The Hysterical Destruction of Posterity

Destroying statues based not on inferior merit but on account of being born into a culture that at the time, regrettably, practiced what it took mankind thousands of years to figure out was immoral, is a hallmark of intellectual laziness. It’s a ridiculous, thoughtless argument to make; to make these demands as if they’re somehow justified and sensible really makes me want to laugh more than anything, but it’s damned sad no one ever runs out of shit that unacceptably triggers them. And since it’s children, ranging in ages from 12-65 yet children nonetheless, we’re talking about, tantrums and endless virtue signaling, boycotts, and all means to bully available to them is par for the course.

If we destroyed everything, wiped clean our history books, philosophies, our precious antiquities so-far uncovered and whatever we discover in the future, based on historical groups or individuals who practiced the morality which corresponded with the damned century in which they lived their years, we’d have nothing left!

I love Roman and Greek history and philosophy. Alexander was maybe one of the most interesting people to ever live, being born to one of the greatest military minds up to his time, along with a mother whose genius and cunning was so remarkable, historians have been arguing over her for 2400 years. ARISTOTLE was his teacher for Pete’s sake! Could you be born into a more advantageous life destined for greatness?! It’s surreal he walked this earth. BUT… I guess he wasn’t such a joy to be around for a lotta unfortunate souls… Slaves? Check. Rapist? Pretty sure. Murderer? Check.

Caesar, Augustus, Constantine, and every other Emperor of the Ancient Empire were slave owners. Genghis Kahn, badass supreme, did truly horrific, indescribable things on epic, hard to believe levels. But he also helped unite the known world, secured the Silk Road, fostering inter-continental trade on a near industrial level. He was the first leader of the territory ran by his empire to practice secular rule. Genghis Kahn actually improved the lives of his subjects, regardless of nationality, religion, or origin.

I digress.

I love history and those who’ve made it so amazing, I don’t cast judgment on the dead from the perspective of 21st century morality their lives were devoid of because that’s just stupid.. Unless those judging have found a way to determine with certainty how they’d have behaved in a world still learning to make its way as it always will. The lessons we learn cannot be used to pass judgment on the dead who didn’t have your opportunities to learn them.

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