The Illusion of Tolerance

The Illusion of Tolerance:


We Americans are inundated with constant reminders of the importance of ‘tolerance for those different from you; the utmost importance of inclusion; of acceptance… However, it has become abundantly clear that these words, seemingly regarded as mantras for the left, all represent perfect examples of hypocrisy at it’s finest across the nation at any given moment, during any given news cycle, and it’s incredibly bizarre to find almost no leadership or members of the media willing to point out this obvious fact of reality.

If tolerance is an attribute the people really do consider of the utmost importance, it is unfortunately far from self-evident. The platforms exist so that users may drop the first few words or thoughts that pop into their minds, if they so choose (for the sake of humor, or in attempt at provoking thought and healthy debate) and yet I hear it’s unacceptable to discuss politics from those whose opinions fail to align with those of our own.

Isn’t that what free speech is all about? Of course, our right to free speech by no means safeguards that speech from being judged poorly or just simply pissing people off. I really detest when some preach hate or defend abusive speech or behavior with the “I have rights” argument. Our rights to free speech were and are meant solely to protect us from government scrutiny over independent thought. Of course, anyone reading this has the right to choose whether or not to cast judgment on me for my political leanings. However, it seems that even stating one’s well-intended opinions with what they believe to be the best interest of this country in their hearts have become fair game – if those opinions differ from what’s culturally en vogue, intolerance for those opinions abounds.

Liberalism was once the beacon of tolerance in this country – however, the facts of the matter are, regardless of your stance, liberals have moved far from a position of tolerance; often absolutely refusing to hear any other perspectives had by fellow Americans. Conservatives – particularly those on the fringes of right-wing – are obviously guilty of the same.

It seems to be quite popular, particularly around election time, for the inevitable and overwhelming numbers of “safe” social media updates intent on skewering those who use the platform for initiating thoughtful dialogue or debate, or to simply to raise awareness on certain perspectives of a given issue. Instead, self-assigned “social media police” insist on allowing their delicate sensibilities to dictate the content to which they can or cannot be exposed.

It’s remarkably bold to preach to others what to discuss or say in a public forum! Americans would do right by eagerly familiarizing themselves with all perspectives; and, to learn to appreciate those who use the platforms in order to evoke critical thought. It seems so bizarre that people would want to silence those who voice their thoughtful opinions regarding very serious matters which affect us all so deeply.

In some parts of the country – many liberal arts college campuses for example – failing to fully adopt and embrace this insane SJW mentality (SJW warriors continually change and update the ever-evolving world of political correctness; considering we’re learning of new genders now on a weekly basis), it might actually be physically dangerous, at worst; at best, many conservatives or those not on-board have no choice but to deal with aggressive SJW bullies.

By now, it should be no secret many Americans are dangerously uneducated and uninformed. Perhaps some accountability could potentially be established through honest dialogue and the willingness to engage in respectful, thoughtful debate in the hopes some semblance of equal ground might be reached. The politicians of this country are clearly not going to provide we the people a responsible path to American unity.

With a partisan divide so immense as with what we are dealing, I find that to be reprehensible. Consider the fact that we have the greatest partisan divide in decades or more between two sides which consist of vast multitudes of embarrassingly uninformed people. These people are just running around mad! Everyone’s mad! Why, you ask? Because of a total lack of the very popular, widely claimed, yet clearly elusive “tolerance”.

It’s abundantly clear that those who desire to educate themselves on many perspectives, even on matters with which we fail to agree, are less likely to fall victim to blind ignorance or the inability to provide insights beyond well-known talking points doled out among party leaders, celebrity, and pop culture icons. Be your own man or woman. It may well be the very key to rediscovering the true meaning of “tolerance”; which sadly no longer exists – contrary to the constant, perpetual references to the importance it supposedly plays in the dialogue and narratives which continue to divide our citizenry.




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Hans Comprix is a marine veteran of the Global War on Terror & conservative writer. He’s a contributor for Intellectual Conservative, having previously contributed to ‘American Thinker’ and ‘Now its Dark’ magazine. Email hans.comprix@com for comments, questions, or hate mail. 


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