The Downfall of General Flynn

Training of FBI agents consist of many areas of expertise, the rule of law is not one of them. One of the disconcerting areas of training is that fact that agents are being taught that the FBI has the ability to bend or suspend law as it pertains to others.

In the case of General Flynn and throughout the Russian investigation. The rules have been bent and in many cases completely broken. General Flynn, like the rest of Special Counsel Mullers investigation, it is a crime with no case. It is profoundly disturbing that because General Flynn misspoke or misrembered (as is fashion among Democrats) and was charged with a “Process Crime” that has nothing to do with the initial investigation.

Peter Strozk, the demoted and soon to be convicted FBI Agent was the one doing the questioning with the intent of creating a “perjury trap”.  Because his recollection was not precisely perfect and deviated from what he said before, he was indicted, his life devastated, his future bankrupted, and his future looks bleak. Our Federal government was not intended to be used to bludgeon the opposition  party nor to test the credibility of those serving in such a government. If there is an underlying offense than the matter should be dealt with quickly in a lawful manner.

There was nothing criminal about General Flynns’ discussions with Ambassador Kislyak. While in transition it is normal for the incoming administration to discuss with the counterparts of other countries matters which is of interest to both. As National Security Advisor, General Flynn would be derelict in his duties if he did not do so. If it was conspiracy, as the progressive socialist Democrats and their allies in the press claim, it would have happened before the transition started.

The criminals in this debacle are clearly obvious. Jim Comey, Sally Yates, Peter Strzok,Lisa Page, Bill Pristap, and others too numerous to mention. John Brennan was the first to bring forth the Russian meddling, and the others did the best they could to push it upon a willing media to smear the Trump administration and to relitigate the election to use the lies to force President Trump from office.

Now that the Nunes memo has been released, it will be interesting to see what happens to General Flynn. Mueller has already postponed his sentencing in the bogus issue, and General Flynn has right talked to his lawyers about dismissing all charges. It goes without saying that the current FBI would never attempt to clear his name, nor return the monies he has had to spend to fight these bogus terms.

It is time to reveal everything. Everyone, friend and foe alike understand that the National Security Agency records everything, making the “sources and methods” the FBI is attempting to hide  outdated. If the information is there, release it, unredacted and let the American citizens who are being spied upon understand that there is no privacy and the intercepts have been used by the holdovers of the Obama administration to create chaos and division among the U.S. Citizens. The NSA has been surprisingly quiet about the information that they have on Flynn and others in the Trump administration. The reason may be that no where in the mountain of information they have there is anything that points to Russian collusion. If there was in fact information that points in that direction, why has it taken a year for this information to be sent to the Special Counsel and be made available to the FBI or DOJ?

Even the way the “interview” was conducted is suspect. There was no given reason for the FBI to perform the interview four days after the inauguration with people such as Sally Yates and Peter Strzok , both anti-Trump sycophants who had already made clear they wanted President Trump out of office.  The interview, as is well known, was nothing more that to see if General Flynns memory was perfect in the recounting of his discussions with Kislyak. Once again, there was nothing criminal about these discussions but the variances in his recollections was quickly passed from the FBI to the lapdog media to increase the pressure on Flynn to leave the administration. This was nothing more than a blatant strike on the opposition party that was duly elected and a entrapment of someone in the administration with information thay already had and could use for a political witchhunt.

So what are the charges against Flynn? In Muellers words:

“ FLYNN falsely stated that he did not ask Russia Ambassador Kislyak to refrain from escalating in response to sanctions that the United States has imposed against Russia. FLYNN also falsely stated that he did not remember a follow-up conversation in which the Russian Ambassador stated that Russia has chosen to moderate its response to those sanctions as a result of FLYNN’s request”

General Flynn discussed with a senior official “what if anything to communicate with the Russian Ambassador and the two agreed that it was not advantageous to escalate the situation. This decision led to it is noted in the comlaint Putin announced that there would be no retaliation, and on that last day of the year informed Flynn had decided not to retaliate leading to a lessening of tension between Russia and the United States.

No where in the charging document is there any mention of collusion between the Russian government and the incoming administration.

It was John Brennan  who openly unmasked Flynn and others after leaving the government. The phony accusations of Russian collusion even contained parts later found in the Steele dossier that was paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC The investigation presented to Obama with great media fanfare and was declared to have been underwritten by 17 intelligence agencies. Months later it would be proven that it was written by Brennan and a few hand- picked Obama supporters such as Peter Strzok. Over the five months of Brennans media generated lies, and in complicity with the higher levels of management at the DOJ and the FBI, it furthered misinformation about the Trump administration purely for political purposes and an ideology that they felt gave them to right to pick who our next President should be.

Still, the progressive socialist left wing of the Democrat party such as Adam Schiff and Maxine Waters continue to beat the drum of collusion. It is easy to tell when Adam Schiff is lyig, it is clearly shown that he left committee meetings to pass information to hi8s compatriots in the medic such as CNN, and Maxine Waters loudly and vociferously claims Trump needs to impeached with absolutely  no proof of collusion.

What all this led to was an indictment against Flynn for neglecting to remember precisely what he was alleged to have said before. It was a criminalization of foreign policy differences and a push back that the American people had rejected the Obama administration and the agenda that would have further degraded the United States position in the world.

4 comments to The Downfall of General Flynn

  • Michael Galieh.

    I am very much hoping that Genral Flynn will have his position restored, and that he will successfully sue those who caused him so much injustice, giving him the last laugh.

  • Dogood

    Unfortunately, Flynn has only himself to blame. He also failed to fully inform Pence of his conversation with Russians. Trump found that “not satisfactory” and I agree. Flynn could have refused to answer questions, or he could have said he wasn’t sure or didn’t remember (after all, he got it wrong).

    The real crime here, is what anti-Trump people in the government have done. They don’t care about ruining other people’s lives who’ve really done no harm, or have merely made a mistake. But they’ve been going to scalps, and it seems their scalps will be next (including the ones already demoted).

  • duckandcover

    I don’t even see how not correctly remembering details of a meeting held in the past would rise to the level of a “process crime.” It is simply poor memory. Is having a poor memory a crime? I guess so.

  • Hebo Sabe

    General Flynn will be known as a hero when all this is finally over.

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