The Downfall of Obama

obmObama has been lying to the folks for a long time. And his supporters were not too keen on Obamanomics. You would have to be real dumb to believe that Obama could turn the economy around in 6 years with his liberal policies. Obama’s friends keep getting rich but not so for the rest of the country. But today instead of beating a dead horse … The economy has fallen and can’t get up, let’s discuss ISIS and immigration and how does this affect the average voter.

Immigration is easy. Obama has opened up the borders by executive order and it is a free for all. And keep in mind the Democrats in the Senate agree with Obama’s open borders. If they didn’t they would have passed laws to stop it. But they think they will get the Latino vote if they sit there like a bunch of goofs claiming they see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil but please send them money so they can get re-elected. You have to be the dumbest person on the planet if you send these liars money.

Even Schumer came out from under his rock in support of some limited restrictions on the 150 folks that come into the country every day from West Africa. If that number is true that is 54,750 folks per year. Meanwhile the vast majority of the country polled do not want any of the West Africans to enter the country until they have passed the 21 day quarantine period. And that period should not take place in the United States. Now they are going to let the people in and self-monitor them for 21 days. What are they going to do with the infected people and the people exposed to these darlings over the 21 day period when they are allowed to roam the streets of the United States?

So where was Schumer when the folks did not want open borders? Maybe the next time a Democrat is up for re-election no one should vote for them. If they don’t represent the people who do they represent? They represent the Democrat party and the party hasn’t represented the majority of the people for a long time. But they keep putting liberal Democrats in office! They are no longer in touch with the people.

So there are two main issues that have brought down Obama and his liberal Democrats. In reality it is the whole ball of wax. No one is jumping up and down and screaming how great Obama is. No one is faking fainting at his taxpayer paid fund raisers.

But the straw that broke the camel’s back is ISIS and immigration. 

Immigration is easy. Obama and his acolytes were so excited that they had the power to grant secret passage to this country for thousands of immigrants. They even called most of the trespassers refugees. And all the women had to do was say their husbands beat them in a foreign country and the liberal American judges granted asylum. Why not, they don’t have to pay for the new welfare recipients, you the taxpayer does.

But the flip side of the problem is that all these new invaders are bringing in all neat new viruses with them. In Pakistan they are battling Polio and the CDC sits quietly instead of bringing out the polio vaccine. When polio finally hits the United States they will claim there is not enough vaccine for everyone. FDR came down with polio at the age of 39.

The new immigrants are bringing in Enterovirus 68. They may be immune or carriers but our children are not immune. There   will be no quarantines. The invaders are already here. Obama and the liberal Democrats invited them to live here in the same schools as your children. So do you want to vote for the folks that stood by and did nothing while Obama invited all these carriers into this country. He called them refugees. You can call them system suckers.

The Ebola Czar slipped the other day and complained about over-population. This is not a new concept. It started way back in the 60’s and it was probably considered a form of racism. Then they tried earth day. And today they are trying climate change and global warming. Common sense is not buying it!

Common sense something Obama lacks, would dictate that if an area can not support 10,000 people, then how is it going to support 100,000 people. Even in this country folks that collect the monthly disability check because they can’t work seem to have no problem procreating.

So whose fault is it when cities in poor areas are over-populated. It must be President Bush’s fault. It must be the Republican’s fault. And the funny part is that a fool like Obama thinks he can fix the problem by bringing the people here. Doesn’t he know they will over-procreate here as well.

Just what we need. Most people have been prudent by limiting the size of their families because they could not afford to have 12 kids like the Kennedys. So Obama and liberals assume it makes sense to bring in millions of immigrants to a melting pot that lacks an economy to support so many people. 

ISIS is easy. When a group like Al Qaeda threaten us… We annihilate them. It doesn’t seem like the ISIS thugs are any different then the Russians and German atrocities during World War II. If you stick your head in the ground like Obama and the liberal Democrats, there will be a day of reckoning. When you see a ruthless enemy, just like a bedbug, you eradicate them and ask questions later.

These terrorists now have access to lots of money and weapons thanks to Obama and the liberals. They can easily buy nuclear capability from Pakistan, India, North Korea, China or Russia. And thanks to the open border policy of Obama, Pelosi and Reid as well as others, these terrorists are free to enter the United States any time they want. Common sense says you annihilate these pirates. Obama only has time for Democrat fund raisers and golf.

This is what the Republicans should be talking about days before an election. Not about a budget and economic proposals. Do not give to any liberal… Ammunition to cloudy the water. Let the mess be on the liberal Democrats and Obama alone!

It is time for the citizens to speak up. And vote all these liberals like Obama out of office.

Look to your right and left and bring your neighbors to the polls. No matter how many times the liberals stuff the ballot boxes and vote several times the shear number of common sense voters can take down the liberals.

It is time to bring common sense back to our commie government.

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