The Crack Down on ‘Fake News’ is really the Mainstream Media’s Response to Their Loosening Grip on Voters


Democrats suffered a tough election loss after the mainstream media (MSM) told voters that Hillary Clinton’s campaign had the 2016 election in the bag. Eager to strike back, the liberal media, old and new, are now off to lead a crusade against “fake news”, indicating that rogue conservative news sources were to blame for Clinton’s failed election run.

Clinton’s Capitol Hill speech on Thursday condemned alleged fake news stories which were spread throughout social media in the 2016 election, asserting “this is not about politics or partisanship.” The former Secretary’s call to action against alleged online propaganda assumes this as one of the potential reasons for her loss of the presidential race.

Putting election woes on alleged fake news is just the tip of the political iceberg. “Lives are at risk…it is a danger that must be addressed and addressed quickly,” she stated. Clinton is alluding to the #pizzagate shooting, where an armed man walked into Comet Ping Pong Pizzeria, stating he was there to investigate an alleged pedophile prostitution ring, whose rumors were perpetrated on the website 4chan. No one was harmed at Comet Ping Pong the day of the shooting, with the suspect arrested hours later, Sunday, December 4th.

Unsurprisingly, the New York Times, Washington Post, NBC and CNN have been the loudest critics of fake news, usually alluding to #pizzagate as the propaganda story most circulated online, however, #pizzagate is not the only story big media is trying to discredit. They aim to discredit all of new, alternative, conservative media. Outlets like Breitbart, Drudge Report, InfoWars and Zerohedge have been labeled as shills, and even worse, as Russian propagandists, regardless if they’re directly or indirectly spreading the Kremlin’s information. This was reported, or, perhaps speculated on in a Washington Post article that was later altered by the editor, stating the subpar credibility of one of their sources used in the report.

MSM journalists are not the sole presenters of the fake news phenomenon. The attack is in tandem with another agency. Governments are setting their sights on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to restrict alleged propaganda and hate speech. Sweden has called for Facebook to crack down on faulty information or suffer “compulsory measures,” reported by Breitbart. And in her Capitol Hill speech, Clinton called upon silicon-valley to sort out the propaganda that permeated through social media.

Facebook and Twitter have both been vigilant this election cycle already, with Twitter banning prominent Trump supporters from their site and Facebook outright censoring conservative news. It is likely the CEO’s of such social media sites will comply with western governments without force, partly because many of whom are bleeding heart liberals.

It is my opinion that such a crack down on conservative social media users is unwarranted and mostly a secondary issue when terrorist groups utilize social media to the greatest extent to galvanize their cause. It is well within the means of Facebook and Twitter to deactivate social media accounts and communications inside terrorist organizations that greatly rely upon them. Perhaps online speculation with a conservative bent is more dangerous and offensive to the liberal orthodoxy than to the real threat of terrorism.

What is the solution to fake news?


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