The Circus Of Trump

After all the hoopla of the debate and screaming afterward, I decided it was time to take a look at Donald Trump and try to ascertain what it is that are good and bad about the candidate. There are those on both sides of the aisle that have a opinion that is unshakeable.

Trump used to be a registered Democrat, donated to Clinton Campaigns, and talked to Bill Clinton before declaring his candidacy.

Trump is an in your face kind of politician. Being non PC, is admirable, but stating that we don’t have time for political correctness does not mean with shouldn’t be civil to one another. I have seen comments by both sides that are beyond what is right, or what moves the campaign forward. There are conservatives that do not support Trump and no amount of calling them names or screaming at them will change their minds. Civility works, contrary to Trump and his followers opinions. Trump is by any standard an opportunist, and in making clear that there is no guarantee that he would stand behind the person nominated by his supposed party, also made clear that this is about him, and not the future of the country. . It is a somber note that Trump refuses to allay fears that he may go third party siphoning off enough votes to put the Democrat nominee in the White House

Immigration is a subject that he speaks well on, and I agree with his building of the wall without any apologies. Great energy has been spent of making everyone aware of Trumps opinions on the border. He says he will build a wall and have Mexico pay for it. Does anyone really think that Mexico will just fork over the money, and if not, what will Trump do? He claims he will retaliate, but will he really start an economic war with Mexico just to build a wall and will the wall ever actually be built?

The entire debate was a series of gotcha questions for all the candidates, not just Trump. After the debate there were things that Trump said that raised questions in my mind. Should a Presidential candidate complain because he thought some of the questions were Inappropriate? Does Trump thing the world and our enemies are always going to be appropriate in their dealings with the United States? It calls into question whether Trump has the right temperament and level headedness required of the President of this country. He has now starting to put out some positions that may help to further explain what it is that Trump see as the future of America.

Not being PC is admirable, but the soundbytes that the Democrats can trot out of Trump in the past will not only resurrect the “war on women” but give them all they need to use against the true conservatives in the race. There are many areas that make me question whether Trump is a true conservative. Is it any wonder that the Democrats are claiming that Trump is the face of the Republican Party, an angry white man?

Trump is for Trump, a narcissist and spoke of ‘I” and “Me” in the debate so much I thought I was listening to Obama. Trump can not count on any Republican support because he does not support the party. Even conservatives have been dismissed by Trump as cowardly and repugnant. The grass roots will support him, because he “tells it like it is” which in this case is another word for rudeness, incivility, and meanness. He has managed to go to war with not only the establishment Republicans, but even the conservative base.

And perhaps we can ask Vera Coking about Trumps use of eminent domain to build his casino and how the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority offered one quarter what her home was worth, and threatened her with eviction. Why was this so important? Because Trump wanted to expand Trump Plaza It was only in 1998 that the Supreme Court blocked the attempt.

He is for single payer, although he now says that was a different age. With the way he attacks those that do not agree with him, such as Megyn Kelly, Erik Erikson, Frank Luntz, and others, is he really any different than the President we have now.

A comment he made during the debate that he just pays money to get people to do what he wants is troubling. That may work on the personal level, it may even work in the business world, but I don’t think for a second that that would work in the world of today. We have just through six years of Obama and his crony capitalism, of rewarding friends with cash and grants, We are already giving millions to people who hate us and what good has it done. Trump has got to realize the money and influence that he has will not work with the American People if he uses it to trample the rights of everyday people. There is no assurance that if Trump can keep the anger level high enough to get elected, we can not be sure he will not just put in his big government policies and hand out the rewards and favors he feel are due.

Trump is a protectionist with no qualms about starting an international trade war.. He has hinted of imposing a 35% tariff on Mexico and China, a move that would certainly start a trade war, and do serious damage to our economy and the world economy.

In 1999, the last time Trump was toying with running for the Presidency, he put forward a one time 14.25% tax increase for anyone worth more than $10 million. It would have wiped out the entire national debt, at the time $5.7 million, kept Social Security alive, and cancelled the estate tax. Will Trump try to bring the same idea back now with a debt of $17 trillion.

The healthcare proposal that Trump spoke of on July 29 with CNN looks remarkably like Obamacare, but we are assured it would be “Something terrific”. That “something terrific” can be determined because there has been no real information given out by his campaign.

At the after debate party, Trump was all smiles, even congratulating Fox and in particular Megyn Kelly on a fine job. That lasted until about 4 am when tweets blew the lid off of perhaps what Trump really thought.

There is one final questions that needs to be asked. Is Mr Trump who is unable to handle difficult but honest questions, lashes out at those who disagree, his change of positions and even political party for expediency, and is in this race for his own aggrandizement is it any wonder that there are those who question his suitability for the office of President?

John Velisek USN (Ret.)

twitter : sjspecialist

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