The Color Of Media

There is an old media idiom which states ‘if it bleeds it leads.’ However, red is so yesterday as white, black, and brown currently comprise the news industries’ favorite shade — besides almighty green.

But much green is made, naturally, from the explosive headlines featuring those three basic hues of identity politics.

Tune in to any news cast or prime time investigative journalism expose’ and you’ll find myriad tales pitting race vs. race and ideology vs. ideology.

And in almost all cases, straight, white, and conservative is vilified as the benighted oppressor. Meanwhile, even if clearly wrong, every other identity group is upheld with sterling reverence: evil white privilege is their shibboleth.

Pervasive everyday examples of this phenomenon include transgenders of color who openly and unapologetically label all straight caucasians as inherently racist, and non-whites who relentlessly mock Anglo-European heritage.

It’s often echoed by these white-shamers that they cannot by definition be racist, but all caucasians are bigoted through privilege. The media agrees. Hypocrisy, much?

Emboldened by the mores of television, print, and radio these angered minorities have even successfully marginalized white conservative voices through any means necessary.

And how the compassionate, inclusive adore a virtual pile-on.

Meanwhile, liberal media, that specious champion of racial harmony, guffaws while daily stirring the masses into such riotous tribal discord using its powerful mediums.

However, this discord always shifts from viral to real-time, and that births threatening —and for the media, lucrative— antifa protests, pride marches, and inflamed rallies featuring sheltered celebrities alongside prominent keyboard justice warriors. It also keeps the headlines churning as, just like a head-on train wreck, most cannot look away.

Yes, it’s no secret that the media spares no expense when arming its drones for battle against a fabulist, popular enemy. And as seen above, their racialist divide & conquer strategy is quite effective.

So effective, right-wing stalwarts such as Alex Jones, Tommy Robinson, Roseanne Barr, and Dennis Prager have tasted bitter resistance for actions no worse than their liberal counterparts.

Though, the most exploited and vulnerable victims to fall before big-media’s race-baiting propaganda machine are everyday, conservative Americans.

That stated, racial and ideological tensions can only resolve if each side tunes out the intentionally divisive noise and engages in real talk. We can all do much better.


Joshua Broom is a former Editor for SB Nation,, and FanSided. Joshua also worked as a full-time freelance journalist at His political views can be seen at The Western Journal, American Thinker, and Intellectual Conservative.

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