The GOP Establishment is Failing

In my teens I was a Democrat. It was during the days of Kennedy when we could count on having a President that showed great patriotism for our country. We accomplished sending a man to the moon, spent a great deal of time and effort trying to correct some of the challenges we faced as a country. And had a fairly transparent administration that worked for the good of all the citizens in this fair country.
Reagan made me a Republican. The Republicans were a group that believed in limited government , less taxes, and in the overall generosity of the American people based on a deep faith in patriotism. Things were not perfect, but the country was working towards a unity not seen in many years and would not see again until the days after 9/11.

I am now an independent, following neither of the parties. The progressives that have infiltrated the Democrat Party are socialist in nature, believing a New World Order can somehow replace the republic we have been since our founding. We expect them to lie to us, and have taken lying to the American people to an art form with the assistance of the mainstream media.It is very telling that the lead candidate for the Democrat Party is not only a liar, but may soon be under indictment by the FBI if the Department of Justice doesn’t quash it.
You either agree with the Democratic Party because you are on handouts from the federal and state government, or because you think progressive socialism would be a better life than what you are living now.
But then again, are the Republicans any better? The Republican party is no longer relevant to the majority of the party members in the country. They have continually lied to the American people as well, selling out to the Chamber of Commerce, giving the Democrat party all they want, and doing nothing to advance the agenda of the American conservatives who see the damage being done to our country. They have turned into an arrogant party, making decisions and mandating that the citizens of this country obey laws and be compliant to regulations on which the American people have no input.
While a great deal of the totalitarianism the American public is being subjected to comes from an executive branch that refuses to follow the Constitution, and a judiciary who overreaches in its authority the Congress has been compliant in moving forward a progressive mentality in order to profit both themselves and their corporate donors.
The recently passed budget is a good example. Against the wishes of a large majority of the citizens, Obamacare was funded, refugee funding was fully funded, including Obama’s executive amnesty, sanctuary cities were funded, refugee funding was kept and allows the refuges to collect federal benefits paid for by the American taxpayer. H-2B funding was quadrupled, allowing more Americans to be unemployed for the lesser paid immigrants. But no money for the border fence, this administration and Congress decided we didn’t have the money for that. I am sure the citizens of the border states are willing to feel the compassion for the illegals that are destroying their land, destroying the peace of their neighborhoods.
The Republican party has already decided not to impeach our Muslim President, or even shut the government down to have an agenda separate from the Democrat Agenda, they have already given Obama everything he wanted to the point where Nancy Pelosi said the Democrats had a very good 2015. The Republican Party told us that if they had control of Congress they would set the country on the right track. They have told us that they would stop the unconstitutional overreach of this administration. The Republicans stated that it was John Boehners fault and that they needed a new leader. Against the wishes of most conservatives, the powers that be selected Paul Ryan. The Republicans have in all aspects abandoned the base after two elections that put them in power. They have learned to lie as well as the Democrats.
We can no longer afford to give Americas wealth to foreigners including illegals who are having federal funds being made available to them. We can not afford, either monetarily or security wise to have an open door policy to those who chant “Death to America” and who refuse to assimilate into the culture of this country. The American people can not allow another 3 million illegal employees. There is a majority of people in this country who are being made to feel subservient to those who do not belong here, and are here to bring damage to the fabric of our country. This administration is attempting to force the American people to capitulate to laws and regulations in direct defiance to the foundation that this country was founded on.
Islamic Jihadism means nothing to this administration. The security of the people in this country is not important to those in leadership, including Republican leadership. It appears they do not want to upset Obama. They refuse to take the steps to keep America Safe because they do not want to confront Obama. Does anyone really think that the Republicans will spend time beating their breasts and hand wringing, but Obama will get his way on Guantanamo because the Republican leadership is too timid to take on this unconstitutional act, or agree with it.
The American people are tired of hearing from the Leadership in the Republican party that “ this isn’t a fight we can win, the real fight is coming”. The conservatives in the party have had enough. Every four years they think we will believe their lies because there is no other choice. Now there is. There is a great majority in this country that will no longer believe the lies of the GOPe. They will no longer listen to GOPe liars using conservative talking points while pandering to those who write those talking points, the corporatists who make profit off of the illegal immigration that Republicans contnue to tell us they are against.
The agenda of the GOP establishment is based on profits both for them, and the donors who continue to put them in office. Conservatives are denigrated on mainstream media including supposedly conservative news sites. They are told to ignore what the current leadership has done, that it will be better when we win the Presidency. Then things will change for the better. They hope we will give up and go away. But they have not been listening to the people, and have no idea what is coming to the fore in the party. There are those that will lead, that will take the reins of power and change the downward spiral of this country. The majority of people in the Republican party will demand that things change.
Donald Trump is running for President. A brash businessman as subtle as a sledgehammer, and perhaps with not all the answer is leading the Republican party as the candidate for President. The mainstream is in an uproar over the fact that Trump has no political experience as if that is a bad thing. Trump is a leader, and that is what this country is looking for. The mainstream media looks at Trump as an aberration, unpredictable and just a setback until the GOPe once again retains control. The GOPe congratulates itself on finding ways to put an end to Trump and show concern that nothing they do, nothing they say has changed Trumps popularity. They fail to understand the psyche of the American people. They fail to recognize that the revolution has been growing for quite some time and that there is a growing anger against a government that doesn’t make the appearance of working.
The next part of this will be about why the GOPe is not working, and what needs to take its place.

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