The Final Days of Our Narcissist in Chief

Israel finds itself in the crosshairs of the Arab world, and by extension, the United Nations. Samantha Powers, our ambassador to the United Nations abstained on U. N. Resolution 2334 at the request of our Muslim in Chief Obama and traitorous coward John Kerry our anti Semitic Secretary of State. Between these three, and in complicity with The Muslim Brotherhood advisors in this administration , they have succeeded in throwing Israel, the only democratic elected country in the Middle East to be laid open to attack of truly epic proportions. From Robert Reich to Valrie Jarret, and so many others in the progressive/socialist movement, and including those in the sycophant media, they have been toiling non-stop in the degradation of the Israeli nation.
Obama has set a tone of disregarding the wishes and fears of the Israeli people. In 2010, Netanyahu on a visit to the United States was rebuffed by Obama, Our Muslim in Chief even walked out on the Prime Minister to go to dinner. Nowhere in any diplomatic circles anywhere in the world is this considered anything but an insult. Obama has decided that the destruction of Israel will be his contribution to the world. In September of the same years, Obama refused to meet with Prime Minster Netanyahu at the United Nations, while meeting with despots and dictators, and Imams from Iran. Even then, and contrary to what Obama was telling the American people and the world, Obamas vision of the “fundamental Transformation” for the Middle East was a vision of a Middle East caliphate with the destruction of Israel at its core.
This is the same President that instructed his State Department under the authority of another incompetent anti-Semite Hillary Clinton to meet with the Muslim Brotherhood to discuss the takedown of the Egyptian Government and to assure that if Iran set up offensive capabilities on the Syrian and Lebanese borders that our government would turn a blind eye to the process.
So an American government infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood felt that they should move forward and allow the terrorists that are prevalent throughout the enemies of Israel to overrun the democratic state of Israel.
Obama in his farewell address to help build his deplorable legacy will declare with upraised chin that the world has more respect for the United States because of his Presidency. The people of this country will no longer be easily deceived. Obama has turned our country into a thi8rd world laughingstock. If you were a leader of any country, ally or enemy, would it cause you to respect the leader of the United States who lists one of his crowning achievement that ability of men to use the ladies restroom? It is statements like that layered on top of the bumbling incompetence in foreign policy that has led to Obama and his administration being a pariah in many areas of the world.
Obama has turned on many of our allies. The only unity to be seen is the unity of our enemies. That unity of the Islamic caliphate, being ably assisted by this administration, will continue until the administration is cleared of the influence of Obamas Islamic terrorists. Obama has even gone so far as meeting with members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic Jihadists in the White House. The Democrats even named one Islamic Jihadist to the House Intelligence Committee. It was Obama and his Secretary of State who pushed for the ouster in Egypt of Mubarak and in Libya of Ghadaffi. Both were petty tyrants who formed the backbone of a stabilizing peace in the Middle East. Obama, even know will not arm the Kurds against ISIS. Is that because our Muslim in Chief refuses to consider allowing the Kurds an autonomous region where they can be under self-rule and thwart the expansion of the caliphate?
Syria exploded when Obamas redline that he forcefully pushed in a press conference over the use of chemical weapons was found to be a paper tiger with no enforcement.
It is the American people who are the victims of this clown car of an administration. A foreign policy such as this can only be meant to cause a decline in American prestige. The American people are tired of a President who feels he must apologize for our country, and who continually denigrates the American people for wanting to keep our culture, our religion and our values as a moral imperative. We are tired of an administration that has ignored the tradition of this country to have Israel and the Jewish people as part of a coalition of morality and peace. Instead, we now have a Middle East that is in the throes of violence, regional wars and a country, once the bastion on democrat civility now “leading from behind”, a doctrine that has caused our allies to distrust us. And the American people were subject to lectures from Obama about the moral courage of Bowe Bergdahl. We were given the debacle of the father of an American soldier who is a traitor speaking in Arabic in the Rose Garden at the White House to the American people. Where was the outrage of the families who lost sons trying to find this deserter on the mainstream media?
This is the same man who, using his color as a measure of authority has consistently badgered this country about racism while doing his best to cause disruption on the American people, the majority of which never thought about color until he was elected President. We were told that the election of “the first black President” would go along way to healing the rift among the people. What we received instead was an anarchist who denigrates the police, Christians, and most of all white males. Even now, with the riots planned for the Inauguration of Trump, and the calls for his assassination, where is Obama? Where is the leader of our country trying to quell the damage done by himself and his flunkies. Who used his color to allow our people to be killed because of his prejudice against those not like him. Obama has no moral base, he is a narcissist, working for what in his mind is right because he feels he is morally superior to all others.
The stabilization afforded by the US/Israel connection has now been rent asunder while Obama calls the Muslim Brotherhood, the PLO and Iran “moderates”.
Obama of the raised chin is putting on a good show of being offended by the Russians allegedly hacking our elections. He does not understand that the American people still remember when he went to England before the Brexit vote and threatened the English People with being “at the back of the queue among US trading partners. Nor have the American people forgotten that in 2009 and 2015 Obama set his political operatives, consultants, pollsters and funds to Israel to attempt to defeat Netanyahu ,even going as far as having a campaign staffer sent by Obama to run the opposition. But is easier to be offended when your party is exposed as “rigging” the primaries, or the information in the leaked emails that was admitted as being true, or having journalists give debate questions to only one side. Mr. President, you have no moral base upon which to be offended by the Russians showing that the Democratic Party is a dismal swamp that will lie and use any measure of deceit to accomplish the goals that they have set.
The Russians may or may not have hacked Podesta’s e mail and Hillarys’ server, but this distraction of being so offended and being covered by your attendants in the media are all for one reason. The emails and the stories they contain are off the front page. Russia is playing chess while our man-child Muslim is playing checkers.
If Obama wants a war, he will have to start one soon. But Obama and his cronies will need to understand one thing. The American people will not have your back. You have not had theirs for many years.
The blood in the world, both internationally and domestic is on your hands Obama, and the American people will defend themselves. Be forewarned, you don’t want to start this, for the American people of all colors and persuasions will end it.

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