The “Found Ballot” Fraud

Voter fraud is nothing new, it goes far back to the Kennedy administration. The Democrat machine at the time, worked with the unions to give the Democrats an insurmountable lead.

Looking at the past elections and the chaos throughout our country has lost the confidence of the American people in elections. The start of this loss of confidence was Florida and has taken up most of the discussion over the past two weeks. Democrat leaders in Florida were caught fixing improper ballots after the deadline had passed. Filing these ballots after the election was illegal, at least it was until an Obama appointed judge ruled that these ballots must be counted, resulting in judicial sanctioned fraud. This one step should be enough to process charges upon all concerned.

The Naples Daily News reported that Florida Democrats were in the process of starting a broader statewide effort throughout Florida to give altered forms to fix improper ballots. After being warned by a Democratic consultant Jake Sanders about the questionable legality of such a move the campaign leadership continued unabated, under the impression that an activist judge would allow the process.  The modified date on these altered “cure affidavits” was changed to November 8th, two days after the election.  The leadership pushed the process not only under Brenda Snipes in Broward County but to Pam Keith a Palm Beach County Democrat activist to do the same. It had spread to other counties as well. Keith figured it would be better to ask for forgiveness afterward if they could not find a sympathetic judge. Her excuse is that the date that was set by the state of Florida was “arbitrary”, a conclusion she had neither the right or authority to make. It is informative that she decided on her own that the deadline was “meaningless”. It was the State legislature, the Florida Department of State, that made the rules, but in an effort to allow fraud to steal an election she felt it was in her power to ignore the laws as they were. Together with Broward County, they would have continued to do what they could to change the outcome of the election. The Democrat lawyers even went so far as to attempt to get the judge to declare non-citizens voting as legal, a clear contradiction of the Federal law.

In California, widespread election theft continues unabated without any investigation of false ballot manufacturing, illegal immigrant voting, and outright fraud. Once again, the ability to “find” thousands of ballots after the deadline of the election has passed is strictly a Democrat ability. It is informative that these “found” ballots which have been unearthed by Democrat operatives are sole to the benefit of the progressive socialists running in California. The list of House seats that Republicans have lost AFTER the final results were in is considered in the state. Virtually every Democrat House district that Republicans had won on election day has been flipped by “found ballots “ in their districts. Seven out of 10 House races that had already been called for Republicans  and in Republican strongholds were won by Democrats and “found ballots.”


In the 10th congressional district, Josh Harder had a lead of over 3000 votes of Republican incumbent Jeff Dunham, even though the lead was a toss up on election night.

The 45th district of conservative Orange country “found” enough votes that Republican Rep. Mimi Walters who had led since election night and 100% of precincts reported was found to be 261 votes down to socialist Katie Porter after “ found ballots” were counted.

The 39th district Republican Young Kim was declared the winner by a wide margin with 100% of precincts reporting, but then lost that lead because of “found ballots” to Democrat Gil Cisneros

The same has happened to Republican Dana Rohrbacher in the 48th district. Rohrbacher has been in Congress for over 30  years and was considered by both sides to have safe seat. He was pushed out of office after the counting of “found ballots” after the election was over. Once again, all the “found ballots” were for the progressive socialist candidate Harley Rouda.. and in the open seat of the retiring Darrel Issa in the 49th district.

What is the answer to this, and why has there not been an investigation forthcoming. Perhaps it is because the progressive socialists have inundated the state with “found ballots” that have no verification available and for the power given to those voting illegally and benefits takers who are willing to do anything to help keep the progressive socialists in power.

In Arizona, Republican Martha  McSally was ahead of Kyrsten Sinema the night of the election by a sizable margin but because of “found ballots” Sinema now has a sizable lead padded by these found ballots. Many are looking at and requesting an investigation into Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fuentes who they claim used his position to influence the outcome of this election.

In New Mexico, after the announcement that Republican Yvette Harrel had won in New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District, “found ballots” were found repeatedly until the number of votes favored the progressive socialist Xochitl Torres. The “found ballots were never verified but gave the race to the Democrat. Harrel is contesting the race, and once again there should be an investigation of where these ballots came from. The Secretary of State for the state of New Mexico had found 400 ballots, and then 4000 more which predominantly went to Torres and flipped the race. No one has been able to explain where these “found ballots” were found or where they came from.

And of course, who cannot ignore Georgia, where the “found ballots” could not overcome the substantial leads that the Republican had built. Loud voices snarled that “all the ballots, including the “found ballots that at one time totaled over 5000 must be counted.  I find it interesting that of the 5,569 ballots “found”, 4804 were for Abrams, who still refuses to admit she lost. And with the help of an activist judiciary and the media is claiming the election was stolen and is demanding a new election. Once again, a large and concerted effort to derail the will of the people and steal the election Abrams has even gone so far as to claim racism as the reason she lost.

Jim Hoft has an excellent article in The Gateway Pundit that zeros in on the lying and fraud that the progressive socialists think will work well for them in getting the power they feel they so rightly deserve.  If the leftists can’t win the election, they always seem to find the ballots required for them to take the election from the rightful winner. It is amazing that “found ballots” only occur in areas where the Democrats lose and always carry a high advantage for the progressive socialist who lost.

All these fraudulent outcomes are being touted by the media as a reason for “direct democracy”. Political illiterates like Ezra Klein, are claiming that the Democrats won the House popular vote, a term that is meaningless in both House and the Senate. He obviously has not read the Constitution, or he would know the word “Democracy”  does not appear in the Constitution or the Bill of Right once. He has shown himself to be another political illiterate along with all the rest on the progressive socialist of the Democratic Party who lies to the American people and refuse to admit that we are in fact a “Constitutional Republic.” I would bet even money that they could not even explain what that means and why the Founders felt it was the best way to serve the citizens of this country.

The question becomes, why is it that no one is going to jail for the fraud perpetrated on the country, and is this nothing more than a trial run for 2020?

5 comments to The “Found Ballot” Fraud

  • Darth

    This is why voting should be in person, with ID, on election day. No mail ins. Only absentee the way they used to be, with witnesses attesting to the voters ballot. And only for people who have a legitimate reason not to make it to the polls.

  • TheTruthBurns

    I left Crapipornia 10 years ago mainly because it had already become The Toilet State. Crapipornia is a CANCER that is growing throughout the remainder of the US. Sadly Arizona is now gone & with massive Voter Fraud & Demographics it is only a matter of time before Texas(2020?) or even Florida(2024?) will be Lost to these Commie Rat B*stards. Unless there is a Miracle with the Very Young Voters the Demonrats along with the Extreme Far-Left Commie Propaganda Wing: MSNBC,NBC,ABC, CBS,CNBC,Gaggle,Yapoo,MSN,Fakebook,etc will continue to peddle LIES 24/7. Pray for Trump!

  • ItsJo

    Democrats are “Pro’s at cheating in elections” as seen when Al Franken was LOSING to Coleman in MN. but “miraculously 10,000 votes were ‘FOUND’ in the trunk of a car….for Franken! IF Dems didn’t cheat in elections, as is the case this midterm, they wouldn’t win.

    We need a “National ID card w/fingerprints/photos and the Years of the elections printed under a sealed surface-AFTER a person check in to vote and is verified, that YEAR(and Mid terms)is Punched Through, and NO ONE CAN VOTE WITHOUT THIS CARD. Verification needs to be ONLY for AMERICAN CITIZENS…”ILLEGALS CANNOT VOTE…EVER”

  • jmarie

    Don’t forget Wisconsin, where tens of thousands of ballots were “found” in Milwaukee after the polls had closed.

  • KBB

    The question is, when “found” ballots are discovered after the election is closed, why are they counted? It always seems that, yes voter fraud was discovered to be committed, but then the cheater winner remains in office. The question is when voter fraud is discovered, even if the cheater winner is installed in office, why isn’t that cheater removed and the real winner put in office?

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