The Democrats must be defeated but with WHAT???!!!

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Radio talk show host Brian Mudd who works for iHeart Media in South Florida, correctly stated on Mark Levin’s radio talk program (and is a regular fill in for Levin) that socialism must be defeated when its ideals threatened a nation, culture and overall liberty and freedom.

Bernie Sanders is not a favorite among the Democrat establishment, but it seems that the common Democrat who feels that socialism is all about an all encompassing government taking care of everyone from cradle to grave is telling the Democratic Party to go all in, and actually “work for the people” and not just enrich yourself. Reality Check; Sanders has been enriching himself for many years as a U.S. Senator along most other Communist leaders including the very ones that Sanders has admired and openly praised…including Fidel Castro which other Democrats in the past have given cover and praise for.

Sanders sadly is an honest candidate if not the candidate running for the President of the United States more less. At least he will tell you to their face that he is a proud socialist. If Sanders does get elected, then the socialist if not communist takeover in America would not be as violent as other socialist revolutions of the past. I am not afraid to call Bernie Sanders a full blown communist bend to turning America into a new Soviet Union.

But here is the $64,000 Question; HOW do we defeat socialism? Well if you follow the typical Hugh Hewitt, Phyllis Schlafly (RIP), or any other Duverger’s law honoring conservative out their (even Mark Levin himself who I strongly respect); you defeat socialism by voting Republican…even if their are a Soft Left Republcrate and/or Democan. They say at least they support capitalism and some kind of free market and enterprise and we can work them until we can get conservative values to back to the Republican Party.

Wait a minute, we had a family dynasty that had a stronghold on the Republican Party for years. They were the biggest crony capitalists and basically ended Ronald Reagan’s “third term” in the early 1990’s. Well George H.W. ‘Poppy’ Bush (aka Bush 41) basically ended Reagan’s third term, but were the other Bushes any better? The Bush family for the most part were not about being servants of the people but what enriches their family, if not their honor and dynasty. This family will cut deals with the other side (just as Poppy Bush did with a tax increase) with the Democrats in order to stay afloat, look good and overall make money for themselves and their family. How does this advance anything for the common people? Did you know that Prescott Bush was helpful in making Planned Parenthood a reality? When the left wing website and longtime leftist publication Mother Jones points out this fact, you better take it to heart. That family has done the Republican Party or the conservative base no favors.

While the likes of Shannon Joy and David Leach do themselves no favors by bashing President Donald Trump even for the things he does get right, they are correct about a few of their long term goals. Goals that will actually defeat socialism once and for all…or at least set socialism back a thousand years. These are goals that I can unite with Joy and Leach on.

Break the current two party system. We need new political parties to replace the old wineskins called Republican and Democratic. Matthew 9:14-17, Mark 2:18-22 and Luke 5:33-39 are the passages in which Jesus Christ himself talks about this. Certain things must be refreshed and renewed in order to conservative the very things God himself wants us to conserve including his law and with that law true liberty and freedom which are indeed God given. He may allow certain leaders to deny those very things, but in the long run they are indeed God given liberties and freedom.

Push for a Convention of States. Even Mark Levin and certain GOP hacks have gotten on board with this ideal. It was put in by our vary founders themselves in the form of Article V in our U.S. Constitution. We need to ignore those who have bought into the fear that was promoted by the John Birch Society (and even Schlafly herself who herself was briefly a Bircher) that such a convention would kill our constitution once and for all, and take a leap of faith and get involved into something that can actually move liberty and freedom forward.

Let me add a few more things to the mix, following God’s mandate in Exodus 18:21 which calls for the people to choose those who truly fear God, don’t take bribes and hate covetousness and seeing to it that such people dominate the whole government. Also rather than voting for the lesser of the two evils and if you have other options on your ballot including the write in blank…you look towards those options. Their has be times to use the voter ballot as a protest. Otherwise the parties will not get the message for they know that the people will forever vote for them as they string them along and suck them dry. Even if that means Donald Trump loses a second term. We must fear God, and not Trump or Sanders

The only true way to reject socialism is to honor and embrace the Law of God.

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