The Downfall of CNN

It has been made perfectly clear by now that the mainstream media can’t be trusted. The main agenda has been changed from giving the people the news and both sides of a subject to becoming   progressive/socialist robots that the universities indoctrinate them to be. Not able to think for themselves that push their way onto the pedestals that they make for themselves and consider themselves to be the elite. It has been made abundantly clear that they have lost the ability of any critical thinking since the Trump inauguration. Deeming themselves intellectually superior to those beneath them, they use their smug faces to attempt to explain to his hicks what we should think, what we should say, and what we must do.

The credibility of the media has been broken. Trust numbers in the media are below Donald Trump’s and even the numbers for Congress. Perhaps one reason for the is journalists like Jim Rutenberg of the New York Times stated the he believed President Trump  is  “ a demagogue that plays into the nation’s worst racist and nationalistic tendencies” and that “they must throw out textbook American journalism and cover him in a way he’s never been conversed before.”  There is a cost of allowing the ideology they have been indoctrinated in to triumph over the integrity of true journalism. The credibility that they are throwing away in the incessant fake news accounts on Donald Trump will be hard to get back.

The tunnel vision that leads all these journalists to the Trump-Russia collusion story has blinded them to the ethics related to journalism. They have agreed to carry and sustain the narrative no matter what the cost. They are entering a dark void where the progressives and the media have combined to abandon our country for the socialist ideals that they have been taught.

To achieve the agenda they have set, they must silence those who oppose them. It is the leftists who make the rules, rules that do not apply to them, and many just go along afraid of being ridiculed or being a target of violence. They must dismiss as comedy the bloody  Trump head that Kathy Griffin showed to the world, and do not understand why anyone is upset, it was just performance art. What if that had been Obama? Are you going to tell me the low information progressive/socialists wouldn’t have used it to burn business and cars, attack Trump supporters, and generally cause chaos.

For an example we need to look no further than CNN and the latest debacle that has been self inflicted. The arrogance and feeling of superiority shown by Kaczynski in using investigative are of the progressive/socialists to track down and blackmail a reddit user over a meme is straight out of the propaganda arm of the Nazis or the old Soviet Union. What possibly makes him think that threatening to out the person in question is not an abridgement of the man’s First Amendment rights.What they ware saying we e have the power and the right  to blackmail anyone if they do not follow proper thought police procedures. When agents of the progressives/socialist party feel free to use backmail to prevent a private citizen from stating what he believes, as is already taking place at our universities, it is time to stand up and say no more.

Is it a felony? According to 135.60 of the New York criminal code it is.

“A person is guilty of coercion in the second degree when he or she compels or induces a person to engage into a conduct which the matter has a legal right to abstain from engaging in conduct in which he or she has a legal right to engage abstain from engaging in”

Of course Kaczynski swears that threatening  to out the person was not mean as a threat, backing up the fellow reporter was Chris Cuomo and Alyson Camerota , more paragons of iconic self esteem and superiority with no concept of self awareness . Cuomo even went so far as to tweet that he was sick of faceless users’ cowardice. That sounds to me a lot like anonymous sources, you know, like the ones the mainstream media always use to bash Trump.

Like most Americans, whenever I hear a story on TV that starts out “Reports claim”  “ Sources Say” Officails state” and the ever present anonymous sources, or any myriad others the liers in the press have used, I turn the channel or walk away.

Or what about the arguments about Trump from Mika and Joe for the past few months. Since the inauguration they have taken every opportunity to trash Trump and his family. The newest revelation about Donald Trump Jr. talking to a woman who is Russian but who has readily agreed that she had no opposition research on Hillary Clinton but actually wanted to talk about Russian adoptions by Americans made the meeting short and easily forgotten. Of course Joe and Mika were outraged that something like this, which is legal, should happen with the Russians.  Why this is tantamount to treason, and surely impeachment must follow. Nothing like this has ever happened before, and must be investigated until Trump is hounded out of office. If the progressives want to get all upset about hate speech, they need to look within themselves and see the crass and violent rhetoric they direct to those who disagree with them.

Even CNN Producer Donie O’Sullivan admitted that he bullies and intimidates those who disagree with him. O’Sullivan admitted that he will investigate the personal information of someone he disagrees with and threaten to expose them. CNN, a bastion of thugs and knuckle dragging bullies not only try to bully people who disagree with them on air, but obviously they do the same to those who disagree with them on social media.

The first question that must be answered is this? Where were this people wringing their hands and sweating from anxiety when Queen Hillary was colluding with the Ukrainians. Where were they when the DNC received support from the Ukrainian government?  The DNC went so far as to attend a meeting with top Ukrainian officials at the Ukrainian embassy, in an attempt to attack Paul Manafort, and so put one of  Trumps top campaign aides out of the fight. So why are the progressives not calling this collusion with Russia, why is the media not reporting on it? Everyone with half a brain knows the answer to that.

CNN and the henchmen over there in the pockets of the progressive/socialists do not take criticism or ridicule very well. Imagine how they will fell that Nick at Nite is beating them in ratings, and their smug superior attitude will not protect them from hearing the laughter of true Americans as they turn the channel  off.


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