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I’ve written a bunch of articles here over the years.  Now I’m on to something new.  This is a really fun experiment I’m involved with.  Ever since I was taken off my radio talk show on 1330 AM WEBY, I have been making political videos with a Bernie Sanders socialist, activist, college student.  So what are the chances that a middle-aged, conservative radio talk show host would team up with such a liberal?  Pretty good because we did.  We call it “Civil Disagreement.”

Here is the description from the video:  This is the first of some crazy videos today. We both had very little sleep, it was a stinking hot day, and it’s time to do The Greg and Donny News Show. At least on the bench we were at a decent height. We covered the Kavanaugh hearings in great detail, and the incredible seven minutes where Lindsay Graham proved that currently, Kavanuagh and the others on the Supreme Court, believe they have an absolute power to create any right they want from the “Liberty” clause of the 14th Amendment. And that only a Constitutional Amendment can overrule a Supreme Court ruling, which is pure B.S., but they believe it. That was shocking. The recording of this is on our Facebook page and my Action Radio page. Enumerating rights is a legislative function, which means only Congress can do it. All legislative power resides in the Congress. Kavanaugh believes nothing is real, including the Constitution, until the Supreme Court says it is.

This is one of four recordings from Saturday.  I’ll post more.  I kind of dominate this one because of the topic, but Donny has his moments too.  Check out this first one.  More to follow.  You can check them all out at The Greg and Donny News Show, Youtube Channel.

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