The Depression of Obama

obmglfObama’s frequent vacations and increase in golfing excursions have become bizarre, considering so many continue to struggle economically almost six years into his presidency, and the world is being rocked by an epidemic of Islamic jihadist torture and horrendous murders, moving increasingly closer to our shores. Few Americans can afford to take vacations – if they actually have a job that is full time and gives them the ability to take a vacation – yet Obama continues to take exotic trips around the world with his wife and kids. Both Republican Presidents Bush never engaged in lavish family trips to the extent Obama has.

Obamacare, the signature of his presidency, has been a failure. As a result of it and other Democrat disasters during his tenure, Democrats took a historical, crushing defeat during this year’s midterm elections, which went well beyond typical midterm setbacks. In addition to taking back the U.S. Senate, Republicans now control 68 of 98 partisan state legislatures, the highest ever in the party’s history.

Oddly, many conservatives are afraid to point out the obvious – that Obama is in over his head and depressed. Gawker reported in 2011, “There are people at the[New York] Times who, based on the paper’s reporting, believe Obama is depressed – the kind of depression where, if he weren’t the president of the United States, he wouldn’t be getting out of bed in the morning.” Although multiple media outlets wrote at the time that the Timeswas coming out with an article about Obama’s depression, nothing ever materialized, fueling speculation that the White House put pressure on the Gray Lady to kill it.

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