The Climate Change Scam is Collapsing

The US Government has spent  $131 billion on climate change between 2001 and 2014 to combat  “human caused” climate change and $176 billion in tax breaks for initiatives that have basically failed. In Europe the EU expects to lower carbon dioxide emissions to below the levels of 1990 by 2020. It is expected to cost almost $100 billion a year by 2020. These moneys will be spent for an imperceptible change.

 That money could be spent to improve living standards throughout the world. The portion of the scientific community that supports climate change, living a lifestyle based on government grants to write papers that will push the government agenda, will never admit they are wrong.

Carbon Dioxide is a miniscule portion of our atmosphere, about .0039% It is not possible that the small portion of our atmosphere that is carbon dioxide would be able to alter the atmosphere the way the climate changers claim.

 Dr. Patrick Moore, the co founder of Greenpeace, has stated that there is no evidence that humans are in any danger from global warming.  Rapid change last occurred at the end of the last glacial period. Dr. Moore left Greenpeace when the organization changed from a scientific to a political base.

Even such an experienced man, one who has studied the numbers and debunked many of the issues the  climate changers bring forth has been vilified, for questioning this part of the progressive/socialists religion. The jihad of climate change will allow no rebuttals, will never debate the issues on a public stage, nor will they allow the information counter to the assertions they make to see the light of day. Once again, they will allow nothing that could endanger their cushy lifestyles.

 Brainwashed by those in academia, students are indoctrinated and  refuse to allow the impression that there is any debate about global warming. Activism and denial should stand on an equal level. That is what scientific discussion is all about .The progressives who are pushing the climate change models that have already been debunked refuse to hear any debate on the subject, while knowing the numbers and reports that they use to justify the regulations and poverty that those regulations will cause, and clearly being shown to be false.

 It is clear they aren’t winning the debates, can’t explain the numbers that fall apart under investigation, and can longer be believed by anyone who takes a look at the information they push on the people.  These same activists, used to undermine sound scientific principles have resorted to personal attacks on those who have shown the climate change numbers being used are false. There is no longer a consensus on finding the truth. The  pro climate change lobby caters to pushing the public opinion to agree with the philosophy they adhere to.

Dr. Christopher Essex, a mathematician from the University of Western Ontario has talked about the lack of collegial attitude or the work required to obtain the truth. Those in the scientific community have become more authoritarian in their approach. Constantly declaring that the” science is settled” pro climate change proponents are basing the consensus that they say exists is based on bad science, based more on politics than science.

The discussion about climate change has devolved from scientific discussion to insulting and defaming those who disagree. No longer able to show the merit or moral arguments for climate change the pro climate changers refuse to admit that they have lost the scientific argument.

It is time to take a look at many of the “settled science” that the politicians worldwide is pushing and why. The NASA satellites and the all ground based temperature measurements has scientifically proven the global warming has all but ceased since the late 1990’s.

Carbon Dioxide emissions have risen 30% with no warming. This is against many pundits and climate models who have been sounding the alarm of CO2 damage to the earth and the atmosphere. Alarmists have tirelessly spoken about rising tides inundating the coastal regions of the world. The actual numbers are 1 millimeter by tide gauges, and 2-3 mm per year from “adjusted” satellite data. These same satellites also show the Antarctic ice sheets expanding, not declining as the experts claim. The IPCC report did admit that there has been no increase in the frequency or severity of extreme weather.  The IPCC report more political than scientific was edited to meet the political purposes of those in charge. It was contradicted in areas, and some were found to be outright lies. It was bad enough that Professor Richard Tol of Sussex University, one of the reports contributors refused to sign the final document. In a late night meeting in Berlin the Daily Mail reports that three quarters of the original document was deleted or revised. It is claimed this was done to protect the stances that the UN wanted to take at the Paris meeting on Climate Change.

There are arguments that are made in lockstep by all the pro climate change types. The argument that 97% of scientists agree with the pro climate change position is false. An examination of that study has shown that of the 12,000 papers evaluated, only 65 endorsed the study position. So the actual numbers is .5%. It also showed that many of the reports were mislabeled and about 35% of the reports studied that took no position were left out.

We were given an apocalyptic vision for the polar ice caps , that the coastlines would be inundated, and that the world would all but end. The Antarctic sea ice is at the highest level since measurements began with an extent of 12,965 million square kilometers. This is a figure that is 10.3 above the levels of 1981-2010 average. Just recently it was shown that the Arctic ice has not changed since 1940. But this will be ignored by Al Gore and the rest of the globalists who only want money to line their pockets and for world distribution. Why should the United States pay billions and billions of dollars to redistribute to poorer countries when China, India and others do not have to pay anything of curtail the emissions that are causing the majority of pollution until 2030?

It has still not been explained why there has been no global warming since September 1996. 213 months without global warming  has basically been called an anomaly. Those 213 months represent more than half of data recording started in January 1979. There has been no global warming to cause the catastrophic extreme weather that we have been promised for almost fifteen years now. Even The UN IPCC  has rejected this premise, giving low confidence in the report to extreme changes in hurricanes, tropical cyclones, drought, and even river flooding.

Manns Hockey stick which left out the global warming period from about 1000 years ago also has been debunked. Tree samples were selected that most closely matched what they wanted to show. And trees were chosen to “trick” the data into showing numbers skewed to match the data they needed.

Following the money running through the pro climate change lobby has shown the flow of billions of dollars from the government to scientists who follow government instructions on climate change. Those who disagree are not funded, leading to major corporations being required to fund them. This leaves them open to accusations that oil and gas is paying them to lie. Media has not investigated the money to the pro climate change lobby and the self interest that the scientists show in maintaining their lifestyles.

The climate narrative, being supported by environmentalists help to spread, guilt, fear, and help with donations. The institutions involved, although peripherally scientific get government help in getting billions in grants, create departments that do nothing but push the party line, forces business to look green at expense to the taxpayer and will be used in the future to redistribute wealth from industrial countries to the third world countries.

Our own government is a part of the illusion. Because the Republicans are questioning the money being given to the UN by this administration without Congressional approval, this administration refuses to allow a vote on the money going to the UN. Congress holds the purse strings for the country, but of course, Obama knows better, and has unconstitutionally moved forward.

John Coleman, who co founded the Weather Channel also disagreed with the academics pushing climate change. In a letter to the IPCC, Coleman has stated “the ocean is not rising . The polar ice is growing, not melting, polar bears are increasing, heat waves have diminished, and the environmental agenda has become political using invalid science.

The question is not whether the pro climate change agenda will collapse. The question is when.

Is it any wonder that an intelligent businessman like Donald Trump has walked away from the Climate Accord.  The blowback of catastrophes that will occur has been enormous. The money they were counting to further the bogus science of climate change has been taken away. Al Gore is changing the second documentary on climate change to make Donald Trump a villain. This will be shown as propaganda in all our schools and throughout academia. I cal already see the bobble heads of climate change believers nodding in unison, and being spoon fed even more garbage about climate change.

This does not mean the United States willo discontinue improving our environmental concerns. Look at the progress made over the past twenty years, and imagine with the technology to come, how much more we will be able to do. Imagine how we can help other countries improve as well. But shoveling money into the maw of the United Nations and the corrupt politicians that run the climate change scam is not an answer our country can survive.



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