The Destruction of American Universities

It appears I was brought up in a country much different than now. I was taught that everyone should be treated with respect, and that that respect was the foundation for all my interactions with others. Based on Christian beliefs, foremost being do no harm to others became a part of everyday life. Along with this was a belief that anything I wanted to do was possible, and that the United States was the land of opportunity where anything was possible. “Rugged individualism” was more than mere words, it was the focus and basis of what opportunities could lie ahead.
Our country is broken in not only our government but in our everyday interactions with others. We are surrounded with victims, angry atheists and homosexuals who denounce, distort and degrade everything this country has done for the past two hundred years. They wallow in a pig farm of diversity, multiculturalism and victimhood. Assimilation of immigrants is discouraged, even the opportunity for civil discourse is set aside to meet the progressives/socialist standards that this administration, the media, and small groups of loud protesters push upon the people of the country. This push, like other socialist demands upon society will not stop until the diversity they seek allows no communication, and a country of people with nothing in common. To this average American it appears diversity is more inclined to race riots and words games such as “White Privilege”.
As shown at Yale, University of Missouri and now other colleges and universities across the country perceived “hate speech” and “microaggressions” are of paramount importance to today’s students and faculty. No matter what you say or do, two things are made clear. 1. If you say something that is offensive for any reason to a “victim” you can expect to be denounced and lose any position you may have, particularly if you are white, and 2. Those in the victimhood class can say and do as they like. These would include anyone in a minority class. It must be noted that whites, and especially males can never be victims. Look at how the so called “Knockout” games that has been prevalent has been handled in the media. Older, white men being attacked from behind, woman being accosted at parks, even a 6 year autistic boy killed by black police officers, are never mentioned by the media because they don’t meet the narrative that the media want. That narrative being that White Men are evil. And of course, we can’t expect any word from Obama on this, because it doesn’t give the opportunity to denigrate law enforcement, Christians or whites.
As was seen and it being seen across this country on college campuses is that the claim of “oppression” is rampant in both academia and students. College students whose main objective should be to get an education so they can move upward in the mobility that this country affords them are too busy being victims and ranting against all who opposes them. The progressive/socialists in academia have created a Frankenstien monster of gentle little snowflakes who wring their hands, get angry, and lash out at everyone else over any perceived slight. And in todays world the sleights are many, mostly unknown to anyone but the victim. It is revealing that many of these such as the hunger striker in Missouri come from wealthy families. It would be interesting to see if they were ever told “No” in their lives, or is this random flailing just a form of attention seeking.
There was an unverified story on Breitbart on Monday that this gentleman started his hunger strike because state law would not allow Planned Parenthood to operate on campus. Whether true or not, it is coming out that the President of the University of Missouri was attempting to work with those who were angry, but didn’t kowtow to the demands made and didn’t find the perpetrators of incidents that may or may not have happened. But again, they are the victims, we are guilty of white privilege and so we must take what they say at face value.
The media helps to portray these people as “victims” without ever going to the aspect of what and who they are. Lacking in self awareness, and using social media to become lemmings and follow the crowd to any shiny object that they can use to proclaim their victimhood. Those of the social justice warrior class, are neither warriors nor show any class. It is in their psyche that every desire that they have is justified by those of like mind and can be used to disrupt those who understand that life isn’t always what they want and it is up to them to adapt.
Perhaps one of the reason for these incidents on college campuses including the football team at U of M is because they have too much time on their hands. Most don’t have to work, and they have everything handed to them by parents and academia. I imagine it would be different if they didn’t have scholarships and had to work taking up all their time to put themselves through school. I know many college graduates who had to work through college, and it taught them the lesson of hard work to get what they want. If the object of all this to subdue those in disagreement, and live under the rules of those that attack, it will end as all despotic regimes do, with a clash of ideas, and perhaps bloodshed.
I have heard a great deal about rights in the discussion over the past few days. In this country we have more rights than anywhere else of Earth. But people need to understand what those rights are. You have a right to speak your minds, you do not have a right not to be offended because you disagree with something someone is saying. Anytime someone is forced to change their views, superficially at best dismisses the rights of that person, and in the long run, does not give you any more rights than you had before.
Rights are funny thins. A photographer who had the right at UM to be where he was and to do what he did, was forcibly moved by those claiming their rights were being infringed. Colleges should be areas of heated discussion to be sure, of the free transfer of ideas, but have now turned into places of censure and prohibition to the detriment of the students and the country.

John Velisek USN (Ret.)

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