The Ladies of Obama

vlrjrt-mchlobmObama has appointed a lot of doozies over the years but the list does get to be quite impressive.

To start with most believe that Lady Michelle and Valerie Garrett run the country.

That seems to make sense. That is  why Obama can seriously say he heard it on the news.

Most good presidents have great advisers with a list of credentials. Like VP Cheney who is a great person and has worked hard for the nation. Let’s say he has put his time in. But  has Jarrett and Michelle ever accomplished anything in their lifetimes.  People who hold positions of high office should be of good moral character and have a great deal of experience in their selected field or at least know where to find it. 

Oprah was a lady of Obama. As soon as he was elected, she got the cold shoulder. I can’t help thinking that Oprah thought she would have the inside track on the Whitehouse and this would skyrocket her network to the top. Instead she didn’t get a busy signal, she received a message that said something like don’t call us we will call you. So when Obama/Jarrett called her for re-election help, it was Oprah’s turn to turn the cold shoulder. 

But one women besides Hillary as Secretary of State who seems to have evaporated into thin air is Janet Napolitano. She was the governor of Arizona who became Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security.

President Bush had worked hard on securing the border and Janet proudly canceled the wall. Nobody seems to talk about her. Didn’t she know that the illegal immigrants were still pouring in the southern border.  In 2010 Napolitano halted funding for the virtual fence. It would seem prudent for the liberal media to ask Napolitano if the virtual fence was built or a similar event had occurred, would that have prevented the influx of all these illegal immigrants. If so, is that the reason why Napolitano canceled it? 

Lois Lerner now there is a peach of a gal. Before she became head of the IRS, if she knew she was so bias and prejudice, wouldn’t she turn it down? Didn’t anyone ask her if she could be fair. She was an attorney. She worked for the justice department.  Nobody checked to see how unfair and unbalanced she was. And you choose someone like this to run an important part of the IRS. And we are surprised that her emails vanished! 

It is funny and sad that most of these ladies are lawyers. Some would say a woman lawyer is better than a male lawyer. Well this group would not help that argument. 

Kathleen Sebelius was the queen of ObamaCare. She wasn’t a lawyer. And she had no idea what was needed to run ObamaCare, but that was her job.  She cashed the paycheck, but like Obama she only voted present. 

Look at Rice. Another non-lawyer, head of the NSA. This is the same Rice who fed the American people lies after Benghazi. She was awarded the NSA position for all her troubles.  But it appears she should have known the truth about Benghazi before she lied. I don’t think she ever apologized for the misinformation. 

NSA is an important job, If Obama should know all this stuff before he hears it on the radio, then maybe the people around him are falling down on the job.

And you have to ask the question, how come the Republican administrations don’t have these problems. Remember President Bush left office winning the Iraq war. Obama and his ladies let Iraq and Syria fall into the hands of Al-Qaeda. Didn’t they know that Al- Qaeda and all its affiliates are our enemies. And they want to see all non-Muslims enslaved or dead! 

Pelosi has pretty much become a joke. But they wheel her out every so often to help fool the people just a little bit more. But at the end of the day Obama’s approval  rating can not go any lower. There will always be about 30 % of the lemmings in favor of the clown in office.  And there are the 3-7% who don’t care or have little or no opinion. Soon we can blame their indifference on dope. Why not more dope for the dopes. 

Liz Warren another lawyer may end up being Obama’s recommendation for president. Good news is that no one knows who she is, and since she is a blooming liberal, we can only hope that America has learned that wacko liberals like Obama only help themselves and not the middle class.  They don’t understand capitalism and hope that socialism will help the poor. But after 50 years of trying and hoping,  the poor are worse off then they ever were, and why not send more jobs overseas and let illegal immigrants crowd our cities and take over our jobs! 

Hillary Clinton another lawyer should retire with Slick and write books or something. But Billy Bob wants revenge against all those Democrats/Kennedys that chose Obama over Hillary. Billy dreams of taking over the Democratic Party. The way the Democrats are destroying the country and the economy, there might not be much left after Obama leaves office. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but when the economy is at an all time low, it is tough to keep the lies going. And free contraceptives will not cut it. Most polls show it is the economy stupid, and the liberal Democrats never understood the economy, because for the most part they are lawyers and live in a make believe world. And they believe in principles that only work in mother Russia. But how many Russians have left Russia since they made communism their economic standard. The NY Times likes it, but they choose to live here and not there. 

So Hillary at the end of the day will say she did her job as the Rules of Obama dictated. So does that mean at the end of the day she is just a whore who does what Billy Bob says or Obama says. If that is the case, we don’t want her for Secretary of State and we don’t want her for president. If Billy Bob wants a third term have him amend the constitution and please hide the Viagra! 

Some people maybe women  think that women can do a better  job. I think Obama proved that to be wrong. If you are liberal, you will probably make poor choices whether you are male or female. 

We didn’t mention Jarrett, the secret behind the Obama fog. Jarrett is a lawyer as well. And has a degree in Psychology. And she is behind everything. Do you really want someone like this running your country. A lot of fools voted for Obama to run the country. He seems to know nothing. He reads his teleprompter and stutters when he does not. But if Jarrett is running the country behind the scenes maybe she should be the press secretary and answer some serious questions… honestly. 

Michelle another lawyer with no experience and Jarrett plan to do stuff together after the Whitehouse is over. Betcha you just can’t wait for that! 

How come liberals hide the facts as to how they plan to run your country? 

Aren’t they proud of their liberal undertakings.  The country is in the worse shape ever, and we can only thank the liberal ladies of Obama for that!   And they have run out of people to blame except themselves!


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