The GOPe is Ruining America

The Republicans continue to block the Trump agenda. So called Republicans such as McCain, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and o0thers have views that are not much different than the obstructionist progressive/socialist that are the majority force of the Democrats today. The GOPe is nothing more than an arm of the Soros globalist minions.

In the past as now, the glo0balists want to do away with private property and have our laws dictated to us by the executive orders of tho9se that they wish to see in power. The leadership of the Republican party in both the Senate and the house are furthering the progressive/socialist agenda which lying to their constituents and pocketing all the cash they can. Why is it that politicians on both sides who are not millionaires when they join the club are millionaires when they leave?

During the campaigns, it has been revealed that the Super Pacs of John Kasich, Jeb Bush, and Carly Fiorina  received monies  from the Hillary campaign. Each was sent a substantial sum to remain silent during the primaries. One questions the loyalty of these politicians and others including Paul Ryan who disinvited Trump from a rally in Wisconsin. John McCain also received a substantial payment after criticizing Trump, and Lindsay Graham was assured of a “soft” Democrat challenger when he runs for South Carolina Senate again. Graham and McCain have also been the main Republicans who have been pushing the Trump-Russia collusion lie to continue.

During the election we had such RINOS as Mitt Romney, John McCain and the National Review pontificating on how Never Trumpers would save the Republican party. The 22 Republicans that wrote in the special edition of National Review attempted to convince the American People that Trump was not intelligent enough, could not speak well enough to be handed the levers of power that the President are entitled to have at his disposal.

The American people are disillusioned with both political parties, knowing the only work they are prepared to do is to protect their  political power.  This Congress would sell it soul to continue to hold the power they crave and there are no political lines in the avarice that is shown to the detriment of the American people. The GOPe, does not work towards conservative values that Trump embodies, but only towards the perks they receive from being a member of Congress and retain the power they have taken upon themselves.

Republican Congressional leaders are turning against the Trump agenda on trade. Republican leaders along with the Freedom Caucus continue to follow the globalist agenda. This is being moved forward by the big corporate and globalist donors. Spearheaded by Paul Ryan it is attempting to flood the market with cheap foreign goods and labor increasing the stress on the job market of the country and products that would be made here if the pay of American workers were to be a determining factor. The Freed om caucus, working with the globalist agenda of Paul Ryan, and once ignoring the wishes of the American people.

Immigration is another forum where Trump is being required to fight against the Republicans. Where Trump was elected on the building of a border wall, the Republicans are now saying he didn’t mean it, but was just inferring that we need better border security. Paul Ryan has stated that immigration and the removal of illegal aliens will not be a focus of this Congress. This is the same Paul Ryan that has been very supportive of illegal amnesty and a long history of open borders support. The donors to the GOPe support immigration to allow more immigrants to take jobs here at a lower level than American citizens. Of course, American citizens oppose such steps as Paul Ryan is attempting in infiltrate into this administration’s policies.  Almost 90% of Americans are against the proposals that Ryan has pushed forward.  President Trump has stated from the first day of his campaign that he would put “America First”, it has been plainly shown that Paul Ryan, the Freedom Caucus and the rest of the GOPe do not agree. This is the same Paul Ryan that broke a promise to Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks and raised the H-2B guest program in the spending bill that hurt American workers.

There are Republicans that will not allow the reform of Obamacare to pass. Not because it is just Obamacare Lite and leaves the government in charge of healthcare, but because they agree with the raiding of your money, the legal IRS stealing of money from ordinary Americans to line their pockets. The American people were promised an open market for healthcare, not more of the same that is +destroying healthcare in this country.  What will be forced on the American people is a Ryancare Rationed Death healthcare costing just as much as what is failing now.

Frustrating but also illuminating as the mask is now off the GOP establishment, what they stand for and believe in. One party rule suits Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell just fine. They have more power and perks in the majority, but will still be well taken care of regardless of who runs Congress or sits in the White House. They make the rules, and the rules always favor the authors of those rules. They will have a front row seat at the trough of government largess. They will never struggle to pay their bills, get a job, afford health insurance or survive in crime-ridden neighborhoods.

The GOP has sold its soul, not for principles, morals or conscience, but for their own empowerment as Bill and Hillary Clinton have done for decades. No wonder the two parties of today are such a good fit.

The basic standards of honesty and loyalty in this country have been ignored. Our country was based on the public morality and a knowledgeable citizenry based on the structure of laws, regulations and culture. Both parties have moved beyond to delegitimize the basic foundations that this country was built on. There is no road to compromise between the parties and both now agree that only a government, be it national or global can fix the problems we face. The American people are, in the opinion of both parties, too ignorant to discuss the problems amongst themselves and find the corrections needed.

I was not originally a Trump supporter, but I have come to the conclusion that President Trump is one of the few honest men left. President Trump is the only leader I see that understands the virtues of our country and has the vision needed to correct it. He understands the challenges we face, and is not part of either party and their principles of dynasty and imperial rule.

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