The Caravan Apocalypse

The caravan of migrants continues to move toward our border. This massive mob of well-fed, well dressed, rested migrants will attempt to force their way across the order. Progressive socialist Democrats will start whining about how they are so distressed being from countries that have treated them poorly. Celebrities will wring their hands and clutch their pearl about how poorly we are treating them. It will not be mentioned that they are in fact economic refugees, looking for jobs and handouts to improve their lives.

They will be here just in time for the midterms.  Although the distance is far, the only time they actually walk is at the scheduled times when they know the cameras will be there. If you think about the distance already covered, you can understand that they could not have possibly gotten this far without the flatbed tractor trailers and trucks that load them up and bring them closer. Mainstream media won’t mention this because it does fit the narrative that they wish to portray.

So what can we expect when they get here?  Many in the group will wait and see what happens, but the gang members such as MS 13 and the jihadists among them will do the best they can to force the border and create the chaos that will get them through. CNN and the other progressive socialist lackeys will scream that we are bigots for protecting our country, and the progressive socialists will want to declare martial law. Once they reach the border, this will activate groups such as LaRaza, and Antifa, and others that have been congregating in various areas both close and far away from the borders. Mob violence will overtake our cities as planned, and local law enforcement will have their hands full protecting the citizens of our country.

This is what the past few years of planned violence from the progressive socialists have been planning. Socialism has taught us over the years that indoctrinating the youth of our country to accept socialism are of paramount importance. The weakening of the bonds of family and community have all led to this moment.  It is a foregone conclusion that this first wave is just the start, and the progressive socialists like Kamala Harris welcome this chaos. The rule of law is nothing to these people, and they will find a way to force our country into the socialist utopia that they feel we need and deserve for being such a divisive country.

But then the question becomes, how will it end? President Trump has already stated that he will send the military to the border. It will mean nothing to these invaders, they know they will get what they want, and the military will be reluctant to use deadly force to keep them out. They will flood across our borders, and infiltrate every community and town along the way. Backed by the leftist groups funded and financed by people like Nazi George Soros, who the mainstream media call a “rich Democratic donor” will attempt to take over the local areas they feel they can control and declare themselves a socialist utopia only relying on the country to keep paying the benefits they want these people to have to the detriment of the American taxpayer.

One thing they do not take into account is the patriots that stand in their way. The civil war will be here, and they will use mob violence and the tactic of blending in until they find an opening to create havoc. Blood in the streets will become commonplace, and of course, all will be blamed on Donald Trump and those who insist we follow the rule of law.

This can be stopped by building the wall, and for now stopping all crossing of our southern border, including commerce, and stopping all aid to Central America including Mexico.  This is what the progressive socialist Democrat Party has been waiting for, and unfortunately, they may get their wish.

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