THE DEATH PENALTY’S “FINELY TUNED DEPRAVITY CALIBRATORS” Fairness Follies of Fairness Phonies Fixated on Criminals Instead of Crimes — PART XII

For naïve followers, the notion that capital punishment is unfair is an uncritically accepted faith based on logical fallacies, unwarranted assumptions and insupportable assertions. For knowing leaders, the demand for fairness is a cynical ploy intended to abolish the penalty rather than make it fair. 


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              “The Court thus assumes the role of a finely tuned calibrator of depravity….”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Justice Byron White


            (A) A Rigged Shell Game

            Because most Americans are instilled from childhood with a sense of fair play, they are rightly sympathetic to unfairness claims. The Phonies take advantage by defining fairness in such a way that no punishment for murder – or any violent crime – can ever be considered fair.

            “Fairness” is a shibboleth wielded by Phonies to perpetrate a fraud. Knowing that nothing in life is perfect, they bellow shrill cries of “unfairness” as a ruse to end capital punishment by trying to fool the public into imposing impossible conditions for capital punishment:

  • perfect fact-finding
  • perfect sentencing
  • perfect executions.

            Every step of the way, the Phonies make impossible demands, including those they know cannot be met simultaneously. And where demands can be met, as in the case of lethal injections, they seek to stack the deck by exerting pressure to make executions worse than they need be.  One is reminded of terrorists who blow up people on their own side so that they can falsely accuse the other side of attacking them.

            In other words, when all else fails, the Phonies just plain outright lie. They should be asked two questions:

  • If you are so morally superior and so fair, and if what you seek is so morally superior and so fair, why is it necessary for you to resort to blatant hypocrisy, chicanery and deceit?
  • And why do you torture the tortured?                      

               (B) Fairness:  A Synonym for Desecration and Torture

               It is shockingly clear that, for activist death penalty opponents, including the most arrogant and powerful judges, the concepts of “fairness” and “compassion” exclude victims. On the contrary, these opponents are shameless in their open disdain for victims and their agony – agony inflicted not only by criminals but by activists, propagandists, lawyers and judges ruthlessly devoted to the welfare of the ruthless.

  • They desecrate the memory of murder victims, including those raped and tortured.
  • They viciously defile and defame murder victims’ survivors, who are also victims, mostly unnoticed.
  • They callously and heartlessly torture the survivors with needless dragged out legal proceedings.

            (C) A Time for Victims to Blast Their Own Trumpet      

            One pro-death penalty organization is called Justice for All. It does good work but is misnamed. Among other things, it posts remembrances of murder victims. Well, to be a victim of murder is to be a victim of the grossest injustice. How can there be justice for all when there can really never be justice for them? Yes, a few murderers can be executed, which is a tiny measure of justice. But a token execution can never undo being an innocent victim of the ultimate injustice in the first place.

            Far more significantly, there never can be justice “for all” because there never was, is not, and never will be agreement by “all” as to what is justice. There will always be disagreement about what constitutes fairness. People addicted to convicted murderers and hostile to victims will always attack those who seek what they consider that barbarians justly deserve – capital punishment. They will always attack because, for reasons that must surely be incomprehensible to others, murderer advocates place a far greater value on the lives of the most savage murderers than on the lives of their victims.

            Let them deny it; their words and deeds conclusively give the lie to that denial.

            The critical question, therefore, is this: Whose concept of justice is going to prevail? The concept of a small but vocal well-financed minority with influence and power out of all proportion to its numbers, or that of the large but poorly financed and disorganized majority. In recent decades, the former have dominated. 

            Tragically, compared to media-dominant murderer advocates, victims have been virtually voiceless. Yes, five justices have allowed them to speak in court, for which victims pay heavy prices in unfairly having to make countless unnecessary court appearances, each more excruciating than the last.

            But victims have not been heard loud and clear by judges, politicians, the media and the public. Instead, the only sound seemingly heard is the noise from the “unfairness” trumpet blasted by the Phonies.

            The time has come for victims to blast their trumpet – with such might as to reverberate through the din of the roaring flames to penetrate the blocked ears of even the most unwilling listeners in the deepest recesses of Fairness Phony Hell.



          Lester Jackson, Ph.D., a former college political science teacher, views mainstream media truth suppression as essential to harmful judicial activism. His recent articles are collected here.                                                                                                           _______________________________________

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