The Demise of the Socialist Democrats

The Democrat Party is a shell of its former self. Once the Democrat Party spoke for the common man and the experiences that that common man endured in the accomplishment of the dreams they had. The Democratic Party of today is one of the tyranny of thought and an adamant concern for conformity. No longer adhering to the tenets of the founding documents that have been the foundation of this country for more than 200 years, they have fully embraced the principles of progressive socialism.  The leaders of this progressive socialist movement have decided that the United States is required to head full bore to the collectivism of the New World Order.

American are waking up to the fact that these same progressive socialists are moving towards open borders to facilitate illegal immigrants voting in our elections. No longer is the excuse of non-availability of identification working on the American people. If you need ID to buy liquor, how would you not have identification to vote. President Trump was ridiculed for saying millions of illegals voted in the election, but it has been proven to be true.

So the next step in the Alinsky style movement has begun. Washington Democrats, in the progressive socialist style as exemplified by loudmouth Maxine Waters, are telling the brownshirts that they control to terrorize those who disagree with the agenda they have. Of course, they wring their hands and claim they are not calling for violence.

But going to someone’s house as a mob, chanting at all hours of the night, defacing the home that belongs to those you have targeted is terrorism. Celebrities are calling for not only targeting the adults, but their children are past intimidation and are terrorism in their own right. How long before someone’s house is firebombed, or before someone’s child is attacked at school, or even worse kidnapped. The progressive socialist and the low information nodding head sycophants that support them will not end with bloodshed. The rabid followers will continue to violate the laws of our country, and continue to do violence until they are stopped.

Our communities will be destroyed, stores will be firebombed, and police killed to enforce a way of life that the American people do not want. It will be forced upon us by those who say they are our betters and know what is best for us. They continue to push division and tribalism until according to the Cloward-Piven strategy the entire social order collapses. Given benefits to illegals that they have not worked for and puts a strain on helping people who are legally and citizens are meant to push the country further into debt, and collapse our economic system. Our cultural system has already started to erode by attacking patriots who still believe in the rule of law and the indoctrination of the youth with the lies that socialism has used in places such as the Soviet Union, Cuba, and now Venezuela.

The media is complicit. When was the last time you have seen a report of the real breakdowns on the ground of Venezuela? The pictures of ordinary citizens having to pick through garbage to keep from starving to death. The fact that the zoos have to be protected by security to keep the populace from killing the animals and eating them to survive. These are the prospects for our country if the progressive socialists ever obtain power.

The media is complicit in what they do not report as well. The shooting of Republicans at a Congressional baseball practice did not draw the typical call for gun control, nor was the shooter identified by the mainstream media as a Bernie Sanders supporter. Being an anti-Trump activist, he was given a pass by the mainstream media and leftist print media. The attack at a 2016 Trump rally where even children were attacked was also ignored, and CNN even went so far as to condone the violence. You also never heard about the death of Trump supporter Mitchell Mormon after telling an illegal Hispanic that he would be deported. The mainstream media continues to demonize conservatives with rhetoric that can only lead to more violent confrontations.


Once the genie of violence is out of the box, those who are firmly ensconced within their gated communities and bubbles of leftism will not remain unscathed. The proletariat uprising will be indiscriminate on who is forced to bend to their agenda. Once civility and the boundaries of discourse are gone, there is nothing to stop both sides from ramping up the terrorism. The leftists will claim that they are only fighting a fascistic government, a lie that shows they are the ones stifling other peoples speech and opinions, and the right will be forced to fight back for self-defense. They will continue to throw rocks, burn stores, and scream that capitalism is terrible while extolling a socialist way of life they know nothing about other than what indoctrination they receive from the teachers. The progressive socialist are attempting to push the agenda forward fast enough that it gets to the point where they can not be bargained with, all civil discourse must be stopped. Only solutions that meet the agenda they have been given by people like Obama, George Soros, and the other globalists that need to create chaos to force the American people into their New World Order.

They continue to call Trump Hitler, using it as a “moral” impetus to resist, The progressives socialist will use it as an excuse to attack all that disagree with them. Let’s look at some numbers of the Trump-Hitler comparison as a reference. President Trump has not killed millions of people. He has not invaded any sovereign state. Trump has started no world wars. In fact, the strength that he has built in the country has lessened the chance of a major war. There is no danger to our freedoms from the Trump administration, but a definite danger is from the indoctrination that the low information populous is being spoonfed by the leftist’s ideologies of today.

This portion of the leftist takeover has already started. Shutting down speakers that do not agree with the agenda they have formulated has happened since the day of the inauguration of President Trump and continue to this day at universities across the nation. Service of all types from UBER to restaurants is now trying to isolate those who are Trump supporters. This type of activity has only caused the Trump supporters to stand firm and through movements like #WALKAWAY and will decimate the Democrat party the more they move to the far left. Lawbreaking by the preferred leftist’s causes, from the Deep  State bureaucrats to the agitators doing all they can to try and bring anarchy to the streets, illegal aliens and even the Progressive socialists that call themselves “Democrats” will lose even more in the midterms. It will be instructive to see how they react.

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