The Failure of Never Trumpers Part 2

In part 1 I wrote about the Never Trumpers and the so called “purity” they feel they are showing by opposing President Trump in everything he is trying to do for the Forgotten people of this country. The supporters of Trump have rejected the agenda of those Never Trumpers and their socialist colleagues of the Democrat Party. So far, they have not been able to determine that the American people have tired from the “word of our superiors”. No longer will they be convinced by political correctness in all its forms of “microaggressions”, “white privilege” “safe spaces” and university indoctrination of our students in this country.  The progressive/socialists who continue to believe that they run this country had learned long ago that the indoctrination of the children is the quickes way force the utopia they envisions on the people on this country.

The Never Trump conservatives such as John McCain,Bill Kristol, and Jonah Goldberg believe not in the purity of the American electorate, but only in the purity of their self-centered vanity that as they speak that they are the only ones who are right. After all, they went to the best schools, said all the right things, and do not understand that the American people should have a voice on what is forced upon them.


They can’t understand that President Trump speaks to the everyday man, the man who cares for his family and works hard to support it, he can speak to the black families that want to move forward, to those who believe not only in the rights this magnificent country afford them, but the responsibility that comes with it. Everyone needs help now and then, but it has morphed into a hammock for many. The hard working man I spoke of earlier is tired of seeing the hard work they do mean nothing more than giving some, including some of our politicians a hammock to be used to pad the retirements that they feel they deserve.

Of course, the Never Trumpers, based on the self proclaimed wisdom claim that President Trump is not a conservative, or at least not a “pure” conservative such as them.  When was the last time we had a “pure” conservative nominated. Perhaps Reagan is as close as we will ever get. So the Never Trumpers need to explain why Trump is not a valid pure conservative candidate after being silent on the nominations of Romney, and RINO McCain. Is it because they were Establishment country club conservatives willing to go along to get along?

Who are some of these people, the so called “conservatives” who are nothing more than establishment Republicans. Most are very recognizable, because they are the one constantly seen on Progressives media for the sole purpose of telling the great unwashed that we were wrong in our assessment of Trump, and must now delegitimize him and move forward of the vaunted progressive agenda.

Well, for starters, there is Evan McMullin, an investment banker for Goldman Sachs, a globalist company. McMullin has been a Never Trumper since the beginning, and has gone out of his way to reject every achievement that President Trump has ever made .He is now considered by the mainstream socialist networks as being the conscience of conservative and the kind of conservative anti-Trumper that the progressive media lives to put on the air

Former speechwriter for George W. Bush is another Never Trumper.  An equal opportunity  Never Trumper, Frum has written many articles and books of what effective protest would look like, using both sides in an effort to take down President Trump. A neocon who attacked the Iran nuclear deal which has since been found to be a farce, Frum felt that an invasion of Iran resulting in massive lost of life and treasure to both countries would be acceptable to both countries. Kurt Eicehnwald, a one time writer for the New Yrok Times, and now a progressive shill for Newsweek has, since the 2016 election been anconstant source of ammunition for pushing the Trump-Russian collusion theory forward. This is the same man who pushed the false narrative about Trump being institutionalized for a nervous breakdown in 1990, a story with no evidence of a factual nature, and has since been debunked.

Sally Albright makes the list as a fervent Never Trumper. An apologist for Hillary Clinton, Albright has since moved forward to smearing those with whom she disagrees, including pusing forward her agenda that the progressive/socialist Democrats keep losing because the Republicans continue to disenfranchise Democratic voters.

Bill Kristol is in a class all by himself. As editor of The Weekly Standard, Kristol has shown himself to be a self described neo-conservative. He also has shown through the time I could stand to read him to be insufferably wrong on a great many issues and with a willingness to blame others for his failures. Even now that Trump is our President, Kristol is still fighting the will of the people because he considers his opinions morally superior to the American people. He feels he needs to rescue the Republican Party from Trump and the will of the people. He has gone as far as to start discussions with others and reporting to the New York Times that he will start a committee to stop the renomination of Trump. Kristol  agreed with a letter that called our President dishonest, stated that closing our southern border by President Trump would show contempt for our “southern neighbor”  (a fine sounding globalist term), that his anti-Muslin rhetoric would upset Muslims, (who cares?), and would diminish our standing throughout the world. Where was Kristol when Obama was on his “apology tour” and blaming our country for everything wrong with the world?

These Never Trumpers are abandoning the ideals that have made this country great, and that up until the end of the Reagan era made the conservative Republican party a bastion of the American people. The Republican party once stood for something, now it is the party of surrender, a party willing to surrender its identity to keep the positions of power that they hold so dear. This the party that under a REPUBLICAN President, bailed out the financial sector to the tune of $700 billion ,commonly called TARP, passed energy regulations that control what light bulbs we can use and how energy efficient every appliance in your home must be. The Republican party no longer hold the ideals of the Republican party that I knew.

That is the part of the Republican party that comprises the “Never Trumpers” The supposed intellectual leadership of the party is no leadership at all. The Republican party has fallen far short of supporting our President. Perhaps it is his promise to drain the swamp and to no longer work with those in government to protect their livelihoods. Everyone in government is theoretically working for the Trump administration. The Never Trumpers, along with the progressive/socialist Democrats, the media, academia and Hollywood are bordering on treason. Whether a soft coup or impeachment or, as some have claimed and outright assassination the country will fight back, harder and with more passion than these elites in their ivory can comprehend. No matter the intelligence agencies, or the military, which would stand behind Trump in any coup attempt, or political alliances they may have, those who oppose Trump and are willing to do whatever it takes to take Trump down should be mindful that a great many more will bring you down. It will be a bloody civil war if they push their hate for the American people too far, but it would be quick, and return our government to the people.

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