The Ironic, Inconvenient Truth


Climate Alarmism is not a new phenomenon. It’s a tired, desperate, yet sadly accepted phenomenon perpetrated (and believed) by the usual suspects.

“If someone is able to show me that what I think or do is not right, I will happily change, for I seek the truth, by which no one was ever truly harmed. It is the person who continues in his self-deception and ignorance who is harmed.”  ~ Marcus Aurelius 


Remember global warming? I recently had a chance to revisit the blockbuster “documentary” ‘Inconvenient Truth’ featuring the inventor of the Internet himself, Mr. Al Gore AKA “ManBearPig”. Watching it all these years later is actually incredibly breathtaking in all its inaccuracies and doomsday prophesies. It’s an embarrassment. I’ve tried to write about this for years now but the scope of this debate is so massive it requires so much time and energy to do it justice I haven’t yet been successful in my opinion. However, if we allow ourselves to open our minds to just question what we’re told by so-called “experts” I’m 100% certain that each of you, no matter who you are or what you believe or what your politics, would find yourself outraged with factual reality in regards to climate science.

It’s amazing to me how easily the name “global warming” successfully transitioned to “climate change” with absolutely zero public demand for the governments of this world to encourage thoughtful scientific debate and dialogue, and to put a stop to the suppression of scientific dissent and black balling. These so-called scientists and their politician handlers have been discussing legislation to criminally charge influential persons if they dare dissent to what they’ve deemed is no longer up for debate.

We are expected to believe, against all logic and reason, that this earth is warming solely on account of man made carbon emissions. Carbon – one of the most critical elements of life itself. Carbon – what each living being exhales thousands of times each day. Carbon – a natural element which is so powerfully emitted into the earths atmosphere naturally by volcanic eruptions, decomposing plants, animals, and leaves. We’ve been told for 13 years now that we’re on the verge of destruction because of our own consumption. We’re supposed to suspend disbelief and known historical facts demonstrating the earth’s climate has ALWAYS been remarkably unpredictable. Mankind walked this earth before, during, and since the Ice Age only 10,000 years ago. The earth went through what’s still an inexplicable “mini” Ice Age only 800 years ago.

Carbon also happens to be the sole variable on which climate researchers placed their focus. What a lucky break that must have been to start the rigorous scientific method required in order for a theory to become accepted science – As a layman, I can personally think of multitudes of potential factors which may have an affect on climate. I find it remarkably convenient that the culprit was decidedly carbon emissions. That it was Carbon and no further research or variables needed to be considered whatsoever. What a lucky break. Consider how that finding has created industries, elected politicians, elicited funding, propelled careers – and, let’s not forget the irreversible damage that finding did to the oil industry, chief antagonist of liberals for decades. The oil industry so loathed by ideologues was dealt its greatest blow. I find that remarkably convenient. Think of our gas prices before “Inconvenient Truth”. Think of the blow to the wallets of the entire country and how debilitating to household budgets this has been.

I believe we must find alternate sources of energy for one reason and one reason only – fossil fuels are a finite resource. So those of you who went out and bought a truly ridiculous Prius to symbolize commitment to the earth’s health have done a great disservice to yourself riding around in that cramped up, ridiculous specimen of a yuppie-mobile. Your only reasonable rationale is the money you save at the pump; if that’s the case, I get it. I just personally would choose to shut off my cable to save the money instead of sitting through 4 hours of paperwork and headache in order to peel out to Starbucks for a latte in my new Prius. It’s really much like #Hashtag activism in the opinion of yours truly  

I digress.

The U.N.’s International Council on Climate Change (IPCC) consists of what our leaders tell us are the most respected and expert persons on earth. Each year they issue annual findings which are used by governments around the world to make public pleas to the masses so seemingly jubilant to soak in every damned thing they hear without asking any questions. What shall we do? Spend trillions upon trillions of dollars in the name of a scientific theory which has completely broken the sanctity of the pillar of science. Scientific dissent is suppressed. Scientific research is refused for publication or peer review by scientific journals around the world. Climate Science is now and always has been in bed with politics and that is something I simply cannot tolerate without speaking my mind. Without asking questions.

I’ve been alarmed by this since meeting, by pure happenstance, a scientific researcher from MIT back in 2008. I had already suspicions about Al Gore and the fanaticism surrounding what was called “global warming” at the time; but it was after exchanging emails with this man for several weeks regarding climate research and the information he had shared with me regarding the great number of colleagues at MIT and worldwide who were then and continue to be absolutely astounded by what’s happened to science. Skepticism, debate, peer review, publicizing data and methods used to formulate theories was all thrown by the wayside in regards to this ONE singular “scientific” conclusion.

We must remember that climate researchers can ONLY survive through government grants. The private sector does not fund these institutes; however, there are multitudes of scientists and academics who devote their own time and resources to rebut the IPCC findings each and every year.

Graph correlating increasing carbon dioxide (CO2) with global cooling.

The climate science community is largely dominated by a select few individuals, some of whom have dubious ties with Al Gore in particular and have been outed repeatedly for violating federal law regarding FOIA requests. Their incredible disregard for unbiased research or reliable climate data. The data itself has been found unreliable, at best… The data which the great majority of Climate science is entirely based came from a singular and vulnerable source. Even the climate models utilized to project warming have been found to be breathtakingly inaccurate yet none of this information ever reached the general public. I’m certainly no scientist, I’m making no claims whatsoever about my own expertise. I simply desire to encourage others to seek the truth in an effort to my part, however small, at exposing what I and many many others regard as the most criminal, disgusting, calculated deception of our time.

I am going to take the appropriate amount of time and energy necessary to convince those willing to open their minds to other possibilities. Disconcerting possibilities which are sadly very likely to be a fact of this crazy life. This subject breaks my heart. It kills me to know that to go against climate theory is considered blasphemy by so many of you. Skeptics are condemned by run-of-the-mill private citizens based not on your own thoughtful conclusions – but the conclusions given to you by others. By the media. By the politician. And so many of us just take it in stride and pass judgement on those who DO care for truth.

I sincerely implore any and all readers not to give up on educating yourselves on this subject of such great significance to our world. To seek truth of your own volition, and to ask questions while keeping an open mind. To look deeply into “ClimateGate”, a scandal so monumental at the time I truly believed it would have ended the climate discussion. No. It should have been the beginning. But climategate, the scandal which exposed the top, most influential figures in climate, as fraudulent, lying, deceptive manipulators hell bent on creating a climate model that would fit their pre-concluded notions slipped right under the radar. One of the most prominent among them actually considered committed suicide in this scandal’s wake. No one accuses these men of being unintelligent; he ultimately chose life over humiliation which never materialized thanks to our mainstream media. It turned out that holding on for dear, dear life just long enough to see the would be scandal dissipate into thin air. He now sits in a position of prominence on the U.N.’s IPCC panel. Lucky for we plebs, he’s now in a position which helps dictate to our infantile politicians how much money to steal from the incurious, tragically under-informed citizenry. 

Please – if you have any care in the world for truth – I implore you to read and keep reading to find out how truly deceived we have been by those we thought we could trust.

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Hans Comprix is a marine veteran of the Global War on Terror (GWOT), having served on two combat deployments to the Middle East in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom I & II; and, a third overseas assignment in Central America. Hans is a freelance writer & writer-at-large at Intellectual Conservative, having previously contributed to ‘American Thinker’ and ‘Now it’s Dark’ magazine. He can be reached at
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