The Failures of the Never Trumpers part 4

The empty promises of the corporatist establishment Republicans have shown the ugliness of crony capitalism at its finest. Immigration reform will follow in the way of Obamacare reform to satisfy the interests that establishment Republicans have nurtured over all these years. Donald Trump has made the protection of the people and doing his best to uplift everyone in the country his sole and primary purpose.

Following the intentional debacle that these “Never Trumpers” made of Obamacare, they will next attack the immigration agenda that President Trump has laid out. The Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy Act (RAISE) has already had two establishment Republicans Lindsay Graham and Ron Johnson come out in opposition. These Chamber of Commerce Republicans and others will find a way to once again defy what is best for the country and their own constituents. Both are proponents of mass migration, importing foreign works to the detriment of local labor and are not concerned in the depression of wages for the local communities they represent.

Graham goes so far as to say that the tourism and agriculture industry of South Carolina would suffer if it doesn’t get enough low-skilled and low wage immigrants, both legal and illegal to do what needs to be done.

Legal immigration has tripled over the last 50 years to the point of already putting a strain on the labor market and the welfare rolls. The massive increase in cheap foreign labor has been devastating to the youth of this nation. Black teens looking to enter the labor force have unemployment rates in the upper 30%. This has been greatly affected by the past administrations allowing the uncontrolled influx of cheap and unskilled labor.

This flooding of the country with unskilled labor, both legal and illegal has an impact on all parts of our country. It has caused our education system to virtually collapse, and have swelled our welfare rolls to the point of no return. The RAISE act has a provision for any immigrant that finds his or her way to the United States should not be eligible of any sort of assistance for five years, a provision that once was law but removed by Democratic progressive socialist administrations in the past. Once again, the Democrats, the party that calls itself the party of the little man has ignored the results on the ground of its policies.

The policies espoused by our President on immigration are wholly supported by people that have had their lives turned upside down by the immigration policies of Big Business. The establishment Republican Party gifted by big donations by corporations and the Chamber of Commerce even know it works, but want to maintain the status quo to increase Big Corporate profits. These charlatans don’t want tax reform that would enhance small business and job growth, they do not want any curtailment of illegal immigration, the building of the wall, or the defunding of sanctuary cities and have no intention of allowing the RAISE Act to even come to a vote.

The corporatists of the Republican Party find themselves in a position of seeking the approval of the media, the globalists, and Big Business. They are members of the elite who consider those of the International social order more important than those of the constituency that put them in office. The little cabal of “Never Trumpers” and the cocktail sipping self centered media have been shown the door by President Trump and his administration and will do anything to take him down. They talk of the “processes” and of making sure President Trump has the information he needs to make a wise choice. What is meant is that President Trump should think the way they do, and they will demean and delegitimize him if he varies from the agenda that they feel is best for the peasants.

What these little princes do not understand is that President Trump is past all that. They do not understand the ability that our President has to speak directly to the American people and put in focus what is most important to them. After months and months of turning their backs on candidate Trump, ridiculing and not endorsing the agenda that the American people believed in and what President Trump stood for, they have doubled down the efforts to remove him from office.  The “Never Trumpers” claimed he could never win, he did. They claim now that he can never govern, he is. They can never believe that President Trump isn’t doing this to line his own pockets. They make a big show of how concerned they are that he may be making money from his businesses while President, but turn a blind eye to the crony capitalism that has been rampant within the ranks of both parties for countless years.

They turned their backs on the only candidate who refused to play along with the political correctness that is so important to those in power. He spoke with a forceful voice for the American people, using truth as a weapon on the status quo. Business as usual was out, and common sense mixed with basic business sense is what the American people were clamoring for. The little empires that the established “rulers” had made for themselves are under attack and prone to collapse. The sacred oxen of the swamp were starting to be gored, and the lies revealed. Being forced into the sunlight, these “never Trumpers” and establishment vermin have been exposed for who they are. They came to the swamp of Washington, D.C. to make a career and become rich. There are exceptions that I feel can be a big assist to our President. Trey Gowdy and Ted Cruz come to mind, and there are others, but it will take the American people to stand up and change the culture that has so decimated our country. Term limits would be a start.

The establishment status quo seekers have moved forward in trying to shut down President Trumps agenda. One step in this is the “Committee to Save America.”  The function of this committee is to save America by getting the “real facts” to the President. They consider themselves highly proficient in communications that can be used to blunt the “America First” agenda of the President.

One such instance is the distortion of the Presidents “America First” policy in on trade and immigration. The Freedom caucus supported the re-election of Paul Ryan as Speaker. Ryan, a staunch globalist who is solidly behind expansionist immigration policies, cheap foreign products flooding our markets and cheap foreign labor to make things here, undercutting the labor market of our country as discussed before. It was Ryan who told CNN that removal of illegal aliens would not be a focus of the Trump Administration. It doesn’t matter that the Paul Ryan’s/Freedom caucus vision on trade and immigration are opposed by a majority of Republican voters (90%).

Condescending to the American Voters, these “Never Trumpers” while trying to redefine what President Trump has as an agenda, declare that what candidate Trump meant is what they are saying. Even those in the administration are trying to convince Trump that the people didn’t really understand what he was saying, and what the people really wanted is different than what the President ran on and promised.

President Trump ran on the agenda of “Making America Great Again” and “America First. The fact is he cannot do it alone. He needs help in the Senate and House. “Never Trumpers must be forced out and replaced with patriots who believe what the Presidents agenda can accomplish. During the next election, not only listen to the words of the nominees, but follow the actions they have shown in the past. If they do not align with the Presidents agenda which is the peoples agenda, send them home for the new blood that is willing to take risks and do what is best for the American people.

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