The DOJ Refuses to Prosecute Senator Chuck Schumer for Racketeering Even Though the Evidence is Overwhelming!

August 3, 2019

Article By:
Richard Lawless
Investigative Journalist

The DOJ Refuses to Prosecute Senator Chuck Schumer for Racketeering
Even Though the Evidence is Overwhelming!

The evidence is everywhere. It is undisputable. Wall Street firms issue billions of dollars in fraudulent bonds and when those bonds default Senator Schumer makes sure there are no investigations or prosecutions. In return Senator Schumer collected a record of one hundred million dollars in payoffs (political contributions).
It really is pretty simple. The rating agencies, Moody’s, Fitch and S&P issue good ratings to technically bankrupt entities. Those entities then use those ratings to sell fraudulent bonds to the public. Using this as a “Ponzi Scheme”, the issuers, the rating agencies and the banks that sold the bonds hoping to see the bonds refinanced before they default. No different than Senator Schumer’s close friend, Bernie Madoff. When they do default, Senator Schumer steps in. For a hefty political contribution those responsible are protected from investigations, prosecutions and any adverse actions by The Securities and Exchange Commission.
You see Senator Chuck Schumer has been in a position to place his political appointees in senior positions within the Department of Justice and the SEC. Most of the cases are referred to the Southern District of New York, where Mr. Schumer and his political appointees kill any efforts to hold those responsible accountable, in exchange for money of course. This activity has been memorialized in the book, “Capitol Hill’s Criminal Underground”. The author followed the money and in almost all cases, it led back to Senator Schumer.
Senator Schumer is no different than a Mafia Godfather, selling protection to those who would otherwise be sent to jail for the rest of their lives. The implication here is that the United States has become a true Banana Republic where there is no backstop, no real protection against these government gangsters.

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