The Climate of Climate Change

Climate change has been a subject that has bounced back and forth with both sides bringing out facts and figures to substantiate the claims they make. One side puts forth apocalyptic scenarios, and the other side claims there is no merit to those claims. Politics and money play a large part in the battle. Grants are given to both sides and the common man is deluged with the findings that those grants were meant to find. So let’s take a look at the information available from both sides and try to see what the ultimate truth is.

First off, I am not paid by anyone to discuss climate changes. I have no skin in the game. And my opinion is just that, my own.

There are deceptions, and outright fabrications on the side of global warming or as it is now called, climate change. The name change is instrumental in being able to blame any weather, hot or cold, wet or dry on the climate. No longer able to point to global warming as the coming disaster that has been voiced to the American people for twenty years, the name change was needed to further the agenda they had already laid out.

Informative is the trip of global warming activists to Antarctica to show the disappearing Ice Cap. They were caught in a thick sea ice they claimed was not there. A rescue ship was sent, which also got iced in. And this was in the Antarctic summer, when sea ice is at a minimum.

The BBC claimed in 2007 that all arctic Ice would be gone by 2013.The arctic ice, rather than totally disappearing has increased by 533,000 square miles, or about 30%. The Northwest Passage has been blocked by pack ice the entire year, the exact opposite of what global warmers were claiming. And in spite of pictures, now shown to be photo shopped, of polar bears on thin ice, the population of polar bears has increased by at least 45%.

A climate computer model is only as good as the information that it relies on to make the conclusions it renders. Through bad information or an omission of information the conclusions reached will be skewed. One such omission is the oscillation of temperatures inherent in our climate. The changes take thousands of years, and are for the most part minimal. If the computers are not allowed to use these oscillations, the information is essentially useless. Up until the past few years, climate changers refused to even admit there was a little Ice Age.

The little Ice Age, and other cold eras may be related to sunspots. This is the hypothesis being discussed among climate change skeptics, and although correlation is still to be proven, there is a great deal of investigation to back up the hypothesis.

Climate Change supporters, after finally admitting that there was a Little Ice age, then moved forward with the discussion of carbon dioxide being the primary cause of the glacier melt that ended the Ice Age. It has since been proven that the rise in carbon dioxide actually occurred after the glacier melt, and the cause may have been a rise in ocean temperature. During most of the history of our planet, there was much more carbon dioxide than there is now, and the variation from era to era of carbon dioxide did not affect the climate, as the basic climate was stable and mostly cool.

Still the religion of climate change is being pushed upon the American people. There are various reasons for this. One is the effective use of climate change as a mean to redistribute wealth. Already there are calls from the United Nations and African nations for reparations for the damage done to the third world from the industrialized nations. Al Gore, a multi-millionaire from the buying and selling of carbon credits was awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for a movie that has since been discredited by the British High Court for factual errors. The IPCC which shared the award has been criticized by a majority of scientists for exaggeration. Yet the basic agenda of these false reports is still being taught in our schools as fact, indoctrinating our children into the socialist premise that global warming is America’s fault.

We are told to recycle, to buy smaller cars or a Tesla, to buy solar panels. None of these make a marked difference in the climate, and do nothing for those in poverty ridden third world countries It doesn’t give them the cheap energy to move forward, and do not have the capability of renewable energy meeting the needs of the entire continent of Africa.

In this country what should be taken into account if the factor economic growth compared to emission reduction. It makes no sense to force emission reduction if it disables the manufacturing growth of the country and the day to day quality of life the citizens.

Our climate is not in freefall, there is not a cataclysm ready to befall us. The climate is changing, as it has for thousands of years, and whether mankind makes a difference or not, it is minuscule. I was in the Philippines when Mt. Pinatubo erupted. At the time it took a lush green area of the country and the cities in the area and turned them into what I suppose hell would look like. Three years later the green lush growth was back and the cities were in the process of fully rebuilding. It was reported that the eruption put more ash and pollutants into the atmosphere that mankind would do in over 1000 years. Where are those pollutants now, the skies are blue, the water is pristine, and the atmosphere has recovered.

The EPA, the strong arm of this administration, has forced regulations on small business and coal plants that make no sense and based on information that the EPA will not let others see. There was a clean up of this country long before the EPA was set up in 1970. Environment and change in the energy process takes time, not an instant revolution to push through regulations and processes that do not work. Coal plants are closing down all over the country because they do meet federal regulations, and have no way of doing so, because the equipment needed isn’t yet out of research and development.

In the past 16 years, there has been a slowing of global warming, even though carbon dioxide has increased. Warmists tell us it is a glitch, a hiccup, and we don’t really see what we see.  The Associated Press has obtained documents that show that governments are concerned about warming and have pushed the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to refute the claim of the slowdown. Basing all the climate change hysteria on computer models that are factually incorrect is being used for implementation of regulations up to and including cap and trade and carbon taxes on industrialized countries. And now, we even have scientists, unable to prove their beliefs to skeptics, and who threaten those skeptics with jail for disagreeing with false facts.  When the data doesn’t live up to reality, and any who question the data are to be jailed, then so much for scientific consensus.

John Velisek USN (Ret.)

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