The Freddie Gray Cop Trials: Mosby Grossly Overcharged, is Getting Nada

GraySix Maryland police officers may indeed have erred in their treatment of Freddie Gray after they arrested him. But so far they are all getting off, in large part because State Attorney Marilyn Mosby grossly overcharged them in order to score political points with her fellow Democrats and Black Lives Matter.

When the charges were announced on May 1 of last year, noted lawyer Alan Dershowitzdeclared that “This is a show trial. Today had nothing to do with justice. Today was crowd control. Everything today was motivated by a threat of riots and a desire to prevent riots.”

He rejected the charges. “There’s no plausible, hypothetical, conceivable case for murder under the facts as we now know them,” he said. “You might say that conceivably there’s a case for manslaughter. Plainly nobody wanted this guy to die. Nobody set out to kill him. Nobody intentionally murdered him.”

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