The Great Syrian Debacle

The “White Helmets” – heralded by all the Hollywood elites, CNN, and the rest of the MSM these days – affiliations are in question. I’ve seen irrefutable evidence they fake gas exposure videos as concluded by an international Doctors association, with doctors from Sweden, Britain, and elsewhere debunking every aspect of videos which have been widely reported on CNN and wrongly represented as factual reality.

This is what I’ve been praying to avoid since 2011. I don’t trust the opposition. I don’t trust the reports Assad is responsible;  not when they’re coming from media organizations having already had their own reporting on the matter debunked by an International Humanitarian Doctors Association – thoroughly. I’ve seen firsthand, reliable, and credible evidence that makes a frightening case for jihadists martyring young children and civilians to make YouTube video claims of chemical gas attacks allegedly carried out by Assad. There are several examples of Swedish, British, and other Western doctors thoroughly debunking videos that CNN and other MSM outlets have wrongly projected on their newscast as fact.
One such study, conducted by the Swedish Doctors For Human Rights, consists of extremely compelling, well-documented evidence which brings not only ‘The White Helmets’ allegiances (and intentions) into question, it points to a potentially, likely even, larger issue concerning Syrian opposition members utilizing any means necessary to provoke the United States and the Western Powers to intervene militarily in order to advance the Islamic State cause much as we did in Libya. The U.S. not only grounded Gadhafi’s Air Forces which essentially rendered his military defense against the onslaught of extremist fighters impotent – We provided close air support to ground combatants which, as a veteran of the GWOT, threw me aback knowing we were aiding elements permeated with Al Qaeda; the very enemy we’d been fighting for a decade. 

The White Helmets, the moderates, Islamic State – these too often loosely affiliated organizations together all happen to have been striving for an identical, mutually beneficial goal:  Western intervention which would implement a No Fly Zone à la Libya. The U.S. was well aware the rebel combatants supported by the Air Superiority established by the West had been permeated with members of Al Qaeda and other Islamic extremists – The same such elements who thanked the United States by torturing, raping, and murdering our American Ambassador, Chis Stevens; Information Officer Sean Smith; and two CIA operatives, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, both former Navy SEALs. Stevens was the first U.S. ambassador killed in an attack since 1979 (His embassy was also the only in the world – Libya of all places – not protected by United States Marines).

Hillary Clinton’s State Department recruited and supposedly heavily vetted Libyan Tribal Militia members to provide the overwhelming majority of his personal security regardless of countless requests made by Stevens for additional security. The same Tribal Militia members, paid by the Clinton State Department and your tax dollars, are known to have turned their backs on the Ambassador at the onset of the attack; many of them actually turned their weapons and participated in the assault which resulted in the lives of 4 American Citizens in service of our country.

If the intelligence communities couldn’t identify the good from bad in Libya, why should anyone expect them to get it right this time? Considering the overwhelming amount of evidence out there supporting a jihadist propaganda campaign – perpetuated by so-called “humanitarian workers” for help with the issue of credibility – the proper response in providing responsible stewardship should include making the investigation of all claims made by any elements or group affiliations in Syria proven beyond all doubt an imperative.

Do CNN and other MSM Media Networks research the videos they broadcast aside from the “word” of some supposed humanitarian? NO. They absolutely do not. The White Helmets won a damned Oscar, people. These people are aligned with ISIS, Al Qaeda, et al. Our intelligence officials seem to be about as up to snuff on Syrian ground Intel as Brian Williams. It’s scary as hell. I cannot believe the gross incompetence.

Do people realize that the White Helmets released (now debunked) videos, one purportedly showing a young child being treated for life-threatening wounds due to what they described as a “chlorine gas attack” have been debunked and proven either faked or exaggerated by credible, unbiased sources. The Swedish Doctors Association has issued a report on the videos stating incontrovertibly the videos were staged/faked. 

“Evidence of the White Helmet affiliation to the various terrorist factions is extensively documented. There are evidenced reports on one of the more prominent White Helmet leaders, Mustafa al Haj Yussef, in Khan Sheikhoun, Idlib where many of the East Aleppo terrorists and their civil defence have fled. [11] These reports detail his declarations of allegiance to various extremist factions such as Ahrar Al Sham, responsible for many of the ethnic cleansing pogroms across Syria. Yussef has openly called for the shelling of civilians in Damascus during the 2014 elections. He has advocated robbery, looting and sectarian punishments and murder under certain circumstances. Imagine a Red Cross official calling for such reprisals, and you can understand how extraordinary this behaviour is for an Oscar winning, “neutral, apolitical, impartial” allegedly, humanitarian NGO. The UNSC showing of the White Helmet footage, coincided with a universal call for a No-Fly Zone from NATO and Gulf state funded “moderate rebel” and terrorist groups, who depend upon the White Helmets for their civil defence. This international No Fly Zone-Fly-Zone campaign gathered momentum on the back of the UNSC tears over the White Helmet video of the alleged sarin chlorine gas attack, and was even supported in the Swedish media.” [13]

Evidence of the White Helmet affiliation to the various terrorist factions is extensively documented. Also, The UNSC showing of the White Helmet footage, coincided with a universal call for a No-Fly Zone from NATO and Gulf state funded “moderate rebel” and terrorist groups, who depend upon the White Helmets for their civil defence. This international No-Fly-Zone campaign gathered momentum on the back of the UNSC tears over the White Helmet video of the alleged Sarmin chlorine gas attack, and was even supported in the Swedish media. [13]

Worse, these videos were all reported on CNN and the major networks as stories of these humanitarian crusaders and I’m asking myself, how the hell do we know what the guy does in his free time? Drink from the skulls of his Shiite enemies? I’m afraid that may be more accurate than I intend. 

These things have been reported by CNN, Hollywood is giving Oscars to “humanitarians” who likely have terrorist ties or, at least, are active apologists for the jihad having been taking place in Syria going on 6 years; a war which will ultimately have a debilitating effect on global radicalism, culture, peace, and stability for years to come if the West intervenes as it appears will happen.

Assad has ZERO incentive to use chemical weapons while knowing it’s a sure way of international intervention, weakening his heavy advantage against opposition – radical or not; I won’t pretend to know the difference as our intelligence community seems to do… why would he forsake his air, military, and infrastructure advantage for relatively small numbers of casualties using a tactic which almost guarantees his downfall. 

This is like watching the disaster that was Libya all over again only this time the very worst of the worst humans on the earth will benefit from the military intervention from a nation they dream of one day obliterating. The left threw a decade long tantrum calling for anyone’s head who played a role in the invasion of Iraq. “The unjust war”. The non-stop Iraq War shaming only recently began ceasing and now we have those same anti-war folks applauding and encouraging military action in Syria to carry out the same goal as that of the Iraq War: To take down a brutal dictator and enable free and democratic elections.

Somehow, the mission to do so in Syria is much more legitimate. Perhaps, if Hollywood would have released some documentaries of fraudulent and calculated humanitarian work in Iraq, celebrities would have collectively cheered together on Twitter as Saddam Hussein’s head popped off of his shoulders when the hangmen dropped the lever before he could finish his prayers.

The intelligence on the ground is so beyond elementary, it amazes me. I’m amazed all the time how inept we actually are when it comes to determining appropriate action in these types of climates. Libya – huge mistake. Iraq – huge mistake. Egypt – huge mistake. Intervention has been the aim of both “moderates” and ISIS/Al Qaeda alike for 6 years and running. A No Fly Zone enforced by the West, which would make Assad’s defense entirely impotent, has been the ultimate goal for Syrian opposition and it’s been demonstrated repeatedly the horrific lengths some of these elements go to in order to accomplish precisely that.

There is an over-abundance of credible material and sources documenting the lengths the Syrian opposition forces will go to obtain the greatest weapon in their fight for a free Islamic State: No Fly Zone – Pictured here, a photo sequence demonstrating a faked combat fatality.

It is possible Assad launched chemical weapons, but for those who understand his military advantage, his air superiority, they’d understand it would be insanity to provoke the international community (who’s already taken down a few other dictators recently; going as far as aiding our own enemy (Al Qaeda in Libya) in the fight to overthrow the non-threat – Gaddafi) while he has the overwhelming military advantage. Common sense and logic alone alert me that it’s the rebels who have everything to gain from chemical attack exposure to the world while it would be essentially asking for international intervention for Assad.

Assad is an unlikable Dictator , but he’s not a totally ignorant or irrational man. The Assad Regime, along with help from the Russians, and help from the West (focusing solely on ISIS opposition while aiding what have been labeled “moderates” by Intel), have been closing in on victory for several months now. 

For months, Syria has been just on the verge of victory against the rebels, moderate and terrorists alike; why then, would the Regime resort to chemical weapons, the use of which virtually guarantees Western intervention, when the Assad Regime already has every advantage necessary to combat the insurgency in his country? 

The timing of the gas attacks alone is suspect considering just one week prior to the attack, senior U.S. officials disavowed previous U.S. calls to remove Assad from power; and, just one day before 70 countries were to meet in Brussels to discuss funding Syrian reconstruction in the aftermath of the Civil War seemingly coming to a close. Considering the threat of impending defeat to Syrian opposition, it seems logical and prudent to consider the opposition playing a role in the deployment of chemical weapons at least possible; if not, a likely possibility.

Many make the erroneous argument that ISIS doesn’t have the military capacity to deploy Sarin Gas; however, the fact is, Sarin Gas could be deployed via mortar rounds, artillery shells, and Improvised Explosive Devices. 

ISIS has been extremely effective in recruitment of not only jihadists willing to die for their cause on the ground; but, an astonishing number of physicists, chemists, doctors, etc. having often times been radicalized via internet. Considering how much military equipment, including American helicopters, Humvees, tanks, and troop transport vehicles, it’s not so difficult to imagine fighting forces in the Mideast having acquired chemical weapons.

Syria is literally the last barricade against jihad in my opinion. Ideologically, philosophically, militarily, and culturally, our decision on Syria and the outcome there will have massive ramifications. If this nation oversees Assad’s overthrow in favor of the opposition in Syria, in hopes that it’s the “moderates” who win the day, I foresee a great disaster. Syria will actually devolve from the worst terrorist hotbed on the planet into even deeper chaos and it would be on us.



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Hans Comprix is a marine veteran of the Global War on Terror & conservative writer. He’s a contributor for Intellectual Conservative, having previously contributed to ‘American Thinker’ and ‘Now its Dark’ magazine. Email hans.comprix@com for comments, questions, or hate mail. 

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