contest what the progressives feel needs to be done to achieve their version of equality. States rights, already being eroded will further fail as Congress had done nothing to stop the spread of federal rules and regulations that the Constitution leaves to the States to implement. The military will be a hollow force, but will be kept strong enough under the progressive/socialist banner to put down any uprising domestically.
All this being said, it does not have to be this way. A majority of the American people are finally waking up. We are in increments too small to be felt all at once losing our rights to progressive socialism. It is time to avail ourselves of an offense to push back. A strong, loud, and perhaps fierce offense is needed to say to one and all, NO MORE. You will not tell me what I must think, what I can say or what I must believe. I am not a member of the peasant class to be pushed around by the ruling elites in politics, media or academia. Those elites in the stone bell towers of the 1960’s must be the ones to change. They can no longer be allowed to exist to support the institutions responsible for the downfall of this country.
They are seeing that the 2014 elections, where Democrats lost massively throughout all branches and level of government was not a fluke. It is up to us, the patriots who are willing to work and take our country back to wake up those ill informed or just too lazy to care and just accept the handouts. People are reaching a boiling point about all the money they make going to others not productive, and becoming a drain on communities and businesses nationwide. It is time to let the politicians know that more taxes are not the answer. It is time to get up, get out, and voice your opinion to both friend and foe, and to work together to take our country back. Politicians are both sides need to be reminded they work for us, we don’t work for them. And the college professors who denigrate our country must be forced out of the positions that they hold. It is up to us, it is there for the taking. All we have to do is make it so. We must be patriots to the foundations of this country and be LOUD AND PROUD. WE ARE THE MAJORITY
John Velisek USN (Ret.)
Twitter: sjspecialist

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