The Creepy Line: How Google and Facebook Manipulate Society

A new documentary reveals how your Google searches and Facebook newsfeed can bias your opinions without you knowing it. The Creepy Line, available on Amazon and Amazon Prime, shows how these two companies manipulate search engines and newsfeeds. This presents a serious threat to our democracy and elections.

The movie gets its name from a remark former Google CEO Eric Schmidt made several years ago. He explained how the company handles privacy. “There’s what I call the ‘creepy line,’ and the Google policy about a lot of these things is to get right up to the creepy line but not cross it,” he said. The documentary disagrees.

Google crosses the creepy line every day. And that line keeps shifting.

Bipartisan Film

The film is not partisan. In fact, the foundational research of the film was conducted by Dr. Robert Epstein. Epstein, a behavioral psychologist, supported Hillary Clinton for president.

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