THE DEATH PENALTY’S “FINELY TUNED DEPRAVITY CALIBRATORS” Fairness Follies of Fairness Phonies Fixated on Criminals Instead of Crimes

Contrary to charges leveled by those addicted to saving brutal murderers, the death penalty is the only fair punishment.     



“The Court thus assumes the role of a finely tuned calibrator of depravity….”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Justice Byron White

The claim that capital punishment is unfair long has been a rallying cry for champions of duly convicted depraved murderers whose guilt is not in doubt. For naïve followers, this is an uncritically accepted faith lacking both logic and evidence. It is based on fallacies, unwarranted assumptions and insupportable assertions. For knowing leaders, the demand for fairness is a cynical ploy intended to abolish the penalty rather than make it fair. If their words were ever taken seriously, the inevitable ludicrous result would be abolition of any punishment for any violent crime.

The notion that the death penalty is not and cannot be fairly imposed obviously depends entirely upon what is considered fair. For death penalty opponents, fairness is determined by comparing the sentences given to convicted murderers, period. They have a remarkable view of fairness, widely echoed by the anti-capital punishment media, a view that excludes victims. Regardless of their denials, for reasons that must surely be incomprehensible to others, murderer advocates place a far greater value on the lives of the most savage murderers than on the lives of their victims. The following series will document how murderer advocates, including judges, have abused the Constitution and the law in order to abuse victims. Therefore, it is


The 800,000 human beings UNFAIRLY singled out, in the United States since 1972, to suffer the ultimate injustice—being beaten, brutalized, raped and slaughtered;


the millions of loved ones UNFAIRLY left behind with shattered lives, agonizing largely in silence—UNFAIRLY scorned and relentlessly tortured by murderer advocates, academics, media, elected officials, judges and unelected justices on the highest court in the land.


In order to avoid misunderstanding, it is important to explain how key words will be used.


                         As used here, “victim” includes “homicide survivor,” a misunderstood term that not absurdly mean that a murder victim can be a survivor. Instead, just as, for example, a surviving spouse is one who has outlived and is a survivor of a husband or wife, a homicide survivor is someone who has outlived and been left behind by one or more beloved homicide victims, often to endure a living death. When murders occur, homicide survivors are “collateral damage.” This critical point is explained in detail here.


                        Unless otherwise indicated, “justices” refers to members of the United States Supreme Court. “Court” implies legitimacy. Capital punishment has been turned into a farce over the last four decades, by willful “justices” illegitimately abusing their power to impose their own personal values and preferences rather than apply the Constitution. In a society and country based on the idea of equality, a five-person majority of nine lawyers, who landed in their positions of immense power by sheer happenstance, presumes to have wisdom, morality and intelligence superior to more than 300 million other human beings. They should be viewed as what they really are: individual people called “justices.”



          Lester Jackson, Ph.D., a former college political science teacher, views mainstream media truth suppression as essential to harmful judicial activism. His recent articles are collected here.                                                                                                           _______________________________________

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