The Deceit and Lawlessness Just Keep on Coming: Hillary Clinton, Lois Lerner, Sanctuary Cities

hlryclntndrnkngIf you favor holding government officials accountable, believe in the rule of law, and anger at government deceit you had plenty to be frustrated about this past third full week of October.

During the week there was haughty Hillary Clinton, slippery as ever, before a House select committee regarding the Benghazi fiasco, the details of which any rational person would consider a sure case of malfeasance and cover-up. However, those pesky details were mostly lost in the fog of what those on the left have deemed a triumphant Hillary “performance” (superficial theater counts more to them than any substantive information and testimony placed in record during the hearings). Okay, she was able to go the eleven-hour distance without her head exploding, even though her elitist smirks, dagger-throwing eyes and ghoulish cackle were at times almost too much to witness. But what about our murdered ambassador whose more than six hundred pleas for more security went unheeded? And what about the long promoted lie and cover-up blaming the obscure video for the Benghazi attack and the death of four Americans when, in truth, we learned by way of the hearing that Clinton’s own immediately emails stated that the cause of the attack was al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists and not the video? And let’s delve further into the obstruction of justice through the lack of response to demands for emails and information in a full and timely manner. Also, anecdotes continue to loiter as to what exactly we were doing in Libya at that time and yet remain unexplained in any full and truthful way. Government officials, and yes, that especially includes Hillary, must be held accountable for the disgrace and continued obfuscation and cover-up surrounding the Benghazi 2012 attack on American facilities and the tragic but heroic deaths of four brave U.S. citizens.

During the week we also had news that the Obama administration’s Department of Justice (whose name seems more and more a farcical masquerade of justice, more commonly expected of those of soviet agency-name pretense) has determined that no criminal charges will be filed in connection with the IRS’s blatant targeting and punishing of this administration’s perceived adversaries. Another case clearly understood by rational beings as malfeasance and cover-up, Lois Lerner and other co-agitators at the IRS, who had also mysteriously and “accidently,” lost most if not all the relevant emails, have now been given get-out-of-jail-free cards by the DOJ. The president of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, sums it up nicely:

“President Obama’s IRS was used against his opponents to help him win reelection.  So the Obama Justice Department’s decision to shut down its IRS abuse investigation with no prosecutions is as unsurprising as it is corrupt.   Judicial Watch’s independent litigation proved the Obama IRS obstructed justice and destroyed evidence.  And we uncovered that the IRS and Lois Lerner conspired with the Justice Department and FBI on a plan to jail the very Americans the IRS was illegally suppressing.  In fact, Justice Department lawyers recently admitted in federal court that the IRS watchdog is still digging through IRS backup tapes and has no idea when the search will be complete.  This same Justice Department decides it can shut down an investigation before it has all the evidence?  That might pass muster in Chicago, but America deserves better – the IRS is not above the law.”

To top off the week, there were the senate Democrats colluding to halt legislation (S. 2146 Stop Sanctuary Policies and Protect Americans Act) that would have withheld funding for cities across the country that refuse to obey federal immigration laws, the result of which has been the release of hundreds of criminal illegal aliens back onto the streets only to have them continue to break laws and inflict more pain and misery on innocent U.S. citizens. Texas Senator Ted Cruz said, “Defiance of our immigration laws is inexcusable. Sanctuary cities and the illegal reentry offenders that they harbor are a threat to the safety of the American people. And they must end now.”

The introduced bill also included a rider known as “Kate’s Law” which would have required a mandatory prison term of five-years on felons caught reentering the U.S. after being deported. It is named for the 32-year old Kathryn (Kate) Steinle who was killed by an illegal alien felon who had reentered the U.S. illegally and was summarily released from custody by San Francisco police under the sanctuary city policies. After the defeat of the bill, commentator Bill O’Reilly, a major proponent of Kate’s Law, put it squarely on each of the senators voting against the bill (all but 2 senate Democrats), by asking, “How can you live with yourself?”

Unfortunately, the above cases are failures of government officials indicative of pervasive corruptness rather than rare one-off occurrences. The regular routing of constitutional safeguards and laws by officials who are sworn to uphold those precepts and protect American citizens signals a distressing yet widespread and callous disregard for our founding principles and laws which hold our civil society together. Dangerous precedents are being set that allow for the illegal persecution of government dissidents, and that permit politicians and government officials to be unaccountable and to recreate historical accounts of events to their benefit. All too many politicians are more interested in preserving and promoting their political party and its agenda, and their personal offices and power rather than following the rule of law and upholding honesty, impartiality, freedom and justice – basic American principles. Political leaders and government officials must be taken to task when they stray from those principles and we the people must make it clear that we will not abide deviations to those principles.

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