“The Great Society”: Democrat’s Epic Fail of American Socialism

dmcrtprtyAmerican Democrats have been trying for decades to establish a form of Socialism cloaked as progressivism or liberalism as this country’s form of governance. Although it has been disguised in various forms, using a multitude of names and with different leadership, the consistent socialist theme is what Hillary Clinton revealed when she said “we must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking what is best for society” (yes that is a direct Hillary quote!) Never has a modern Democrat have admitted so well that their true goal is redistribution of wealth from the successful to the “poor” as if the slate is clean and there was not overwhelming proof that socialism destroys nations.

Just in the last one hundred years Marxism/socialism/liberalism/Communism has started wars, purges and revolutions resulting in tens of millions of deaths, widespread economic ruin and international misery more than any other form of government. From Lenin to Stalin, from Hitler to Mao, from Pol Pot to Peron in Argentina, to the leaders of Greece, Portugal, North Korea, Cuba and many, many others, the recurrent theme that in EVERY case is that socialism sapped the wealth of each nation that ultimately dwindled, faded and atrophied into insolvency. The ruin of each society was ALWAYS accompanied with incredible hardships for those people subjugated by their leaders intent on using the power of government to tax and levy their citizens who innovate, hire, build and create businesses.

Nevertheless that is what the Democrats in America have been trying to change the United States into for decades with this administration particularly committed to move America away from self-sufficiency, achievement and earned reward through hard work to redistribution of wealth and levelization of income through legislation, taxation and enforced restrictions. The liberals and progressives seek to ensure that performance-based achievement is replaced with the government deciding who reaps the rewards of an American’s hard work as we have seen with “ObamaCare” where the whole premise is that working Americans (Hillary’s “individuals” who no longer need to be thought of) will pay extra for their health care so “the poor” or “needy” (Hillary’s “society”) can have it for free. The Democrats make no effort to separate the “needy” into people who truly need assistance and the people made useless by the trap of abundant welfare, bad life choices, drug or alcohol abuse who would rather not work, but still want the nice things that hard-working Americans spend years of their lives toiling from dawn until dusk to earn.

Liberals do not want their constituency to be beholding to charities or that they might be embarrassed and feel compelled to work based on the negative connotation of relying on a NGO to provide unearned monies as would happen with voluntary contributions. Instead the Democrats work very hard to enact laws to tax working Americans every way possible to fund the welfare programs that the Democrats can get credit for while “the poor” gets money and benefits from civil organizations like unearned paychecks. The end result is the Democrats take monies out of working Americans’ families to purposefully turn the needy into their “constituency” who no longer attempt to better their lives through years of sacrifice and hard work as millions of previous immigrants have done. In a single generation most Chinese, Irish, Italian and Cuban immigrants moved from ghettos to middle class while most incumbent Americans in poverty under the “Great Society” welfare programs are now on their third or fourth generation of entitlement recipients. That is a sad, unreported fact, and is just an abuse of a program designed to provide for ambitious, appreciative citizens suffering a short-term setback or are truly unable to work, not a lifetime of unlimited support for an arrogant group capable of employment who have idled themselves thoroughly addicted to governmental assistance .

In addition, the Democrats are consumed with constructing layers and layers of laws to dictate how we act, who we have to like and how we must live. They make it illegal to not serve a protected minority but want to make it a crime to not allow mothers to kill inconvenient unborn babies, or even have their parents informed if the girl is underage. Democrats demand that minority and unemployed voters should be able to determine the course of this nation without having to provide a standardized form of identification at the polls yet consistently make it difficult or impossible for members of the Armed Service to have their votes counted. They use the media to make the Tea Party look like an extremist organization while refusing to acknowledge that Islam and Islamic terrorists (which are specifically indistinguishable from each other as they both use the same scriptural directions) can be perceived as a clear and present danger.

The biggest win the Democrats EVER had was the pushing through the expensive and culturally morphing “Great Society” laws. They were able to enact a series of laws that based on ethnicity or being a member of a “protected minority” that certain citizens should be awarded a perpetual and mandatory advantage for jobs, housing and education. How did they do it? The laws were passed on the simple premise that if you opposed the laws you were denounced as a racist (the same tactic that was also used successfully to mute opposition to Barack Obama in 2008.) Since there was no data then as we have today, there was no fact-based opposition against the “Great Society” laws so the Democrats successfully used guilt, threats and emotion to force Congress into passing the “Great Society” legislation.  However, now fifty years later we clearly see that although costing trillions of tax dollars, the laws DID NOT reduce poverty, or produce breakthrough achievement.  The Democrats were so effective at marketing the “Great Society” that no moderation or dissension was permitted resulting in no logical restrictions such as if certain milestones were not met or our national debt reached a certain amount, the laws would be reviewed, or they had to be voted back into law after a certain time had passed. As a result the “head of the line” privilege awarded to certain “protected minorities” became indefinite, funded by a infinite source of tax dollars and protected by a very diligent DoJ that has a whole division to persecute anyone who might fight against the law.

Today after fifty years of living through the Great Society there is empirical proof that the desired outcome of the “Great Society” and the “War on Poverty” has not been achieved, and has been a very definite failure. The fact is after a half-century of every kind of welfare, housing assistance, food stamps, hiring and promotion preferences and now even free cell phones, poverty STILL is at about 15% , ghettos are still well populated (although filled with very expensive cars) and America has developed a very separate community that because of decades of easy and unearned money has developed a singular dependency on government assistance. The “Great Society” has created a whole culture that sees welfare as a way of life in preference to learning a trade, developing a career or even working at a job.

It is time that we see our “Great Society” experiment with Socialism as a failure with the trillions of tax dollars uselessly spent and the millions of qualified non-minority job applicants who lives were crippled because they were deselected for jobs, educational opportunities and advancement in businesses in preference to selected minority candidates. That effect coupled with the half-century effect of our businesses and industries being forced to hire the proper “PC” minority candidate while being unable to choose the most motivated, most prepared and best potential worker has resulted in a weakened economy is more evidence that the “Great Society” was a bad, bad idea and we should make every effort to reverse that proven mistake.

What kind of argument is possible for continued funding and support of the “Great Society” laws; More time? what, do we need another fifty or one hundred years of unquestioned and unlimited welfare so we can produce another dozen generations of welfare-funded single parent families to prove the basic concept that welfare kills the desire to seek and keep work? We have proof of that now. Do we think that the welfare recipients will suddenly start to be appreciative, energetic to better themselves or inclined to move into the middle class? Is it a funding issue that we JUST HAVE NOT GIVEN THEM ENOUGH? Instead of admitting that more and more welfare has caused a employment paralysis, the liberals are now demanding that since the minimum wage is lagging behind welfare payments, their goal is now the INCREASE OF THE MINIMUM WAGE! Once again taxpayers, industries and businesses pays more while removing more and more incentive to work, develop a career or better the lives of the “needy” through learning a trade or going back to school.

What is a fact, is that the socialist program of the “Great Society” has produced such bad and damning results that the Democrats cannot explain nor do they want to discuss the facts. Will they subvert or argue the poverty numbers to make it look less bad? yes.  Will they focus on singular issues and anecdotal examples of minority success but will be silent on the lack of breakthrough achievement that should have occurred based on the time, effort and monies applied? Yes. Will they continue to blame violent lawlessness and blatant disrespect for authority on police over-reaction? Yes. Will they just want more breaks for the minorities (like free health care), to take more money from working Americans so half of America can continue to pay their ever-increasing income taxes as the Democrats continue to portray the poor as disadvantaged and willing to work instead of the proven fact that a large majority of welfare recipients prefer to work the system instead of at a job?


In 2015 and 2016 we need to set the stage to remove the destructive effects of the Democratic Party from this Republic and reverse the damage they have done. We need to restore individual accountability for each citizen’s lives to succeed or fail based on their own, not the government’s efforts, to allow businesses and industries to work with less restrictions with a lower tax rate and stop penalizing those who work in favor of providing unlimited funds with no expectation of success to those who don’t.  It is time for a change and now after fifty years of trying to form a welfare nation, we now have the facts that it has almost bankrupted this nation to no good effect except to kill the will to work and need to move in another direction. What is the down-side? Civil unrest? We have that now. A separate class not willing to work within our society? We have that now. A sustained double-digit poverty rate? We have that now.

A good New Year’s resolution should be re-establishing majority rule in our nation, a return to a Christian focused culture based on sound family values and a media that supports middle America instead of today’s TV programs and movies that consistently demonstrates Hollywood’s incredibly low standards of morals, honesty, courage and ethics.

We can do it and it is due. In fact it is overdue.

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