The Failure of the Never Trumpers Part 3

There is a great amount of animosity and contention within the Republican party. The “Never Trumpers”, the holdover of the old establishment country club Republicans whose sole purpose is to set the agenda of those who follow them have found themselves on the outside. Being in positions of leadership, and living in gated communities where they never do any labor for themselves has caused them to lost touch with the needs of the common working man.

These Republicans, some of which are Republicans in name only, never mow their own lawn, never have to worry about an illegal alien taking the jobs they have been ensconced in for many years. Behind walls of their own, they look out over the populous and decide with the moral superiority they have given themselves what is best for everyone else. More concerned with the loss of status they have afforded themselves over all this time, they can not understand that America is turning away. Look at where print media is now. Newsweek sold for a dollar, the New York Times, Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times nothing more than mouthpieces for the progressive left. Staying in the higher realms of academia and media, diplomas on the wall, well versed in how much better they are than all others, they ignore the fact that others have taken over the voice of the common man.

There is no civility among the republicans. The elite country type Republicans is willing to sell out the middle man and the principles that the workers of this country have grown up with to find a status quo, in the middle so as not to shake up the establishment that they and the progressives have agreed upon. They continue to assist the progressive/socialist Democrat party move our country further to the left. The establishment Republicans have spent the last eight years capitulating to all the progressive ideals that the socialists have moved forward. Tax Hikes, Immigration, Tax reform, Obamacare, and others have been ignored by the Country Club Republicans. There have been some that have gone as far as ridiculing those who are angry about our schools being flooded by illegal immigrants who do not speak English, who are concerned about “refugees” mostly military age men flooding our communities, and our welfare rolls being inundated with those who have not made any contribution to the productivity of this country.

These same “Never Trumpers” have moved forward and with the heads held high have diminished the rights of the American citizen. Not understanding the issues that affect everyday people is a maj0or factor of the disconnect with the voters who gave us Donald Trump and President. The “Never Trumpers” don’t understand paying for gas to go to work, sitting around the table trying to figure out how to pay the bills, or get the car fixed. They are enveloped in the ivory towers they have made for themselves to keep them away from such people.

Of course, these same people get highly offended when Trump talks to the American people, and even more offended when the American people respond. They see Trump as the Democrats do, unqualified and of low class. Hey RINOS, that is the very reason that we now have President Trump. He can talk to the American people, President Trump is a billionaire blue collar man. I have no doubt that President Trump is not afraid to get his hands dirty to complete what he has set out to do.

The “Never Trumpers” in collusion with the progressive/socialist leftists within the Democrat Party, media, academia, and entertainment will continue to do all they can to delegitimize President Trump, they will use everything they can, including innuendo and lies to bring down the conservative policies that will move this country forward.

I don’t care what these “Never Trumpers” declare about Trump. Much like these same people did nothing during the last administration about Fast and Furious, the IRS spying on our citizens, the decimation of our Armed Forces, all the breaking of the law of the Clintons, where were they when all this and more were going on? And these same pople are telling the American people that they are disgusted with Trump and want him gone. That is the perfect demonstration of what a hypocrite is.

They have already gotten rid of the repeal of Obamacare. It would not be a surprise to me if they already know how the vote would go, and it was all a stage play. John McCain, a sad excuse for a Republican and a warrior for the American people has let the American people down. By it shouldn’t come as surprise. This is the same man who turned his back of the veterans of America on healthcare.

Immigration reform is now being obstructed by all the democrats, which is to be expected, but also by RINOS like Lindsey Graham and Ron Johnson. Both of these senators, along with Jeff Flake and probably John McCain are proponents of mass immigration, along with Paul Ryan, in the house and along with all the other “Never Trumpers” will curtail any changes because of the big corporations that need the low wage workers from other countries. Those same corporations are the ones who donate to the campaigns of these “Never Trumpers”.

They may be able to kill the immigration reform that the people of this country need to get back to a decent wage and jobs that can and would be filled by American workers, but the American people have seen and now know who they are. It is up to the American people to assure that these “Never Trumpers” who rode the coat tails of President Trump and his policies and then lied to the American people do not return.

These status-quo establishment RINOS are just as responsible for the chaos we find in the country today. The burning cities, the class and identity warfare we find ourselves in are caused by the ignorance of those who will say nothing and do nothing. President Trump is a does. Already he has made improvements for inner cities, HUD, and Education. But these “Never Trumpers” react just like the Democrats. The only difference is you won’t find them in the middle of the riots, and city burnings like you will the socialists.

My next posting will cover the intelligence community, and the revelation that there is a “Committee to Save America” cabal that includes the “never Trumpers “ and others whose sole purpose will be to bring down President Trump. It is time to drain the swamp, and with all the patriots in this country remaining strong, it is difficult to say how far these treasonous vermin will go. Stay Strong, be safe, and together we will give this country back to the people.

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