The Government Plantation

The United States is in danger of becoming a third world country as it is forced into a third world dream of a third world president. Listen to what our mistake-of-a-president has said in the past and you will understand where he wants this country to go. For example, Obama believes the United States is a colonialist, racist country that must be torn down before it can be made respectable. It is from the Marxist intellectuals who raised him that Obama obtained the belief that Europe and the United States became super powers on the backs of others. But decades of liberalism have made Europe a third world, dependent society.
The United States has become the focus of evil for the Obamas. From Bill Ayers and Frank Marshall Davis, Obama learned to believe that capitalism and free markets would be responsible for the destruction of all races other than white. It was Michelle who admitted that her husband’s run for the White House represented the first time she had been proud of her country. This animosity and feeling of self-entitlement have permeated all of liberalism and been used by liberals to create a perpetual expectation among the lower classes that government is somehow responsible for fixing their lives.
This invariably means another boatload of regulations and debt dumped on our children, always with the intention that they become permanent wards of the government. It has been the teachings of his father and mentors that have given Obama his direction today. As a result, the flames of racism have been fanned to their highest point in decades by a President whose every thought, every action is tinged by an ingrained contempt for whites.
Is the possible aim of Obama and his acolytes in Washington to create such turmoil that Obama will declare martial law and cancel elections. If that happens there will be a civil war, tearing this country apart.
I trace responsibility to the 1960’s when Democrats courted the black vote with expanded welfare, Aid for Dependent Children, which paid for any number of children from any number of fathers, and the “Great Society” that made it clear that the family we all had been taught to think was the backbone of community, did not matter, especially in urban areas. Girls could have as many children as they like, and Uncle Sam would be the daddy. Males did not have to be educated, nor have a job to fulfill the role given to them by government, Getting someone pregnant does not take much skill. This was the condition that the Democrats wanted, a dependent class, counting on handouts and protection from the government.
This challenge we are facing is not what this country is about, we are not only divided by the perception of color, but morals. This country was based on an ethic of personal

responsibility, personal accountability, and no matter the perceptions being used by the anarchists or violent protesters this is never going to change. I ask those who are angry, who feel the need to tear this country down, to take a look at yourselves. Do you think your behavior is changing the country for the better? Do you honestly believe depending on the government to care for your out of wedlock births, your thug culture, and wanting something for nothing will help you and your family. To face the objective and moral truth that although there are decisions to be made about dealing with this situation on both sides, a lot of where you are is you.
And if you think Obama is your friend, explain to me why the black employment rate hasn’t gone up, or why one of the first things Obama did when he became President, was to abolish for all time the District of Columbia’s school voucher program? 214 families applied for this program, all of them black. Think before you decide what to do with your life, because you can have your own opinions, but the perception of truth is immutable.
Living a life of blaming others is a socialist viewpoint. Hillary and a majority of these progressives who contend that they should tell us how to live our lives are unable to explain why black on black crime occurs, and will they blame that on white racists as well? Must everything in the world no mater how small be seen through the eyes of race. I have black friends, and we feel comfortable with one another. Not surprisingly, they agree that I may not like a particular black man because of who he is, and not his skin color. Now how can that be if we are all racists?
It is not helpful when a State Attorney in Baltimore holds a press conference and claims she will seek justice for the rioters instead of wanting justice for all. This mindset has been a part of this administration since Obama took office. When we have a President who uses race as a device to divide this country, how can we expect our local officials or even the people in our communities to be any different? This is dehumanizing to the people involved, and limits, controls and inevitably causes those involved to ignore responsibility for ones own actions. The government needs to cease from claiming all violence by minorities is justified and calling the rioters victims. Only after both sides agree that violence is not an answer can productive discussions occur.
White supremacy and “white privilege” are constructs of those fomenting the violence and those in power who are looking to further this racial divide. I have yet to have anyone explain why the opportunities that supposedly make up “white privilege” are not available to others. Is it white privilege to have a family with both parents, is it white privilege to have respect for others. Is it white privilege to want to work hard to do everything you can to make the life you want. Blacks do face obstacles, there is no doubt of that, but is part of the problem the low expectations that are put on them by others? Or is it the fact that those low expectations are being accepted by many.
All of us, black and white, must work together to get everyone of all colors off the government plantation. Each of us must do our part. Look around you, find something you can change to improve your family, your neighborhood, you lives. Our country needs to come together, our country needs each of us working together. Our country needs you. We can make it happen, we must make it happen. Truly, for the children.

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