The Failure of Never Trumpers Part 1

This past election was like no other. A paradigm shift on the direction of the country was laid out by the forgotten citizens of this country. It was initiated the day the Donald Trump descended the stairs at Trump Tower to announce his candidacy. From the beginning, those on the other side derided those who supported the Donald, and looked down their noses at the peasants who would make him our President.  It was the “great unwashed” that made Donald Trump President. To this day, the elite cocktail drinking self centered denizens of the fetid swamp that lines our coasts still deny and ridicule those who have President Trump in their prayers, and support the achievements that have started to bring this country back from the moral and cultural darkness that the past administration had forced the country into to. It took a while but the American people have woke up to the fact that the “fundamental transformation” that Obama promised was nothing more that degrading our country to a third world country with our freedoms summarily abridged, and nothing more than a money making proposition for Obama cronies.

These same sycophants and big government lackeys have now shown the American people that there is no limit to the amount of vitriol and depravity that they will inflict on those who disagree, up to and including the lunacy they will employ to attempt to damage our President. They have gone so far as calling for the decapitation and assassination of our President. This aspect of the thinking of themselves as superior to all others are supported and condoned by a group that is called the “Never Trumpers”, the media and the Progressive-socialist wing which is now in the majority of the Democrat Party. Thses swamp creatures believe that no action or protest is now allowed for no other reason the keep them in power.

The “Never Trumpers” are an aspect of hatred that can only be explained by their objective to maintain the elite status and power that they feel is rightfully theirs. For the first time, the American people have risen up and found the voice of liberty that formed this nation, and those in the swamp are in a rage over the impotence they now face. No more are they allowed to sit in the thrones thay have made for themselves and pontificate to the peasants.

The pontificators of the media and magazines like the National review and the leading Never Trumper Bill Kristol will never understand that all they say is of little use to those who understand that our country is not theirs, but belongs to the American people. It was Kristol among other “Never Trumpers” that misrepresented what the Presidents aspirations for the country have been, lies such as abandoning NATO, being anti-Muslim and always lied when he didn’t have to, President Trump was dragged through the innuendo and mud that these swamp creatures placed in front of the public every day since his candidacy was announced. They called President Trump incompetent a danger to the country, and had no understanding of how Washington D.C. was supposed to work, (in other words, like they wanted).

Not mentioned is how this incompetent boob, their words not mine, brought 55 Muslim countries together to discuss the war against ISIS, and how to finally get ISIS under control. The coalition has been built, something that no other politician could have achieved, and which the Obama administration never even attempted. But it has made no difference to those who oppose Trump. The level of the hatred that they have for Trump for taking away the power they so righteously believe is theirs, will continue to override the principles, and cultural values that the country was built on. His opinions are called lies, if the Never Trumpers disagree with what President country feels is best for the country.

The highly paid consultants and writers so highly esteemed by themselves, the ones who attend the parties in the Hamptons and the high end cocktail parties on the coasts knew they didn’t want President Trump, and would have turned this country over to a criminal enterprises which would have sunk our country even lower with the election of Hillary Clinton.

There are those in the Republican Party, in positions that they have declared are the direction of the party’s future that declare they will leave the party. There are those like Bill Kristol that will claim to want to start a new party that will be just like the old Republican party that consistently and constantly caved to the wishes of the Progressive-socialists. George Will went on television to pontificate that he was leaving the Republican Party, which increased his visibility and made him the darling of the left.Never mind the free market, or the freedom that empowers the American people. Trump is our President, freely elected and sworn in, it is not up to the likes of Kristol or Will, or ANY Never Trumper to feel they have to save the American people for a choice that was freely made.

As hard as it may be fathom, both Kristol and Will, and many others including RINOS like McCain are incorrect to believe that the Republican party must follow their dictates because it belongs to these elite swamp creatures  but actually belongs to the people who inhabit the party. Your petty vilification of those who oppose you shows neither professionalism or the ability to listen to what the American people want. You, and those like you, no longer control the narrative. The American people now control the narrative, and voices louder and stronger than yours will be heard through the offices of this administration. It is time to move on from the self serving corruption of the media, academia, and the progressive-socialist agenda that has become prevalent in both parties.

It is past time to try and convince the American people that open borders are a good thing, that immigrants bring new life to the American culture, and that wages of the American working man are not lowered by immigrants here illegally. Trump may not be the perfect conservative, if there even is such a thing, but he has shown his credentials and love of country by such achievements as the assignment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, Betsy DeVos to Education, the first Education Secretary that actually will do something for inner city education, even against the wishes of the unions.


The American people have finally realized that as long as you don’t rock the boat, and remain in the power position that you have made for yourself that the American people will cling to your every word and blindly follow you to the promised land of the status quo in which there is a great deal of money for those in the elite class of American politics. Sorry, the American people are no longer listening. They have found a champion in President Trump. He will make mistakes, he may sometimes be embarrassing in the way acts, but he has a deep and unabiding love for this country and the people who actually work to make it run.

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