The Fault, Dear Brutus, is not in our Stars, But in the Liberal Democrats

illglimmtrntchldrnI think it is laughable when Obama blames the Republicans. Not sure if he is getting any traction on that as his approval rating is as low as it can possibly go. Remember 30% of the lemmings will approve of the liberal no matter who he is and what he does. And 30% of the other lemmings will vote for a non-liberal no matter who he is and what he does.

So for Obama to get below 40% will be almost impossible. But when you look at policy that is explained plainly and not with hidden agenda, Obama’s policies are in the PR toilet. 

The congress or our legislative government has three branches. And when we were taught about branches it was supposed to be like a tree. The branches are inter-connected and one branch can not survive without the other. 

For the first time we have a president that is above the law. He thinks he can legislate from the oval office which is not going over too well. And he is stuck and can’t fix the economy, immigration and national/global security. 

The economy is important because the average person is making much less than they were when Obama took office. If they have a job at all! Immigration is at an all time high. And Obama is unilaterally documenting illegals when the job market is in the toilet. So for every illegal that Obama documents on his own without the help or agreement of congress,  it takes a job away from those who were documented legally and those who are naturalized and natural born citizens. 

So why are the liberal Democrats at fault? It is simple. There is supposed to be a balance of power. If possible there should be an equal power between all branches. And basically a law is passed in congress and signed by the president and ruled valid by the courts. That is the way it was designed to work as a quasi-democracy. 

After the American voter saw what a loser Obama was, they took away the power of the congress from the Democrats.  So what this means is that the voters told congress ‘we don’t want any more of the liberal nonsense that was passed under the commies like Pelosi.’  And the biggest problem was  ObamaCare. It was nonsense but the liberals voted for it anyway. 

So by 2013 the liberals who had the power in the House for many years, had lost it. And in 2008 they were given tremendous power.  And they actually squandered their chances and drove the national debt through the roof. They raised  taxes. And they had free rein to micromanage the state’s business in a liberal fashion. Common Core was their baby. Ted Kennedy authored no child left behind and the liberals passed a federal program that was shear nonsense and propaganda. The liberal Democrats wanted to run the states and take away all the powers that were bestowed upon the states. Because the states were too stupid to govern themselves. 

In the end, less people had health care. Very few were given FREE healthcare. And the illegal immigrants stormed the Bastille. 

So in 2011 after Obama lost all his power he still ran his liberal agenda. He passed his own liberal Dream Act. Documenting all these illegals. This was a signal to all the other  illegals in Central and South America to come on in, Obama will take care of you. When he is not playing golf that is. Come one come all!  And Obama worked hard to put an end to the coal industry in the United States. 

In other words if we had a normal congress it would stand in the way of liberal Obama. So why don’t they try to stop Obama? Well because folks like Pelosi and Reid are in agreement with what Obama is illegally doing. So if they stand by and do nothing while Obama  keeps mandating their liberal  laws, then they are just as responsible for the state of the union as Obama. 

In other words for every executive order that Liberal Obama passes the Democrats could counter with an equal and opposite law. And they could override any veto that Obama throws at them. So instead liberals like Schumer do nothing and let Obama pass all the laws that they are incapable of passing and the voters do not want. So is this good for the country? The polls say that it is not. And the liberal Democrats must be held accountable for their inaction! Why do you think the liberal Democrat senators don’t want Obama to pass unilaterally any immigration bills until after election day? 

First off make sure we put the blame where it belongs. If the American voter wanted the liberal craziness to continue, they would have voted all the commies back into office. They did not and it doesn’t seem that 2014 will be any different. The voters are not happy with the direction of the country and they want it to change. They want to bring back the economy we had under President Bush. President Bush was able to fix the economy that was tanking by the time Clinton left office.    

The American voter wants to put an end to amnesty and free and careless documentation of illegal aliens. Also known as undocumented invaders.  And immigration reform means protecting our borders and enforcing immigration laws that allow a meaningful invitation for foreigners to live in this country and become citizens of this great nation. It was not a come one come all to the greatest Obama handout stand in the hemisphere. 

The American voters want meaningful jobs. None of this Obama baloney about equal pay and equal rights. Can’t have equal anything unless there are enough real jobs to go around. The Free Market will determine what the worker can earn, not a liberal politician! 

The American voters want security. They don’t want a gutless president, but a nation that will protect its borders and those of our allies. And will put an end to any aggressive actions brought by the nuts who act like Hitler. 

The blame and fault falls on the liberal Democrats in Congress. They stood by and said nothing while Obama tries to destroy this nation. They are there to represent the people who elected them. They are not there to do nothing while a crazy president keeps passing these illegal liberal executive orders. 

We need jobs. We need to cut out immigrants crossing our borders illegally. And we need to kill our enemies abroad. The liberals have had a long time to dream their liberal policies.  By most of them  sitting by in silence has led to a nation heading in the wrong direction. 

If the liberal Democrats can’t correct the direction of the liberal Obama, they need to be removed from office.  So get out the vote and send the liberals back  to the NY Times, or China or their beloved mother Russia. We want real freedom for The United States; not fake and useless policies of the liberals. The power is only in the hands of the voter!  

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