The Christian Holocaust

No word conjures up such revulsion of man’s inhumanity to man than “genocide”. Persecution of Christians and other minority groups in the Mideast have left large areas of the originally homeland of Christianity barren and destroyed. Genocide as defined by the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide is “ any of the following acts committed with the intent to destroy a national ethnical, racial or Religious group.” This includes killing the members causing bodily injury or mental harm inflicting conditions of life to bring about destruction of the forcible taking or transferring of children from one to another group.”

Starting with the Arab Spring, proclaimed by the Obama administration as the fulfillment and promise of democracy in the Middle East has gone disturbingly wrong on a world level. This administration has a hands off policy, giving no help militarily, and failing to stop the Islamic State and Syrian government when possible. Red lines were given and crossed with no repercussions. This administration has failed them militarily, and is now failing them on humanitarian grounds. It forces refuges on the states here, but only .03% are Christians. A total of 53 Syrian Christians have been admitted to our country only one Yazidi, and fewer than 10 of all other Christian or non Muslim faith. But that is to expected from our “Christian” President who tells the Christians of the world to repent for the Crusades, ignore Islam terrorism to the point where the words “Islamic terrorism” is never be said in his presence and his total disregard for Christian teaching.
It isn’t a surprise that the United States will take time before it considers ISIS and other groups of Islamic terrorists are committing genocide. The Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama administration are particularly useful in setting policy, as is CAIR who has reached so far into the administration that it has caused a change to the FBI’s “Don’t Be A Puppet” video game to take out all mention of Islamic terrorism. What we do instead is give them endless visas, ID’s, education, healthcare and protection of cultural differences to the point that they have been found not guilty of honor killings in our country.
The terrorist threat to the United States has never been higher, yet the administration has let more terrorists out of Gitmo, to return to the battlefield with a 30% recidivism rate that we know of. Homeland Security has made 81 ISIS linked arrests in the United States and stopped 21 ISIS inked plots. Couple this with the terrorist training camps that we know of in this country (read at: and the only conclusion is that Obamas Islamic principles are driving the ignorance that will never recognize the genocide as it continues.

Our administration has been using a practice of “strategic patience”. In concert with the leading from behind that this administration likes so much, neither shows any true leadership. It has made the spread of global terrorism easier, and caused the pain and suffering of countless Middle Eastern citizens, the refugee crisis, and the Islamization of Europe to unsustainable levels.
In Iraq, the IS blows up monasteries including St. Elijahs that has stood in Mosul for 1400 years. In Kosovo Christian churches has been vandalized and urinated within its sanctuary. In Algeria churches have been vandalized and Kuwait, fought for by American Christian service members for its very survival will not even allow the building of churches because it is declared against sharia law. In Syria, the regime of Assad has committed murder, torture, rape displacement against its own population. Bombing hospitals and the forced starvation f its own people have been documented with citizens enduring electric shock, boiling water baths and other crimes against humanity. Assad could proceed with these depravities because he knew the “redline” that Obama set was just words, a paper tiger that could not or mostly would not fight for the principles this administration claimed to represent. The outcome now is a civil war where 370,000 lives have been taken, and 5 million Syrians are now refugees.
The churches and infrastructure is just a small part of the devastation being done to the Christians in the Middle East.
Samantha Power, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations spoke a good argument before taking the position. She spoke of the U.S. policymakers, journalists and administration officials slow walking any decisions of confronting evil and putting too much faith in negotiations and diplomacy. All are part of the Obama administration and even with Powers in the UN, nothing has changed.
The atrocities being perpetrated by the Islamic State is beyond comprehension. This administration has been given a deadline of March 17th to make a decision on the declaration of genocide.
The death of 21 Coptic Christians in North Africa, the Egyptians that were killed that were called hotel workers to cover up the fact that they were Christians. the stories of little children being raped, beaten , beheaded and crucified continue every day. Stories of jihadists sticking fingers in the eyes of Christians to pull the head back to more easily slit the throats of non believers have been heard. And still these victims still continued to pray the Lords Prayer and make supplications to Jesus for the journey to come. Reminiscent of the Nazi regime, IS took Mosul and went house to house marking “N” for Nasrani to mark all Christian homes in order to start they “convert or Die” campaign that has become the hallmark of their atrocities all over the Middle ease. Stories of Christians praying to Jesus and refusing to leave the religion they believe has led to atrocities of whole families being killed. Not only in Syria, but in Libya, Iraq, and Nigeria, and other Muslim countries, these atrocities keep happening. Once again, the overthrow of secular leaders for the advocacy of freedom has been mishandled, with the jihadis moving in. In Egypt, it was only the people who finally overturned the jihadist Muslim Brotherhood without any help from this administration.
Our Secretary of State declares we need more investigations to solve this very complex legal issue. With what we already know, there is no reason why a declaration of genocide could not be on the Presidents desk in a half hour. Is it because our President does not want to insult his Muslim brethren, or to find himself in a position where he would have to actually enjoin his Muslim brethren in conflict.
And if there is a declaration from the Administration about the genocide in the Middle East, there are rumors that the Christians will be left out. Obama sees Christians as oppressors of his Muslim friends.
Former Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA) is calling on this government to declare these atrocities as genocide. Wolf has made it quite clears that these are atrocities based on Islamic ideology Wolf has developed a plan which would create an area of safety for religious minorities in Ninevah, gives support to the Kurds who are attempting to build a foundation for freedom of religion, education assistance and the full prosecution of the Islamic State for the genocidal crimes against humanity.
The International Religious Freedom Roundtable released a letter stating:
“There is a growing chorus of political and faith leaders, scholars, human rights experts and numerous firsthand testimonies of Iraqi and Syrian Christians and Yazidis recognizing that the most accurate descriptions unfolding at the initiative of the Islamic State as Genocide”
The Europeann Parliament has passed a resolution declaring that the Islamic State continues committing genocide against Christians and Yazidis. The resolution passed by the European Parliament further stated:
“the U.S. Government has abdicated its responsibility and vow to confront the most heinous human rights violations, namely genocide.
The declaration of genocide that this administration is slowly working towards is not something America can be proud of. We have an administration, from the President to the State Department that have never held our country in high esteem and intentionally continue to further erode the way the rest of the world sees us. This is the legacy that Obama must be remembered for, the death, torture and mutilation of Christians and other minority groups in the Middle East, the blood that runs in the streets of Ninevah, Mosul, and countless other towns and cities is on the hands of this administration.

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